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SEXY LEGS in 14 Days (lose & burn fat) | 8 minute Home Workout


This is your 14 day sexy legs and lose leg fat home workout challenge. Can I just take a second to say you are already sexy. This leg exercises are going to burn. I hope you’re going to love it as much as I do. This is an 8 minute at home workout, no rest. You can get incredible results like these ladies, just here. You are doing such an amazing job. You are releasing all those endorphins, taking control, and feeling like the incredible woman that you are. I’m just about to down my pre-workout before I get started.

Can we just take a second to look at this color coordination? You can get this on my website. It’s going to give you so much energy for your workouts and help you have the most incredible workout and get results. No more talking, let’s do this. (beeping) Find the beat to the music. Hands across your chest, core tight. We’re going to lower. Lower, one, two, up, two, three, four.

Oh, that burn! Now, hold, feel that beat, and hold. Good, come on, really feel the vibe, woo! As low as you can, squeeze the booty, core tight. (music) Good, even lower, 10 seconds left. Down and lying on your side now. I want the foot hooked behind the knee, lower, up. (music).

(beeping) Good, now, hovering that leg, bend the underneath leg. Good, lift, lower, good, breathe. (music) (beeping) Good, now come all the way down, and we’re drawing some circles. To a count of four, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. (music) (beeping).

Reach that leg forward. Toe down, heel up, lift and lower. Lift, lower. (music) (beeping) Good work. Now, go in, and back, in, and back. Flex that foot, turn on the glute on the way back. (bright pop music).

Hold it, squeeze that booty. Lift, and lower. (bright pop music) Good, keep squeezing that butt. Pull that core in nice and tight. (bright pop music) Good, keep squeezing for me, you’ve got this. (beeping) Amazing, now it’s a half arc, forward and back.

(bright pop music) Just 10 seconds left, then we’ll go onto the other side. (bright pop music) Amazing work, oh, sorry Teddy! Coming down, we go straight back into that hook. Lift and lower, let’s go, lift, lower. (bright pop music) (bright pop music) Stay up, flex the foot, lift and lower.

(bright pop music) Good, keep that foot flexed, keep thinking about those muscles. 30 seconds left, you can do it. Okay, all the way down, we have our circles now. One, two, three, four, two. (bright pop music) Two, and one, now change direction, let’s go. Woo, I love this song! (hip-hop music).

Okay, no break, bring it forward, toe down, heel up. Feel that beat, lift and lower. Lift, and lower. (hip-hop music) Nearly there, nearly there, come on. Okay, bring it back into neutral. Drive in, push back. (hip-hop music) (beeping).

Good, now hold it back. Flex that foot, squeeze that booty. Lift and lower, let’s go, lift, lower. (hip-hop music) Get the heart arcs, up and over, and back. (hip-hop music) Woo, the burn is real, come on! Keep pushing, nearly there. Okay, good work, oh, my gosh.

You smashed it familia. Don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, press subscribe for more home workouts like this. Drop a comment down below. Let me know how you’re getting on. I love reading your comments, and also reading how you’re interacting with each other. It fills my heart, I love you so much. You should be so proud of yourselves. I will see you tomorrow for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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