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SEXY 11 LINE ABS & WAIST πŸ”₯ Get Results | 10 minute Workout Program


This is your 10 minute sexy abs and waist, get results workout challenge. I want you to do this for seven days. You can even do it as part of the free workout program, Strong and Strength Guide or you could do it on its own. Let us know how you get on in the comments down below. Just a 10 minute abs and waist workout. You could get incredible results, like these ladies just here. Don’t forget, you want to be combining this with good nutrition. We’ve actually got a few free recipes in this program for you. And overall health and happiness.

Now I have some huge news for you. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Honestly, the amount of messages I have had about LEAN Black Friday. First off, asking if it’s going to happen and then secondly, when it is and what are the discounts. So let’s get a drum roll going. Monday the 22nd of November. That is this Monday, coming at 5:00 PM, UK time. Just put that time into Google to find out what time it is, wherever you are around the world. It’s 5:00 PM UK time, GMT, Monday the 22nd.

We have up to 50, yes, up to 50% off of all of the LEAN products and the app! so trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss out. You can actually find out exactly what the discounts are, per product, per app in this catalog just here. To download that catalog, just go to the description box and it’s all detailed there. You do not want to miss out. The bars, in particular and the LEAN supplements have huge savings. The bars are 40% off! That is mind blowing. The LEAN supplements are 35% off.

Honestly, please don’t miss out. They’re the type of products that you know you’re going to be buying over and over again. Because obviously they’re delicious. So make sure you stock up. We’re going to get started. Save that date. Let’s have a burn now, let’s do this. Okay, you’re starting off with the ball or the pillow if you don’t have a ball.

Underneath the small of the back. Double leg table top, core tight, feel that beat. In, straighten, in. If you’re feeling super strong, hover the arms. Woo! You have got this. Keep that core nice and tight. Don’t give up. Amazing work.

Come on down. You’re now going to hover and go for a bicycle, if you can. This is going to burn. We’ve got this. Okay, control that movement. Go your own pace. Because this is really tough. If you are on that Pilates ball,.

You know just how challenging this is. Good, keep that core nice and tight and breathe. Nearly there. Amazing, take the ball out. You’re now going to take it onto your chest and hold your hands like so, okay. Roll back and then you’re going to rotate. Really slow control. Side to side.

Okay, back we go. If you don’t have the ball, don’t worry, just go without. Slow, two, three, four. Center, two, three, four. Right. Center. Left. Hi Teddy.

Good, really get that rotation in. Breathe. Core tight, 15 seconds. Good, a little bit lower. Come on, you can do it. Ah! Amazing. Take that ball now and place it gently behind the back. It’s literally there, just resting.

You’re not all the way back, okay. From here, straighten the right leg, then the left, then both. All right, let’s go. Right, down. Left, down. Both. Hi Teddy. Oh, that burn, that burn.

15 seconds, relax those shoulders and breathe. Oh, wow. That burn is so real. The ball is now coming in front of you. You’re lying on your side with the ball underneath the knee, okay. From there, crunch up. And lower down.

Let’s go. Lift, lower. Breath out, breath in. Come on, keep pushing. Don’t give up, you guys. 15 seconds. Woo, it burns, it burns! One more! And lower.

Straight onto that other side. You could just log roll, I’m going to shimmy around. Okay, we are going in eight seconds. Don’t we come, palm facing upwards. All right, you guys. Find that beat. Lift, lower. 30 seconds, come on, nice and high.

You’re nearly there, guys, come on. Keep pushing. All the way, all the way. Just 10 minutes of your life. It’s going to get harder from here on out, okay. 10 seconds, let’s go. Amazing work. Place that ball now in between the feet, okay. So literally here.

Hands are down by your side. We have a reverse crunch and we angle the body, then straighten the legs out, squeeze the ball. Angle the body, get those obliques, squeeze the ball. Keep squeezing that ball. Come on, you guys. Push it. Good work, you guys, come on, you’re nearly there. Keep squeezing that ball, keep pushing.

Amazing, place the ball now in between the knees. You’re going to squeeze those inner thighs together into that ball. Reach for the ankles, good, straighten out and straighten the arms as well. Keep squeezing that ball. If it feels too much on the head, lower it down if the neck’s a bit sore, okay. Do not let that lower back arch.

Keep it in. Ah! Homestretch, 10 seconds, come on. Don’t give up. Amazing. If you have your LEAN hit band now, I want you to grab it and you’re going to pop it around the feet, like so, okay. Come on down.

We have our bicycles. Side to side, pushing against that band. Control that movement, you guys. Remember, if it’s too much at any point, just follow those modifications, you’re here, okay. Alternating sides. Just don’t give up. I know you can do this, guys. all the way.

Come on, keep pushing, keep pushing. Place the ball back under and we have single leg stretch with the band, okay. Place that band just above the knees. Strengthening one leg out, followed by the other. Let’s go. You can make this harder by hovering the arms. Heart is still up to the sky.

Find that beat, straighten, bend. Straighten, bend. 10 seconds! Yes! Teddy, we made it!
Lilly Sabri

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