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SLIMMER INNER THIGHS in 14 days (lose thigh fat) | 10 min Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a slim inner thigh workout. Yes, we are going to be targeting the muscles right here. You don’t need any weights. All you need, if you’ve got it, is a pillow. I want you to do this workout for 14 days. I can guarantee you are gonna feel a burn. Let me know in the comments below, how you are going. Also, smash that thumbs up button and hit subscribe. For those of you asking, this is another brand new Gymshark outfit! Well, the leggings are. Vheck out the back! Let’s get started. Start with our legs nice and wide. Toes pivoted outwards.

Come down into a squat, pulsate for four. Then drive up. We are now going to stay down, and pulsate, the whole way. You are going to need a pillow. So at some point, I’m going to be grabbing it from Teddy! A little bit lower, come on! All the way. From here, we’re coming into a side lunge. Pulsate, the step your foot back. Now hold low, and pulsate there. Come on, all the way through. Great work. Straight onto the other side now. Deep side lunge, then pulsate.

Now stay down, and pulsate there.Oh hello, downward-facing dog! Grab a hold of your pillow. If you don’t have it, please don’t worry. Put it in between the inner thighs. Narrow squat. Really squeeze. Come down and pulsate for four. Then come halfway up, and back down again. Stay down and pulse for the last ten seconds. Weight back through the heels. Chest open. Squeeze your inner thighs. Down onto the floor now. Hook your leg over the underneath leg. Flex the underneath foot. Come up high and pulsate, then lower.

Hold it up and pulsate really high. Nice strong movements. Come on, ten seconds. Great work. From there, place both legs together. Lift the upper leg, then bring it back down again. Onto your back now. Both legs are up towards the sky. You’re going to open both legs apart, then close them back together again. If you struggle with this, you can go up against a wall, and rest your legs against the wall. Really squeeze those inner thighs together. Great work. Turn onto the other side, for the inner thigh raises. Hook the upper leg on top of the underneath leg. Flex the foot. Lift and lower.

Lying down from there. We are doing the leg lift. Make sure the feet are flexed. Nice and high, and control it back down. Finishing off, as we started. Back into standing. We are doing the wide leg goblet squat. Come low and pulsate for 10., then come halfway up. Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button! Also, if you want to shop this Gymshark outfit, my link is in the description below. I’ll see you tomorrow for another workout. Don’t forget to subscribe for daily workout videos. Okay… Goodbye!.

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