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If you want to tone up your legs and your thighs and you don’t want to have to use some kind of fancy expensive equipment girl i got you covered keep watching what’s up gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel so today we’re going to work your legs.

We’re going to work your booty we’re going to tone up your entire lower body and the best part is you need absolutely no equipment for this workout this is a little sneak peek of our full length workout that you can only get inside of total body transformation i.

Know you’re gonna love it so if you’re new here hello i’m tracy i put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already definitely make sure to subscribe to my channel and for everyone make sure you click on the bell icon so that you never miss out on a video.

That would be just so sad so like i said this is pulled from my fitness membership and community total body transformation uh it is really the place to be if you want to get the full enchilada full length workout of these little snippets that you’ll find here on youtube so definitely let’s.

Do this workout together and i’ll come back for more so let’s get into our workout here start off with your legs parallel okay i want you go into a little squat so the booty goes out behind you stand straight up and squeeze the cheeks i want to talk about form here we want.

To be working yes i’m touching my butt right underneath your butt right here you saw it here first okay that’s what we’re working for not the quads all right so inhale here exhale come on up and really squeeze that booty as much as you can good get that booty.

Going out to your neighbors behind you and then squeeze are you guys feeling this i hope and squat so really put your energy your intention your focus on the back of your legs here right underneath your butt so someone mentioned to me in the facebook group said you know.

I’m concerned about my my legs getting bulky to which i say pasha because if you’re doing it properly girl i am i’m the quickest one to bulk all right five foot two short muscular girl all right so that’s why the workouts that i do are always.

Going to be focused on not necessarily the front of the quads much okay we really focus on the inner thighs the outer thighs and right underneath your booty so now we’re going to go into a little squat here and now as you come up it’s a little balance trick i want you to lift your.

Leg out to the side okay squat and lift all right so we get a little bit of core here but we’re also getting some outer thigh and lift that’s it four and lift keep your chest up five pull in the belly that’s it six and lift it very good seven and.

Lift you guys feeling that through that those lateral rotators here the outer thighs squeeze good last one and good let’s do that on the other side squat it lift it and squat hello goodbye saddlebacks good hello goodbye and four lift that’s it and five squeeze abdominals deep.

Six and lift very good seven lift up and eight good up two more lift it last one let’s go back to that first side squat it double pulse up down pulse pulse down shoulders down belly’s tight good that’s it five up up and six i have a feeling that.

Tomorrow you’re gonna feel all this eight up up two more nine up up last one and up okay good other side down lift lift down lift lift oh thank you guys i love seeing the hearts coming across the screen it really helps good five.

Squeeze squeeze we’re halfway there six whew my legs are on fire squeeze squeeze and eight squeeze squeeze two more good last one and awesome okay good so we’re going to go into another little squat here where we’re going to add some dancing.

Moves all right so we’re going to go from a squat to an arabesque so we squat it down that booty’s behind you okay like you’re sitting in a chair you want to lift up i’m keeping my leg turned out keeping my hips square into an arabesque here okay so we’ll squat it and we lift it.

Okay squat and lift three lift up good so this is shaping that booty girl that’s because we’ve got that leg turned out good you got it six and lift very good seven lift up good eight lift up two more nine lift last one okay good let’s do that on the other side okay.

So we’re gonna squat lift it squat it lift very good feel that rump getting shaped here for remember we talked about in our other workout this is not spongebob square butt this is a nice beautiful round peachy looking butt and lift two more good.

Last one and awesome okay good wasn’t that so good i mean you felt the burn right well i gotta tell you that was just a couple minutes of what you’ll find inside of the full 25 minute version that we have inside of total body transformation so if you’re not already a member of our.

Transformer tribe what girl you’ve got to join us so i will leave a link down below this video so you can check it out you know like i said it’s our fitness membership and community we open the doors just a couple of times a year to the public and if the doors aren’t open don’t worry i got your back just definitely get onto.

Our vip wait list because you’ll be first to know the next time that we open our doors to the amazing community and membership that you’ll find inside a total body transformation you know if you want a done for you monthly workout calendar it’s a new one.

Every single month a lot of people don’t do that but we give you a brand new one every single month if you want brand new full-length workout videos if you want a library of over hundreds of full-length workouts and you want to be supported by the most amazing encouraging and inspiring community of women from all over the.

Globe then you definitely want to join us inside a total body transformation so like i said the link is down below check it out if our doors aren’t open get on the wait list because you’ll get some really good goodies while you wait all right you are amazing i hope you love.

This definitely give this video a thumbs up share it with your friends and i will see you next time bye
Tracy Campoli

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