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SLIM INNER THIGHS (get results) | 8 minute Workout


This is your 8 minute slim inner thighs tighten and tone workout. We’re going to be targeting inner thighs fat loss. Trust me, it is going to burn. This workout is going to help you get results. All you’re going to need for this workout is a Pilates ball. If you don’t have a Pilates ball, you can just grab a pillow, or no equipment needed. The Pilates ball will make it so much harder. You can get a hold of our Pilates ball in the description box down below. Now, before we get started, January 2022 is just around the corner.

This is a fresh opportunity to take control and feel like the boss woman, that I know you are. If you are looking to make changes or take your fitness and health to the next level. We have the 2022 6 week LEAN transformation workout challenge. That is 6 weekly guides all merged into one big transformation challenge. We’re going to be in this together. Going on the journey together. All the way through from week one to week six. We have got this. Now each week has a different theme.

From one week being strong versus fat burn, we also have a week for your strongest self, which is all about the weight training. We even have a Lilly Sabri surprise in there. And a week that is entirely, entirely focused on abs and shredding the body. Honestly, this guide is the best I have ever brought out and it launches on Monday the 3rd of January, 2022. I’m so excited.

To get involved with this challenge and change your life, all you need to do is go to the LEAN app and enroll. Please, please, please make sure you enroll because there are huge prizes available, cash prizes available, LEAN goodie giveaways, and so much more. So don’t miss out. It starts on the 3rd. You have to enroll before that, Monday the 3rd.

Let’s do this. Okay, eight minutes on the clock. Get ready to burn. Flex the foot. Lift and lower, okay? 50 seconds. Breath out lift, breath in lower. Get in the zone. Eight minutes of work.

And trust me, here is going to be burning. 30 seconds left. Breath out as you come up, breath in as you lower. Core nice and tight. Three. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there you’re going to lower all the way down.

You’re now going to bring that upper leg in towards the hip, okay? From there, flex that underneath foot. Up, pump, lower. Up, pump, lower. Good work. Good. 30 seconds left. Amazing work.

Try and keep that waist off the mat. 15 seconds. Five seconds. Come on, nice and high. (timer beeping) Oh, the burn is starting to happen. Okay, in neutral, we’re going to pump up for five. We then come forward. All the way back, and back to neutral.

Okay, follow me. Five, four, three, two, oh that burn, one. Come all the way forward. All the way back. Back to neutral. Pump five. (timer beeping) Amazing work. We’re going to even you out, so I want you to swing your body around.

You are going in five seconds. You want that upper leg behind, okay? Onto the forearm. Sorry, flex the foot. Lift and lower. Come on, nice and high. Good. Push it. You can do it, guys. Flex that foot.

Halfway. 25 seconds. 10 seconds. Keep pushing. (timer beeping) One more. Amazing. All the way down. Try and create that gap under your waist. Engage the core. Lift as much as possible.

The upper leg comes forward, flex the foot. Up, pump, lower. Try not to let the floor… The foot touch the floor in between, okay? 15 seconds. Amazing. Four, three, two, and one. Up for five, forward and back, okay? Whoo!.

My inner thighs are burning. Lift it. Hover up. (timer beeping) Okay, let’s go. Five, four, three, two, one. Come forward and back. Oh, that burn is real. 20 seconds. Anyone else whose inner thighs are on fire?.

Four, three, two, and one. Oh my gosh. Turn over to your back. We have two exercises left. I want you to grab that ball, okay? And I want you to squeeze the inner thighs together at 100% of their maximum. Squeeze in. Five, release.

Four, release. One, keep squeezing, lift up, and lower. And again, squeeze. Five. And lower. Good. Release. Let’s go. Five. And lower. One more. Five,.

Four, three, two, and one. Oh my gosh, come all the way up for me. All the way. Now I want you to squeeze those inner thighs at 100% of their maximum. Squeeze as hard as you physically can.

I said squeeze. Okay, down halfway. Up, pump. Down half way. Up, pump. Keep squeezing at 100% of your maximum. Keep squeezing. Good work. Come on. Okay, now for last. Squeeze, hold at the top.

10, nine, eight, seven, squeeze, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Oh, wow. ♪ Thought you really loved me ♪ ♪ Guess I was wrong ♪
Lilly Sabri

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