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Hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today i’ve got a workout that i know you are going to la ha ha because we are focusing on your arms sculpting those arms fast so i’ve sort of been known as the arm whisperer here on youtube so we’ll get more into.

That in just a little bit but if you’re new here hello i’m tracy i put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already definitely make sure to click on the subscribe button and for everyone.

Do make sure that you click on that bell icon so that you always are notified whenever i’ve got a brand new video that goes live so before we dive into this workout i just want to let you know that this is a little snippet of a full length workout that you’ll find inside of my fitness membership and community total body.

Transformation total body transformation is the best fitness community ever we really have the best ladies from all over the world that are members so if you like these workouts these little little pieces that i give you here on youtube imagine how incredible you’re gonna feel.

When you have the full workout when you have a brand new calendar workout every single month when you have an amazing group of women all over the world that are so supportive so encouraging so motivating so that you.

Get the results that you want so if you want to learn more about total body transformation click on the link down below here we open and close the doors only at certain times in the year so definitely make sure that you put yourself on that wait list so for this workout all you need are a pair of three pound.

Weights if you’ve got them don’t worry if you don’t you can use water bottles wine bottles are three pounds or nothing at all so let’s get started to sculpt those sexy beautiful arms have the knees slightly bent here we’re going to inhale exhale bring the arms up.

To a t good and then straight forward good contract those up out to the side good and forward we’ve got it together out to the side feel that strength and forward good couple more here side and front beautiful you got it out.

And forward nice and again and out we’re doing lots of reps here with you know relatively speaking light weight but three pounds definitely you’ll feel it i know i am right now and out and forward good again and out and forward good two more like this out contrapting those abs and forward.

Good last one here out and forward okay good bring the arms up over your head you’re gonna squeeze feel the shoulder blades slide down your back bring it up then straight out to the side and up we got it squeeze and up and out and up that’s it and squeeze it.

Contracting those abs and out and up we’ve got it squeeze it and up that’s it and out and squeeze contracting in and out beautiful couple more squeeze good and out squeeze it really contracting here and out beautiful good and out excellent last set here.

And out okay good so you can drop one weight off to the side here for now i want you just working with one arm here bring the hand in front of your your shoulder like this you’re gonna do a little bit of a rotation as you twist you’re contracting in those obliques bring it back then go up and over.

Bring it back okay so we’re twisting in both directions okay so we go reach it back and up really feeling the waist here feeling the arms the shoulders and reach good really pull it in and reach it that’s it that’s it and up squeeze it and forward good end up how many times does she say.

Squeeze in this workout look and um good keep on going here squeeze again and up very nice again and reach it and up good two more cents here reach and up good last one here reach it and excellent good now i want you just.

Punch it over your head two three four good five seven eight nine punch across the chest here little punch two pull in your abs four good five and seven eight nine we’re going to go up above your head again and reach it and two pull it in tight tight tight four good that’s it squeeze it.

Six seven eight nine good reach across the chest punch it two good three pull it in four yep five six that’s it and seven and eight and nine and excellent good let’s go right into the other side so we twist it back remember your hip bones stay forward to me the entire time we’re not moving your hips okay you’re.

Moving the upper body here so that we’re isolating okay so we pull back and squeeze and back reach it up that’s it and back and squeeze it good back reach it up you got it back mm-hmm good that’s it this is four we’re gonna do a set of ten here good and five good.

That’s it and six mm-hmm keep going your seven reach almost there eight good pull it in two more sets good really contract squeezing excellent last time here we go back and good now stay here and punch it up to pull it in.

Three that’s it four five good six that’s it seven stay with me eight nine reach across your chest and reach it good two three don’t sleep through this okay really feel that work we’re transformers nine reaching up above your head up and two come on and three really.

Sculpt it five seven eight nine across your chest and reach it good two three that’s it four five six come on and seven and eight and nine and excellent how much fun was that right and you feel it in just five minutes flat so.

This workout inside total body transformation is a full 20 minute sequence so if you want to get the rest of it the additional 15 minutes definitely get your name on that wait list now so that you are first to know whenever we open the doors to total body transformation like i said.

We really have the best community out there high five my transformer truck so that’s what i’ve got for you today you are awesome you are amazing and i will see you next week bye
Tracy Campoli

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