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If you want sexy sculpted arms and shoulders you want to keep watching hello gorgeous girls and welcome back to my channel today I am giving you the Mother’s Day workout so whether you’re a mom or not even if you’re just a busy babe with no kids really who’s got time to drive and go to the gym not here girl at least i do’ so i’m giving you nine.

Moves that you can do in nine minutes and really tone up those arms as my Mother’s Day gift to you so if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy I put our brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle and pregnancy videos I’m a mama to be myself so I would love it if you would subscribe to my challenge for everyone do click on that little bell icon so you.

Know every single time I have a brand new video that goes live so this workout is for you if you want to tone up the arms work those triceps have gorgeous sculpted shoulders and of course I can’t help myself I do bring in a little bit of waste as well so let’s get started with our Mother’s Day look up so well we’re.

Gonna get started with it there’s a step out with the arms going forward and then step out with the arms going side so it’s forward and side and forward and side now if you wanted to do this and make it jumping jacks that will be perfectly fine so a full minute of this.

Next up you’re going to just have a slight bend in your knees you’re going to punch forward two punches down and forward punch it down keep the shoulders down on your back and keep those abdominals drawn in and like everything one full minute of this next up bring your arms up here in front.

Of your face and you’re gonna do eight punches up single arms so it’s one two three four five six seven eight then you’re gonna do eight up here with both arms two three four that’s five six seven you’ll follow this sequence for a full minute so again eight three four five six seven both arms up one two three good.

next up we’re gonna add a little bit of core work here so you’re gonna reach over your head feel a little stretch squeeze it in reach and stretch squeeze it it so you’re working your arm your shoulder your back your obliques and your core because we’re balancing here.

So a minute of this and we’re gonna repeat that on the other side so find that stretch first and then reach and squeeze and up and squeeze it that’s it good and again a full minute of this so next time you’re gonna bring your arms up so your body’s like a big X and.

You’re just going to do squeeze squeeze and squeeze squeeze and really feel those shoulders dropping down your back the abdominals in here all the muscles are on the bra line or working here one minute forgot about okay okay so this I love I call the skiing.

Combination so you’re gonna do four reaches with your arms here so you gonna go forward two three four pumps facing in now you’re gonna rotate so the palms are down palms down two three do that again pumps into each other to really press that arm behind you palms down squeeze it the more you press that arm behind.

The more you’re gonna get that tricep and you can think it up and you’re gonna continue this for one minute everybody loves tricep so let’s do some triceps here press the arms back and squeeze really press those arms as high.

As you can opening up the chest and the collarbones keeping those abdominals pulled in for a full minute here and lastly I want you press those arms up again and you’re gonna do pinkies up pulsing eight times so it’s one two three four five six seven out squeeze it in in two three four five six do that.

Again and it’s up to you’re gonna really feel that burn and the triceps you’re sculpting gorgeous arms and squeeze in two three five six seven keep going for a full minute well I hope that you’ve felt those moves I know I certainly did I totally forgot.

To do an outro so that’s why I’m doing here on a different day oops but I just wanted to again say happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there the Mamas to be and if you’re not a mama to all my hot mamas out there so this is a workout for everyone I would love it and again if you would subscribe to my channel if you like this video please do give it a.

Thumbs up and I love hearing from you guys so definitely leave me a comment down below I also linked my free cheat sheet in the comments down below you know there’s so many mistakes that we make when it comes to fitness that most of us don’t even know that we are making so if you’d like to get my free ultimate cheat sheet make sure to click on that.

Link it down below alright guys that’s what I’ve thought for you today once again happy Mother’s Day and I’ll see you next time
Tracy Campoli

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