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SHREDDED ABS and LOSE BELLY FAT in 7 Days | 10 min Home Workout


This home workout is a shredded abs and lose belly fat workout. It’s just 10 minutes long. But I can guarantee, I’m going to burn into these muscles, right here. You are going to love it! 10 minutes long. No equipment needed. You can get amazing results, like these ladies, just here. This is part of your 7-day Summer Shred guide. You can download the free guide, right here. It has three free recipes! That was a tongue twister. Also ladies, this outfit here, is the new Ombré seamless collection from Gymshark. It launches tonight, in one and a half hours.

I don’t want you missing out. My link is down below. Gymshark clothes tend to sell out. We already know that. So make sure, you don’t miss out! Roll back to where you can really feel Your core. Relax the shoulders. Pull those stomach muscles in tight. Drop one leg out, then bring it back. The starts off looking quite easy. But trust me, you’re gonna feel the burn. If you can, come a little bit lower. 10 seconds left. Come on, really work that core. Great work. From there, straighten the leg out. Flex the foot.

Pump the leg up. Then from there, lie down, crunch, straighten, pump up. Let’s go. Great work, changing sides. Placing your arms behind you. We’re going to go with crossovers. The legs are up nice and high. Cross them over as you lower your legs. Then back up again. Holding them halfway now, and crossing over. 15 seconds, come on. Great work. Lying all the way down now. Both legs are up. We’re going to pump the arms up and down. Straighten one leg out, then the other. Halfway. We are changing the exercise. Tap your foot down, then up.

Keep your lower back flat. Breathe. Your core should be feeling warm. I want the right leg long, the left knee is bent. As you come up, we’re going to clap, and lower back down. On to the other side. Really pulling those stomach muscles in. Taking the belly button back towards the spine. Breathing. Let’s go. Place your fingertips by your temples. fingertips by your temple it would be aquite far away from your buck gonna come Come up in a full roll up. Come halfway down, up, then back down again.

Fifteen seconds. Hands into a diamond shape, underneath the lower back. We are going with a flutter kick. Legs are low. We’re fluttering up and down. If you’re struggling, lift legs up a little bit higher. Halfway now. Heel tap. All the way to the end. Ten seconds, come on! Great work, we now have a set of hundreds. Our legs are up at 90 degrees. Pump your arms up and down. Hands into diamond shape, underneath the lower back.

One knee is straight. One knee is bent. Come up, and back down again. Changing sides. Yes, squad! I told you your abs were going to be on fire! Please don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button. Also, hit subscribe, because I upload daily workout videos. I don’t want you missing out This outfit is launching in about an hour and 15 minutes. Please do not miss out, the link is down below! This outfit is beautiful. It is also in a lovely black and grey.

Anyway, I think the outfit speaks for itself. Bye!

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