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SLIM LEGS and ROUND BOOTY in 14 Days | 10 minute Home Workout


This is your 10 minute slim lean legs and lifted booty home workout. All of the exercises are down on the mat, no equipment needed, and it’s 45 seconds on each exercise. This is going to burn, but it’s going to be amazing. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram Stories for a chance to be featured. Also, follow me over on Instagram. There’s so many more free workouts there, which really challenge you. On another note, TikTok, oh my gosh. If you type in #LillySabriChallenge, like, it’s wild.

I need to get on TikToK. Keep tagging me for a chance to be featured just here. Now, if you do want to make it hard, you can add weights or your LEAN adjustable resistance band. There’s going to be a little section in the corner of modifications. These are to make the workout harder. So pick your level. Let us know how you get on in the comments down below. This community is incredible. We will support each other. Let’s do this.

(timer beeping) We’re starting off by hovering the leg. Flex that foot, lift, lower, and then we come forward. Find that beat. Good, 10 seconds left. Really focusing on that outer booty, into the hips, core nice and tight. (timer beeping)Good work! From there you’re going to hook the foot behind the back of the front knee. Tap down, up, straighten, bend.

20 seconds left, good, control there. Core tight, really thinking about that outer booty here. This is going to get harder as we go on. (timer beeping) Okay, coming all the way down into laying now. The upper leg is forward. You’re going to lift that underneath leg, then lift the upper leg. Teddy! (laughs) Three seconds left.(timer beeping).

Amazing work, from there you’re going to straighten out that leg. You’re going to lift, lower draw it back, and forward. Good work, 20 seconds left. Good, you should be feeling that outer butt. Don’t forget about your mind-body connection. Think about the muscles you’re working. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You keep that leg forward. We’re going to draw some circles.

Woo, that burn is so real! Flex that foot. Good work, change direction now. Come on, keep it as far forward as you can. Core tight, come on, feel that burn! Aah! (timer beeping) Oh wow, okay, we’re going to even you out. Your butt should be on fire.

Swing those legs around. Coming on to that forearm we have that swoop. Lift, lower, bring it forward, and back. (timer beeping) Good work, straighten out that upper leg, slight bend, hook the foot behind it. We’re going to down, and up, straighten, and bend. Good, nice and controlled. Is life hard, Teddy? (laughs).

(timer beeping) Good, all the way down now. From there you bring that upper leg forward. We lift, inner thigh, flex that foot, then outer thigh. Breathe. You’ve got this, nice strong movements. (timer beeping) Amazing, this is where it gets difficult. Straighten out that upper leg.

Lift and swoop. Forward, down, and up. Good, control it. This is not about speed. We control that movement. (timer beeping)Okay, hold it up. Hold it forward and circles. One, two, three, complete the circle, four. One, two, three, and four.

Oh my gosh. Okay, I’m changing direction. Ooh, keep it strong. Don’t give up, we’re nearly there. (timer beeping) Oh wow, we come onto our backs from there. You’re going to hook the left ankle over the right knee. Dig that right heel in, lift up, up, lower. Good, really squeeze the butt.

(timer beeping) Amazing, dig that left heel in, hook the right ankle up, up, lower. Good, keep pushing. (timer beeping) Placing both feet down, shoulder distance apart, up we come, open, close, down, squeeze. (timer beeping) Good, now hold and squeeze at the top. Bring those feet together, knees apart, up as high as you can, pump, pump. Come on, really squeeze the butt muscles.

Arms up, if you can. Last exercise, come on, squeeze. (timer beeping) Good work, and lower down. Ooh! You smashed it, familia. Don’t forget to click the like button, if you don’t mind. It really means a lot, and it also helps me reach more people like you. Just wild community growth right now.

Thank you so much for being part of this community. If you are doing my workouts and you haven’t clicked the Subscribe button, what are you doing? I know where you are, I’m watching you, click Subscribe. I love you very much. I’ll see you tomorrow for another home workout.

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