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SEXY ABS in 7 Days (lose belly fat) | 10 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a 10 minute, sexy abs burner. You are going to feel it on all of the abs muscles. You can get epic results, like these ladies just here. I want you to do this for seven days in a row and feel the burn. Also, I want to let you know, Gymshark are launching a brand new collection later this week! Keep your eyes peeled! You don’t want to miss it. It is so beautiful! The link to shop is in the description box below. I would really appreciate if you use it. Let’s do this. Hands together. Do a mini crunch to work the upper abs. Then from there, come all the way up. Breathe.

We’ve got 50 seconds on each exercise. 10 minutes, you’re going to feel the burn! Lift both legs up. Both arms up. Straighten one leg, as your arms drop behind you. Then draw it back in. Make sure you’re breathing. Breath out as you straighten, breath in as you come back in. If your neck is sore, just lower your head down. Keep your lower back flat. Engage your core. Rib cage down. Great work. Double leg crunch. Crunch in, then straighten both legs. You’ve got this. Keep pushing.

One leg up at 90 degrees. The other leg is straight. Crunch across, then come back. If you’re struggling with this, just drop your leg down. Change onto the other side. Drop your leg down if you’re struggling. Do not give up. Great. We’re sticking with the obliques now. Come up high in the crunch. Reach side to side. Keeping it fast. Chin to your chest. Looking forwards. Let’s go. Half way. Keep going, come on!.

Ten seconds, keep pushing. Great work. Straighten both legs out. Arms over the head. We’re going with a full sit up, then clap. Alternating sides. Halfway. Keep pushing. Breath out, and breath in. Amazing. You should be feeling that burn! We now have 10 dead bugs, into 10 bicycles. That burn feels good! Hands back into that starting position. Come up to the center, then to the right and down. Really rotating to hit the obliques. This is very important. I keep hitting my puppies pillow! He’s fast asleep.

Stay in sitting. Spread your butt cheeks. Roll back to where you feel your core kicking in. We’re doing a Russian Twist. Side to side. Breathing. If you’re feeling it in your hips, just turn your legs out. It will turn off your hip flexors. Lower, if you can. Come on, 15 seconds. Planks to finish up. Seesaw, into a hip dip. Come down onto your forearms. Go forwards and back. Then dip. You smashed it squad! Don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. I don’t want you to miss out. I upload daily workout videos.

Honestly, you don’t want to miss it. See you tomorrow for another one. Bye squad.
Lilly Sabri

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