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SLIM and TONED LEGS in 7 Days | 8 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is an eight-minutelean legs burner. I want you to do this workout for 7 days in a row, and you can get epic results like these ladies. No equipment needed. I also want to let you know that Gymshark’s new Vital Rise collection launches tonight at 7pm BST! Check out the description box below. I don’t want you to miss out. It is so beautiful! Okay, let’s get working out! Starting in a squat. Pivot the feet out, then in. It’s just a little bounce here. It looks easy but trust me, this is going to burn. 50 seconds on each exercise. Feel the burn. Core tight.

Weight back through the heels and the chest open. Core tight. 20 seconds left. You’ve got this. The burn! 10 seconds. Great work. Already we have a burn. We now have a narrow squat. Narrow squat, and pulse. Keeping the knees over the middle toes. Pulsing there. Core tight. Collar bones open. You should be feeling this in the front of the thighs. If you need a break, come up, and straight back in. Come down onto the mat. We’re sticking with the thighs.

Tailbone tucked under. Core nice and tight. Come back and hold, then forwards. Hold for 5 seconds. Hold as low as you can. That’s the thighs done. Now coming onto the hamstrings. The back of the legs. Lying all the way down. Dig one heel in, single leg bridge. Changing sides. Dig the heel in. Drive up. Feel that burn in the back of the thigh. Great work. Sticking with the hamstrings. Legs out far away from the butt. Dig those heels in. Pump there. Keep the core tight and pump up. Feel that burn.

To make it harder, lift your arms up. Legs as far away from you as possible, and hold. If you want to, lift your arms up as well. Come on, you’re nearly there. Incredible work. Onto the outer thighs now. Come onto your side. Bring your upper leg as far forward as you feel it can go. We’re going to draw some small circles. Nice and fast. Breathing. Good work. You’re now going to touch the toe down. As you lift up, you come at a diagonal. Roll straight onto the other side. Straight onto the small circles.

Let’s go. You want your toe down, heel up. Tiny circles. Come on, push. Now, touch your foot down, and drive it back through your heel. Up into standing to finish off. Step squats. Nice and narrow, step wide and narrow again. You want your butt as low as possible. Weight back through the heels, and chest open. Come on, feel that burn. Lower.

A little bit lower. Last 10 seconds, come on. You smashed it! Please don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe I don’t want you missing out. I upload daily workouts. If you’re going shop Gymshark tonight, the new Vital Rise collection, please use my link in the description. If you don’t mind, it really supports me! The link is in the description box. I love you so much, and i’ll see you tomorrow.

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