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SCULPTED WAIST & LOWER ABS (7 Day Abs Challenge) | 30 minute Workout


Guys how are we oh my freaking gosh i was like it was like i jumped into a swimming pool no lie you stand outside and you are drenched in this country right now like what the hell anyway where are you in the world quickly let me know and also let me know what temperature it is i know that’s a random question.

But i’d love to know if you’re as hot and sweaty as me right now so i’m back safe in the aircon guys we are going to get stuck in we are going in on the waist and lower abs to be honest all of the abs but yeah this is gonna be burnt today like it’s gonna hurt but in a fabulous way so grab your.

Liver lily adjustable band if you’ve got it guys if it’s on its way amazing i also just want to say thank you so much we sold out in 37 minutes last night like that’s a whole nother story like what the hell um but thank you i’m so so so thankful guys we’re doing three circuits nine.

Minutes each 45 seconds on 15 seconds off during your 15 seconds off if you want to what i want you to do is try and hold in this position with your legs straight lower back flat and core really nice and tight really thinking about those lower ab muscles.

And pulling that rib cage down okay that is your break otherwise follow me we’re gonna get started it’s gonna burn beginners i’m always gonna give you modifications so no stress about that if you’re feeling neck pain throughout i want you to lower the head down but.

Again i’ll talk you through it is everyone ready shout yes if you’re ready okay 10 seconds until we get started guys we’re actually starting off with a really nice simple exercises the feet are plant planted on the floor sitting high on the.

Butt bones and rolling back to where you really feel that core kicking in relax the shoulders for me breathe bring those feet in quite close we’re going to reach to the ankle and back alternating sides okay so breath out breathe out how many have we got alex and how many.

Likes have we got and then 300 in your first 15 second break 20 seconds left if you wouldn’t find smash that thumbs up button it really helps me reach more people really good back here when you get a second could you grab me a pillow.

Only when you get a second three two one and hold guys you can hold like this if you want to lying all the way down just chuck it it’s fine okay grab your pillow close by guys i want you up in double leg table top for me we’re going to straighten one leg out straighten the other leg out then bring.

Them both in okay so it’s one two three is you’ll notice i don’t speak as much throughout these because i really need.

To breathe it is so important that your breathing control is there okay so touching the ankles breath out straighten so breath in and breath out let’s go.

Oh is is come into that diamond shape now underneath the lower back all by your side it is up to you okay i.

Want those legs up head neck and shoulders up if you can you’re going to flatter down and then flutter back up okay good work my gosh guys.

Okay so really thinking about that lower core here okay rib cage down same starting position we’re gonna go with the reverse crunch straighten out open close let’s go beginners copy me we’re here and we stop you’re killing it crazy.

bring yourself all the way up to one movement guys you are doing so well honestly it hurts right particularly if you did my workout yesterday so we’re now going to be coming with an actual touch roll back halfway.

Ankle touch then all the way down because you’re scared come behind you on your forearms now okay we’re just gonna literally bicycle home.

So the legs are up we straighten we come round and bicycle keeping that core really tight rip cage down let’s go guys this jacket nearly over keep pushing we’re doing that three.

Seconds okay next second we’re going to be using the pillow and the man to have it close by guys we’re now just going for some toe reaches or heel reaches i should say side to side just one.

Two one push it okay place your feet under something if.

You need that little bit of extra help your hands are by your temples you rotate and back okay let’s go lower breath out breathe is ten seconds four three two.

One second one complete oh my gosh how are your ass feeling guys quickly let me know out of 10 how much you’re burning now bear in mind it always gets harder as we go along but i want an honest answer how are you feeling out of ten okay grab a pillow quickly clear it let me know how they’re getting.

On when you see so we’re gonna be using the pillow to decrease our stability which basically means we’re gonna be making it harder because we’re going to be less stable we’re also going to be using the adjustable band okay all right guys this is where we go in 10.

Seconds until we start we’re going to start off with a set of step buffs with the pillow so you’re holding on to the pillow you’re gonna straighten out the opposite arm to leg okay let’s go okay says she’s on fire already she’s a six.

Oh ls7 passax that’s good i tell you what i’m i’m probably a seven after filming as well oh my gosh my abs all the way up down the new angle.

Sorry is all right squeeze that pillow squeeze squeeze squeeze he’s cracking me right up really squeeze for me guys okay.

From here what you’re gonna do is roll back take your hands behind your head then come forward alternate the direction that you’re rotating it okay take a second.

Keeping squeezing that pillow teddy looks so bored squeeze really tight for me guys i’m gonna straighten and lower okay if you need those hands behind you that’s fine so it’s lift and lower slow control breath out breath in.

go back as low as you can guys this tough keep squeezing guys keep squeezing we’re not done there yet oh my gosh it hurts right keep squeezing.

All right just squeeze for me hold on we got this guys underneath the lower back for me guys.

Okay it’s your last exercise before we add in the band i want you to bring those legs up as high as they can go you’re gonna reach to the toes then lower one leg down let’s go.

oh oh my gosh all right guys grab a hold of your band and pop your band just above your knees hello teddy we’re going for our first set of hundreds on the pillow push out and let’s go pump those arms up and down let’s go eye gaze forward.

Chip to chest pulls tight support the neck of his core guys advanced you’re here the lower you laugh the harder it is beginners here come on guys all right we’re up in double leg table top we’re gonna tap the feet down as we push.

Out with the knees then bring them back up again find the beat lower back flat down and up down and out push really up in that french all right i want you to push out against the band throughout this feet shoulder.

Distance apart and push out are you having a stretch baby all the way back to your biting point we’re gonna rush and twist find that beat let’s go four three if you want to lift the legs make it harder keep pushing out.

Beginners stay here all right guys last circuit coming up this is where it gets nasty it’s going to be quite a bit hard okay we have still got this okay keep the man down keep that core really nice and tight for me in front.

Rib cage down all the way up we’re gonna go in 10 seconds we’re going with a nice punch across okay so we go with four across the body into four up follow me push out four three two let’s go one two three four.

Three and four let’s go push out against that one two three four behind you if you need it hover the left leg good night teddy find that knee three two advance you’re here otherwise.

You’re here crash straight beginners come behind let’s go i want you to spread those butt cheeks pull the core in nice and tight we’re gonna roll back to our biting point.

Again begin as you’re here flex the right foot in four and three hold in two lift that leg up we’re going in a nail shape keep going up every day go for the other side breathe we got.

This four and three i get really taken away with this song too like that foot wrong man pull that core in tight begins you’re here going in one two okay.

15 seconds using the momentum of our arms crunching in as we do so let’s go crunch our lower breath out breath in now i can rotate.

that’s fine keep going momentum guys we’re coming in and we’re lowering okay even if you only get an inch you don’t have to get the whole way up beginners just here and lower let’s go.

four three 10 seconds okay we have a boat hold dreadful but amazing at the same time okay pull.

That corner really tight for me guys i’m dripping with sweat push out against the band and just start off with a hole find that b hole beginning hands always behind you okay in four in three if you can i want the legs up hold hold advanced you’re here okay we’re going with single leg tap.

Downs in time with the b in 4 3 2 left 10 seconds oh my god okay we’re going back into that bow hold and we’re mixing it up we got this okay in four in three roll back in two beginners and one.

Hold it hold it hold it four three two lift the legs up hold four hole three you flex the foot as you straighten let’s go straighten and in 20 seconds 10 seconds oh my god.

How much did that hurt by the way wow okay take the band off we’re going for our eight to count lower i want the hands underneath the lower back and legs up to the sky find the feet and we’re gonna lower to a count of eight in four three two let’s go one two three halfway four.

Five six seven and eight back up eight seven six five halfway four three two and one one two three and hold continue seven eight holes hold on ignore that timer hold ten pull nine pull eight feet of the pool pull it.

Right guys stay high one two one two come on guys keep pushing eight and seven and six hold them there and five and four flatter at home and three and two.

we have a one minute boat hole challenge then you have your finisher i want you to use momentum to literally swing yourself up into sitting okay you have two options here you can either work the inner thighs while you’re doing the boat challenge.

By placing the pillow in between the thighs or you can work the outer thighs by placing the band around the outer legs okay just above the knee up to you guys right we have one minute starting in ten seconds one minute boat challenge guys you literally take it to whatever level you want i’ll show you them all.

Okay let’s go roll that cold if you can lift the legs up begin as you’re here relax the shoulders or if you feel it more while you’re here amazing whatever you like push out if you’ve got the pillow squeeze hold here oh.

okay listen three do you know what it is it’s all the other filming on top of it my.

Oh my gosh it’s like my dream to go to um you’re gonna know if you’re from argentina obviously the falls the waterfalls in argentina what is it called i can’t remember but apparently like argentina have some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world so i’m sure you let me know where it is.

Right guys how was that what the hell um okay let me know how you found it that is our last live of the week which always makes me quite sad like i feel like huh um but you’ve got a finisher which may appear here at some point we’re hoping so just imagine it’s there also check out the playlist.

Um i’m actually gonna show you guys now two things uh just to keep on top of so for those of you who i’m just going to shimmy a little bit closer who can’t find a lot of the workouts that are part of the guy this is the playlist is that very alex or is it okay no.

That’s okay that’s okay so yeah playlist here at the top is where you’ll find all of the playlists or workouts i recommend day by day to get the best results and also go in the community section guys you’ve got all of my announcements here in the community section make sure you check it out like.

I post there probably every other day but it’s worth checking it because if i ever have any like special announcements or banned releases or 900k giveaways which is going to be in there very soon and that’s where i post it i obviously speak about it in the videos as well but.

I tend to put it in the community space i’m speaking at 100 miles an hour i haven’t even had pre-workout either high on life guys high on life and what else do i have to say alex other than the fact my body is broken gymshark new releases manana for my argentinian girls uh tomorrow.

Um we have some new gym shop releases i’m gonna show you a few of them really quickly now this is um i don’t know if these are being released tomorrow or if they’re already released these might already be released on the website and but some of the new pieces that are coming are.

So cute like the crop that i was wearing before this is one of my favorite crops you’ve seen it on me and white before but they’ve got all these beautiful new colors coming out i love them i like flying them i fly them i feel.

Like i fly them i find them so flattering i think it’s mainly the shoulders like this is so cute it’s obviously got like gym chalk written here but only half clever and there’s some other colors do you want to see should i bring in some of the other bits quickly let me know and i can do like a.

I guess will it be a mini hall probably not because i’m not going to be getting changed but a mini lily style haul let me know and then i need to really quickly grab some food because i feel like my energy levels okay realize how much of a loser i look like okay are we ready should i go get.

Them have we had any yeses yeah uh this is the finisher by the way guys just there oh thank you thanks jesus guys i will be back i’m just going into the next room oh where are you going teddy i’m good well she runs around this is pretty impromptu guys sorry for a shaky camera.

Do you need help well oh my god okay wow oh no here we go here we go okay last song or second to last song who is that because she has the most insane voice.

I feel like i should finish up with some legs it’s been a few days let’s do this it’s a total mess but teddy come in here who you parking at teddy you’re not scaring anyone baby okay um guys what i’m gonna do is on my instagram stories do like a mini haul on there.

And give you some more information because some of them are already on the website for jim sharp some more are being released tomorrow what’s the date tomorrow tomorrow 13th yeah tomorrow so some pieces are being released tomorrow.

And honestly you never know with gymshark the likelihood of it selling out is always pretty high so i’m going to do my best to show you as much as i possibly can and i don’t know if this is coming or already come out but this is the energy seamless i think you guys already know how i feel.

About the energy seamless i just think it is so beautiful so so beautiful and and this is the cute little top i’m also going to show you okay that is another shot i want to show where’s that sorry guys this is really not planned out at all oh those joggers are.

Beautiful and here where’s that that was a really cute you should really learn to plan ahead i’m just keeping it real with the girls it’s like you’re just unpacking it with me oh wow look at that baby oh my gosh that is going to be so nice look at the back.

Very very fancy fancy nancy okay this is what i wanted to show you i think this is so cute so this is called speed midi top i’m just going to show you what it’s like here so at the front where are you you’re really fast you’re so speedy and again you’ve got that super cute.

Shoulder i’ll just try it on for you but it’s so light guys i feel like this is what you need in the uk right now oh yeah it’s like i can’t really describe the material to be honest but let’s just look like what it looks like on i’ve never tried these on myself so you’re getting the first first view alex you tend to tell me if.

You like it or not what do you think you like i can’t see it girls what do you think you like it i’m just going to show you the thing here so it’s kind of got like a little scratchy thing do we like this can people actually see yeah.

I’m a bit closer that’s nice you know what that that’s not my no that um is really flattering here i think it’s a good length do you know what i mean because it it kind of comes a little bit lower than a sports bra and girls do you know what i mean by these.

Shoulders where they slightly come up i find that so flattering i think it’s such a beautiful design it’s the same with the other tops and i was just showing you okay this i think is gorgeous i think probably because it’s the lean color it’s like a teal so um it will not go.

At all with what i’m wearing right now but visualize let me come close so it’s not like um where you can probably see the bottoms but visualize i’m wearing black on the bottom okay oh cute what do you think should i come back a bit i’m just gonna move the mic.

Slightly i’m just angling is that okay so i don’t knock myself out um but yeah that’s that just coming on my toes for you a bit fingers through the whole thing see this is ah they are long enough gym shark you delivered they’re never long enough.

On me girls so that’s the back it’s kind of it’s more of a baggie than a lot of their other stuff and a lot of their other what are these called crops and because a lot of their crops are super figure hugging this is like a lighter material so i’d say it’s perfect for summer.

And and i just i you can’t properly see because it just doesn’t work color-wise but imagine this with oh hangers are connected but with a black bottom like that’s nice right it pops but don’t you think it works the black with the i love this color i think i’m.

Going to be rocking that a lot um okay these are so nice so this is the same as this so we’ve got the blue it’s kind of more of a navy teal lagoon speed sports bra so this was the sp another speed no.

This wasn’t speed was it we don’t i don’t know what this one was called actually sorry i don’t know the name of this but i will let you know on instagram i promise speed in the teal lagoon and speed in the black yeah i’ve got size small in everything um i think do you want me to try it on.

Girls quickly let me know do you want me to try them on if so do you want me to try on the bluey color the blue or the black um and then there’s some matching leggings i just i think that’s going to be really flattering i mean i need to try it on it’s.

It’s a longer length than their standard sports bras and these i actually wore in the other color in the pink on mondays live so i actually spoke to you about these already so these i think i’m guessing are called their speed yeah speed leggings teal lagoon very nice color.

Not a color i would normally wear actually and look this pocket bit at the side i love that oh schmidty the black or blue all right blue you’re black scissors i thought you were going to try on the blue and i was going to try on the black i was like what the hell are we about to.

See you in a sports bar wait do you go on three or after three one two three go it’s like scissors paper okay all right okay ready yep so these should i just try them on for everyone anyway the the black ones oh blue blue winds okay let’s try on glue guys i’m going to just try on the.

Full outfit for you because why not i’m going to do a speed get changed alex will chat to you did you keep everyone entertained um you guys can’t see teddy let’s move this so then you can see ted’s there he is can you say hi to everyone.

Can you entertain everyone is that 450 people looking at you teds you’re really quiet today are you doing well you’re keeping almost 500 people waiting just looking at a blank wall i would but i forgot to shave my legs today.

Okay i like it oh wow this is really nice girls you’re gonna love the bra okay one legged in oh one way this whole time for one leg all right okay how nice is this color i love it i would never choose this i’m so glad you asked for the blue.

I’d never choose the blue so yeah a little bit booby a little bit not booby cardio pilates cardio pilates oh okay yeah basically if you’re feeling a little bit fancy or if you’re wanting to cover up um okay support i mean probably high actually yeah high.

Thick straps really comfortable for those of my girls who have are slightly more blessed in this area than i am that will be really really nice and comfortable for cardio which is great a little bit i know kate this would look insane on you oh my gosh a little bit boom and the leggings.

Feel like silky heaven they feel so nice do you want to feel you yo you you want to feel my leg oh my gosh you make me work hard wow they feel nice though they’re so nice and okay feedback on the leggings girls because i actually wore these.

On monday i find them too big on me so i’m wearing a small it’s the same as the last launch that they did for these for me i would size down to the extra small but pretty much everything else in gymshark i’m a small there’s just a few things that i’m not i.

Think that’s for a couple of reasons it’s because um it’s not as high-waisted as some of their other stuff so you know like they’re camo animal they’re like super high-waisted and so i think that thick it’s a really thick material the camo an animal so they really hug you in these are not as thick so they’re.

Actually more comfortable because they’re so soft and silky and lovely however i would size down another bit of feedback for me i would say i’m not necessarily another bit of feedback can you see my whole body here alex hi can you see my feet oh yeah yeah okay.

So these are seven eight girls they’re seven eight in length um which for a girl who is nearly six foot tall okay me i’m a lank um i i don’t like seven eight as much as i do full length leggings and i’m going to tell you why for me a 7 8 should come a little bit.

Longer but because my legs are so long it doesn’t quite look right do you know what i mean whereas someone who is like basically anyone who’s shorter than me i think these would be a perfect length on you so i prefer full length that’s just my preference.

But they are so soft they are so comfortable i think the shape is incredibly flattering i just find i’m having to pull them up a little bit because they’re a little bit baggy on the waist does that is that all of your questions let me know if you have any other questions this is the back.

Remove that out of the way i can’t see it is the back nice um on the hanger is it i like it hey there we go i told you i got really quickly and oh and it’s adjustable schmincy okay let’s do that up one okay yeah that’s i have a feeling that that’s a really flattering back.

Just because you’ve got that little bit sexy do you know what it’s a sexy top isn’t it because it’s like it’s sporty sexy i feel like mel mel gibson c which one’s 45 in the five girls i’m up really close is that too close i just want to show you all the details so that’s it and i can show you the back.

Again from here oh there we go nice right okay so they’ve got that in black as well is anyone still here is anyone still do you want to know anything else it sounded so awesome do you want to know anything else is that close whenever i’m whenever i’m australian who.

Do i pretend to be um me i’m sheila and he’s bruce i don’t know why i think they’re the most australian names ever and because of alex i now have an australian accent pretty much okay what else have we got here this is another oh i actually don’t know though um.

and this this is a little bit cute isn’t it it’s a little bit cute this is oh my gosh this is a little bit annoying right come on okay i need to check my phone very quickly alex chat to the guys i just need to really quickly check my phone because there was one bit of.

Information that was on my phone and i’m singing to you here it is okay let you know that this this this this cool okay good chat all right guys okay cool no no it’s not that that’s not it for today right these are called i love the name of these just double checking i’m gonna put them on over the top.

Do we have any pippas in here right now because i love the name pippa and these are called the pippa joggers and so i actually in all joggers do i ever wear my own joggers alex no you have really nice ones this is so right you always just steal my own because right when you’re wearing.

Joggers right where do you wear it like my shorts my tops everything is because in the evenings all i want is baggy like literally all i want is baggie so instead of stealing alex’s joggers i’ve decided to start ordering them big are they nice so these are the pipa.

Joggers they are they come up high-waisted which i think is super cute again really flattering these would actually look gorgeous with this sports bra although it kind of i quite like the clash um but in black i think that’ll be really really cool these are nice and they’re long.

They actually reach my ankles so these yeah these are really comfy and again i don’t know what they’re using but they’re using something so smooth oh so fast good so they’re the peppers and and the peppers are also in black oh where the black cat.

Uh okay right yeah here so these are a medium i’ve got them in a medium um which yeah i mean they’re big but i just i would never wear joggers tight for me that defeats the purpose of a jogger a jogger for me is like slouchy and also i don’t like joggers short i want them.

To reach the floor um so yeah you can see these these hit the ankle which is pretty great um these i believe someone will probably be able to tell me cutest sports bras ever this was in yes become available online well all of the stuff i’ve showed you so far.

Is tomorrow um uk i believe 5 p.m bst which is uk time i’m just going to double check that for you no momento coming coming any other questions tis uh i’m just double checking for you guys because i don’t want to give you the wrong info but i’m pretty certain it.

Will be gymshark tend to do their uh launches at 5pm why are you laughing because i don’t know kate’s talking okay okay right july those ones are live 13th of august tomorrow yeah time isn’t.

On there but i’m i’m pretty certain it will be 5 p.m but what i’m gonna do is just add a comment underneath for you guys um and also we’ll add my link as well for you if you wouldn’t mind purchasing oh thank you um okay so this which you already know is my favorite is launching in i just.

Find this so gorgeous you’ve seen it on me before in the white um it’s a staple let me put it back on so you can see again so this is launching in black i like baby blue color um a gray a bright orange and a burgundy looking color that’s not what they’re called but that’s what they kind of look.

Like so it’s launching in this it’s just so so comfy so again i’ve got the small in this and i was wearing it just before but we went outside in gray and it’s now like dripping wet and so i would show you the gray but it won’t be an accurate color description because is now ring.

Wet and so there’s the black there’s the gray there’s the bright orange which will be beautiful there’s this looking color which actually i really wish i’d got because that is probably really really really nice and then like a baby blue color so i think they’ll be absolutely.

Stunning um there’s the pippas which is what i’ve just shown you they are in black gray like a tealy looking color and these these are so nice aren’t they um and let me just have a little look guys i’m so sorry are they are they even staying on that are people even.

I love you guys i literally love you okay yeah i think so these zipped ones i think they’re already live so we’ve got some we’ve got some really nice shorts here and the yeah they’re already live sorry guys what i’m gonna do is basically.

Tell you one stories on instagram and i’ll put more on my community page as well because i want you to have all the correct information but tomorrow these are launching and i think they’re really really really cute if there’s any other questions please let me know.

Right now because we’re about to tune out and and yeah i’m really excited about this i really like these really really like these and i will see you tomorrow for another workout thank you so much for the bands again i think your bands are arriving all over the world.

Which is just phenomenal and last thing please keep your eyes out because i’m going to be doing a 900k giveaway in like probably today maybe tomorrow so please keep your eyes peeled because we should be at 900k in the next like certainly the next week so yeah guys i literally love you so much was there.

Any questions that came through no no okay fine just stand into silence guys i love you so much
Lilly Sabri

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