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Schnelles und leckeres Abendessen Rezept! ❗❗ Es ist das Beste, was ich je gegessen habe❗


3-4 slices of bread. Pour in the milk and let stand briefly. 1 onion, finely chopped. 500 grams of minced meat. salt, black pepper. 1 egg. Bread (squeeze out excess moisture with your hands). mix everything well. 100 grams of cheese.

1 egg. 50 g sour cream + 50 g mayonnaise. 1/2 teaspoon dried garlic, salt optional. a bunch of greens (dill, parsley). to mix everything. Grease a casserole dish with vegetable oil. form round meatballs. Make small indentations in the center of the patty. Add stuffing to minced meat.

Bake at 200°C for ~ 40 minutes. 3 tomatoes. 1 cucumber. 1/3 blue onion. small piece of greens (dill, parsley). 100 g pickled cheese (brynza). black pepper, olive oil, salt optional. Tasty minced meat patties with filling are ready! Great dinner!.

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