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SEXY LOWER ABS in 14 Days | 8 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is all about those sexy lower abs. We’re going to be targeting this area right here. I know it’s the stubborn area. The exercises I give you are going to help you feel a burn. I want you to do this for 14 days in a row. Let me know in the comments down below, how you get on. You can get epic results, like these ladies just here. I have the biggest announcement! These resistance bands are now restocked! I really hope that they’re not sold out already. There’s limited stock available.

Please don’t miss out. Click the link down below. They’re the most epic resistance bands. You see me using them in so many workouts. These are my Lean adjustable resistance bands. You loosen and tighten them depending on the exercise you’re doing. This is my Lean HIIT band. This resistance band is to intensify fat burn workouts, HIIT workouts and cardio workouts. It basically means you’re working harder and getting better results. What are you waiting for? Get some of the bands, like these girls have.

The feedback has been phenomenal. The link is down below. They’re super affordable. Let’s workout. Rib cage down. Core really tight for me. The legs are up. Reverse cycle. Straightening that leg as low to the floor as you can. Looking forward and breathe. Halfway. We are changing direction. Amazing work. We are staying in this position. The shoulders are relaxed, core is tight. Straighten the legs out. Up and down for 10. Come in and straighten back out again. Oh wow that burns! Come into sitting, high on your butt bones.

Pull your core in tight. Roll back to where you feel your core kicking in. Then just pumping the arms up and down. If you feel it in your hip flexors, open your legs apart. Breathe and look forwards. Pull your core in tight. Low as you can go. Come on. Push it. Halfway. Ten seconds. Come a little bit lower. Come on. Come up into double leg tabletop. Touch the ankles, then straighten the legs out. The lower you go, the more you’re going to hit those lower abs. Let’s go.

Keep the lower back flat in the mat. Lower down the neck, if you need to. 15 seconds squad! Come on. Hands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back. We’re going to flutter kick, then tap. That burn is real. The legs are long across the mat. Our fingertips are by our temples. We’re going to come up into a crunch. Then try to roll all the way up and back down again. If you struggle, hands here. Let’s go. Legs a little bit wider than shoulder distance apart.

Core nice and tight throughout. We’re going to come up into a mini crunch. We’re then going to reach across to the opposite knee. Mini crunch, then other way. 15 seconds. Keep pushing. Then one exercise left. Come on. Amazing, we are nearly there. Hands are underneath your back again. Or by your side. From there, I want your legs up towards the sky. Come round and up. Hold your legs straight. A few inches up from the floor. Hold strong. You smashed it! Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button.

Also, don’t forget about the resistance bands. They are live on my website, right now. Check the description box, down below. I just want to show you a comparison. This is an old plastic resistance band that snapped. Look at that, there’s literally no resistance. Compared to this, it’s hardcore. I am going to burn your booty and your entire body with this resistance band. As you can tell, I’m so proud of it. This is how easy it is to adjust. I want you to have it because you are part of the Lean community.

See you tomorrow for another one.
Lilly Sabri

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