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Hi it’s Tracy and today I’m super super excited because this is part three of our getting off for the holidays series and today we are going to do an amazing leg workout because your legs are totally going to be up display I know that you’ve got a lot of parties and holiday events and things that are going to require you wear a sexy little dress.

Or a cocktail dress so I want to make sure that you feel super sexy and confident with this ballet bar inspired leg workout so let’s get started okay for today’s workout all you’re going to need is a chair my chair is invisible you can certainly use a visible chair here and I’m wearing sneakers you totally do this with bare feet – okay so.

We’re going to get started in a first position so that means your heels are going to be together we’re just using the bar yogurt bar the chair for a little bit of balance so just bend your knees slightly and go down into a little plie tiny plie down and four that’s it five keep your turnout and abs pulled in tight good excellent stay down here and.

A little press up with your knees three you’re going to definitely feel those muscles around your rear end working here and eight good let’s do that again a little plie then three keep your abs hold and tight really squeeze and eight good and little press back I feel that this one burns you want to go to your maximum okay nine okay.

Good so now standing on the leg that’s closer to share use your hands here you’re going to take your foot and go over the bar here it’s sort of like an arrow and attitude position then lean forward and go into an arabesque position okay so it’s four or here and then reach try to get your leg up as high as you can here alright would you.

Ted that’s it good and for good reach reach to the sky now if you can’t get your leg up and over your chair you know you can just keep it down here that’s fine too but the chair is great is you really can’t shake them right that’s a cute going hair as pull up in it good let’s do two more here feeling.

Those sexy legs so now stay here keep your chest low close to the chair and pulse up and two now it’s really normal to feel little bit of work here that’s actually good right we want to tone in the back of your waist here and now lift your chest up and now your leg is probably going to be a little bit lower here but.

You’re trying to keep your leg up as high as possible and nine okay good so now we’re going to go into a little curtsy kick there I love this one so both hands on the chair go back into a low lunge really get low get low row and then kick it up so way down and kick until you get to my roots three so again your kick is.

Your kick you do what you can here all right really get down and up that’s it and seven good eight two more excellent and last one okay good to know go to a wide second position your nice wide legs deeply a straight up and deep plie straight up make sure your buck does not stick out on this one keep it underneath you okay and five I’m not letting my.

Foot stick out I’m not letting chef’s move forward it’s really just a one line here that’s it three more get more and two and now stay low oh and pulse oh yes – oh my goodness three you feel that this burns and seven eight nine stay down here rest your knees open open three oh yeah.

And five I did to test sick bodies because we work and nine and excellent up give your legs shake up and the good news is we get to do it all again on the other side okay so getting it your first position here heels together going down and up and down good three that’s it for pulling your abdominals my legs are shaking seven and eight good two more.

And now stay down here and press those needle open open keep your heels pressing together your form is so important and eat good let’s do it again head down and down right and seven my cheeks are getting drowsy stay down here and press out o3 abs tight feel that work five seven nine and go good news we need to stand back.

Now so now we have to do that attitude into the aerospace both hands on you’re going to go over and reach up you’re going to probably notice that one leg it’s going to feel more comfortable than the other one this one I don’t know why I just doesn’t feel as normal as the first one but that’s okay this you don’t know when I step down that leg we’ll.

Call this five and six good pull in those ABS really press up up legs up to the sky and seven good eight that’s it nice to our and last one okay stay down here get that leg up to chest is low just think of that outfit that you’re gonna wear at your party tonight oh yes and eight okay lift your leg to do the best you can.

Five it burns it supposed to step it eight nine okay do not we’re going to go into that Kurt’s a peg so both hands on currency down really low kick it up high low as you can kick up just watch your knee you’re going solo your knee might touch the ground just don’t my hand okay that’s a ten-five kick six kick up that’s it.

Seven keep those shoulders down come on we can do this good just two more and last one beautiful work okay it’s so final one wide second position all the way down straight up so here really lightly to your chair here okay you don’t have a good death grip and four keep your ball underneath here that’s abs pulled in and.

Six good if you want seven that’s it and eight good just two more and last one stay down the column the fire fire and seven and nine stay down here press those knees out out three four five and seven nine and excellent good give it like a little kick out here awesome work I hope that you love this workout part three of our four-part.

Getting hot for the holiday series so make sure if you’re not already to subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss next week’s video and if you’re not already be sure to join me over tracy campoli comm that is where i share all the best love just for you so I will see you over there okay bye
Tracy Campoli

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