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SEXY 11 LINE ABS in 15 Days | 5 minute Home Workout


If you are wanting to get sexy 11 line abs, this is the workout for you. It’s just a 5 minute home workout. I want you to do this for 15 days and let us know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. For a chance to be featured, tag me in your Instagram stories. You can even do a full YouTube review or a TikTok video. Honestly, thank you. I can guarantee you are about to feel an incredible burn. No equipment needed.

5 minutes on the clock, and get ready for some fire. Before we get started, as most of you already know the LEAN app is launching so soon. Very soon, we’re going to be announcing the launch date. It is so close I can literally smell it. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled. It’s going to be emailed to you. It’s on Instagram. It’s here on YouTube. It’s in the private Facebook group.

But it’s not long. The LEAN app is going to change your life. It’s going to have everything from personalized meal plans, a journal, a habit tracker. Guides that you can choose from depending on your mood, depending on your goals. What you want to achieve. It is everything you need to live your healthiest and happiest lifestyle. So keep your eyes peeled. Right, let’s get 11 line abs. (timer beeping) We’re starting off on our butt.

Core nice and tight. Find the beat. Rotate. Breath out as you do. This song is amazing. Come on, let’s have a party. Keep that core really tight. 30 seconds each exercise. That beat is going to drop. (timer beeping) Okay, down onto your back. We have some bicycles to that beat. One, two, one, two.

Good work. Under 10 seconds. Keep pushing. (timer beeping) Good. Place those feet down. Neck is nice and high. Chin is tucked to the chest. One, two, three, four. One two, three, four. (timer beeping) Good work. Place those hands in an arrow position.

All the way up, rotate at the top. (timer beeping) Good work. Down now onto your side. You’re going to take the upper leg higher than the underneath one. Hug around the waist and crunch. (timer beeping) Good work. From here we’re into a side crunch. Lift those legs up. Up we come. Hold, four, three, two, pump.

Let’s go. Good. Core really tight. Come on, squeeze. (timer beeping) Amazing. Right, swing those legs around on to that other side. We’re going to take the upper leg higher, hug the waist. Lift and lower. (timer beeping).

Amazing work. Straight into that side plank. Hold strong. Three, two, one. Now pump. Let’s go. (timer beeping) Amazing. Onto your back. Coming all the way down, we’re going with the set of hundreds. Lift those legs up and pump. If you can, straighten the legs out.

(timer beeping) Good. From there all the way up, we have Russian twists. Twist. Twist. If you can, straighten those legs out. Last exercise. Come on, you’re nearly there. Keep pushing. Your abs should be burning. 15 seconds.

(timer beeping) Woo! You smashed it, familia. Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. It really helps me reach more people just like you. Let’s get more people doing this workout. I really, really, really hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed that burn. Also, don’t forget to click subscribe. We’re almost at 3 million subscribers.

(Lilly jumping) I can’t believe it. All right, I love you. Bye, squad. See you tomorrow for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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