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Hi it’s tracy and welcome back to my channel so today we have another awesome episode of work it wear and today we are focusing on your shoulders so this season is all about those off-the-shoulder tops it’s summer we want to make sure that you’re feeling sexy with those shoulders exposed so I’m going to give you all the moves to tone up those deltoids but before we begin if you’re not already subscribed make sure to click on the link down below because I put out new videos every single week and I never want you to miss out so for this workout all you’re going to need is a light pair.

Of weights you can use one two or three pound weights so let’s get started ok so let’s get started so remember you want to do this sequence today tomorrow and then wednesday and then you can come back to my channel on Thursday this week for the wear of portion that corresponds with this workout ok so let’s get started with your arms down by your side you’re going to rotate the palm so they’re facing behind you and just bring those arms out to the side here and up you’re going to feel this in your deltoids that’s your shoulders and.

That’s exactly what we want good keep going uh-huh good perfect good let’s do two more ok good so now we’re going to do like a little scarecrow so you just are bending at the elbows and up and up good really pulling up from those elbows feeling those deltoids working good two more like that so let’s put those together so we T out and scarecrow will do 10 of these and at and scarecrow.

That’s it and three good and for your shoulders on fire mine are and five good six we’re going to do ten thousand that’s it nice and eight good two more perfect last one here ok good so now put one hand on your hip the other arm you’re going to lift it up lean away and internally rotate your almost trying to get the palm facing up to the ceiling here so you’re rotating as much as you can and then down and lift and up.

You should feel that end up and good we’re only going to shoulder height with the arm we’re also getting a little bit of standing abs here so you like it you like it good two more all right good oh my arms are on fire let’s do the other side twist it and twist it try to get that palm facing up to the ceiling if you can good perfect ok last one in this series bring your arms up like this like you’re banging on a drum.

Good don’t let those elbows drop down that’s the hard part uh-huh good you should really feel this it’s toning up those deltoids those shoulders do another set and three good and five keep your abs pulled in tight eight, nine and excellent you did great so like I said make sure to do this workout today tomorrow and on Wednesday and then come back to my channel on Thursday to do the wear it portion of this work it wear it series so if you’re not already a subscriber make sure to subscribe to my channel and I will see you next time.

Okay bye
Tracy Campoli

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