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SLIM PILATES WAIST πŸ”₯ Tight Waist & Belly Fat Burn | 8 min Workout


If you’re looking to tightenand tone into your waist this is the workout for you. It’s just 8 minutes long and I want you to do it for 14 days, that’s 2 weeks. And let me know how you geton in the comments down below. You can get incredible, incredible results like these ladies just here. For a chance to be featured,.

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8 minutes on the clock. Let’s do this. Okay, you are starting off on all fours, tuck those toes under. From there, you’re goingto drop the hip to the side and back to the center. 50 seconds each exercise, guys. Feel that burn. Pull that core nice andtight and do not give up.

Already halfway, keep breathing. 15 seconds. (timer beeping) Amazing. 10 seconds recovery. We’re going into a full plank now. Breathe, belly buttonback towards the spine. Come onto your forearms. Tuck those toes under.

Tuck the tailbone under. Hip dip, saw forward. If it’s too much at any point, come down to the knees, lift the legs up. Dip side-to-side. Don’t give up guys, do not give up. Good. Remember, you don’t want to bedoing that sexy over arch. Tuck that tailbone underand get your form right.

Belly button back to the spine. (timer beeping) Amazing work. From there, going to come down into lying and take those legs nice and wide for me. Good. Close your hands together, come up, rotate at the top. Really focus to control that lower down.

Lower back, mid back, upper back. That’s what Pilates is all about, control. Nearly there now. Just 10 seconds left. Try and get four more in. One more. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Bend those knees, plantthe feet onto the floor.

You’re going to support thehead with the right hand, come across and then crunch across. Keep going, guys. Just checking my timer. 10 seconds left. Three, two, one. Changing sides.

Good. Really crunch across. Amazing work, guys. You’re going for straight leg scissor now. So you’re going to take those legs out, nice strong, straightand come across the body. If that’s too much, bend the knees and come across like sobut don’t give up, okay? Pick the level that suitsyour body and keep pushing.

Keep fighting. Halfway way, come on. Keep pushing, guys, keep pushing. 15 seconds. (timer beeping) Oh my gosh, that burned. Come on up now. We’re going for our side plank. I got that underneath leg down,.

Nice and strong through the arm, hand underneath the shoulder. Crunch in, lift lower. Good work. Three more reps. Two more. Last one. Okay, come into a full side plank. Hold it there.

Good work, dipping up. If this is too much, keepgoing with that last exercise. Come on, you’re nearly there. Dig deep. (timer beeping) Amazing. Swing those legs around. Incredible work. We are going onto that other side in five.

(timer beeping) Crunch in, lift up. Amazing work. Three more, two more. Now if that’s too much coming all the way into that full plank, just dip up here. Otherwise, one foot in front of the other hold that still, one on top of the other.

20 seconds left. Look at this arm shake, that is how you know you are working hard. I’m not giving up. Nearly there now. Three more reps. Two more. Oh my gosh. Okay, we’re going tofinish off strong guys.

Wow. Go with hip dip side-to-sidewithout that seesaw. All right, let’s go. 50 seconds of work then we’re done. No one is stopping, if you need to, come here but you’re notstopping, we can do this. 30 seconds. 20! 10 seconds, home stretch.

Don’t give up. Six, five four, three, two, and one. Oh wow. That was killer.

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