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Slim Legs Workout | 3 Mins


Well today’s workout is going to be a three-minute inner thigh burn you may think three minutes isn’t enough but trust me in three minutes your inner thighs are gonna be on fire all you need is a pillow I’ve got the time I follow me fan let’s do this so we’re going to start off with the feet nice and wide guys your toes up slightly pivoted.

Outlets and we’re going to shift the body weight from side to side the key to this is I want it nice and smooth okay and you’re keeping the body low throughout they should keep the body website site 30 seconds on each exercise no brakes good work goodness five seconds left keep the weight back through the heels.

Amazing from there when you just step the feet together to one side of the mat we’re going to come down to and Center good keeping some nice momentum going up with this exercise so we’re working the inner thighs here gasps who’s tickled a little bit booty here as well and core if you’re pulling it in nicely tight okay good whack trying to drive up.

Through the heels of anything lifting those products amazing straight change other side so we’re coming down drive up through the heels and into the center good whack we’re already halfway you guys amazing wack 55 seconds incredible straight down onto the mat now you’re going to put your right leg on top of your left from.

There flex the foot a little oh good my favorite in this is beside it putting the core is nicely tight moving on top and push you guys hold at the top and pump it all the way back amazing go straight on to that other site quickly swinging your legs around good cooking nutmeg on top okay let’s go good nice and strong those movements.

good work now hold at the top and pump it Pump it incredible from here I want you up into standing grab a hold of your pillow and popping it in between your knees and narrow squat we’re going to squeeze those knees together and just pulsate okay really squeezing inward squeeze squeeze.

Squeeze good work guys just 10 seconds left a little bit lower squeeze those inner thighs together with nearly their weight back through the heels come up push push push we made it guys if you guys enjoyed that workout please do smash the thumbs up button also hit the subscribe button because you don’t want to miss out on.

What I have coming up tomorrow the day after pretty much every single day guys well done see you tomorrow for another one that you really love me yes thought you’d never leave me guess I was waited like forever to be your plus-one but eula turn left me at the party out of the blue.
Lilly Sabri

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