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Saggy Knees workout Barre Workout (toning, thighs, butt, abs exercises)


Hi sir today something that you keep requesting and that’s something for saggy knees so I thought about it I thought okay so we want something that squad focus but I want to make it fun for you so this is a bar or ballet bar inspired workout you are going to feel your quads so much getting strengthened here so enjoy the workout and I want you.

To after you’ve done the workout to leave your comments below and let me know that you did the workout okay talk to you soon bye let’s get started so you just need a support here you can use a chair if you don’t have a ballet bar or a table or counter so you’re going to stand in one leg and bend the other leg here and just in half here and then lift.

That leg up so it’s an attitude Susan’s exact position so notice the position here it stays the same when I lift up okay and that’s it and lift keep going to pull in those dominoes II great two more like that and last one so now keep your leg up.

There and just do a little pulse here do one arm arm on your support also feels a little bit in the back ok click if you have any excess fat on the back of your waist another sets is rated sooner you know always want to do multi-purpose exercises so we’re working many things at once okay good so knots take your go.

In charlie rotate so notice how my foot is on the outside my hips are still square here and then I flip okay internally rotated extra three good in and lift that and I good really feel that burning eight beautiful two more and last one so again keep that leg up in 2002 so the.

Same position that you read before that attitude eight good do another sound like that huh and three I’m slightly for my chest but not too far and seven nine okay so that leg that you were working you’re going to step it back here okay so you’re in a pretty wide position and my.

Heels are lifted like stilettos here you’re going to go down into a squat be mindful of this front knee don’t let the foot go over the toes and then straight up okay so all the way down all the way up and if you need to modify this it would be okay to go a little bit less range motion that’s fine okay good keep on going.

And abs are tight your chest is lifted feel that imaginary line in your spine now stay down here this is the killer down image down really small deep intense movements and things keep on going you’re going to start shaking and that’s okay so not stay good and now go up an inch so emphasis up and it is a different way of working going down over.

Going up okay and six my legs are like and eight nine good let’s do that again to damage and down down oh or keep on going and six it kills sends where it’s on my clients is when you’re meditating and now come up a niche and and keep it going and seven nine okay good so now bring your feet into a little first position here okay.

You’re going to lift up the heels make sure that the heels are touching move that together come down into a little plie here okay so your knees are open you’re going to go forward with your pelvis back with your pelvis and faculty are going and back that’s it forward saw here and pull back you’ve got it in court.

Again keep those ABS pulled in super tight your legs should be shaking by now and two more and last one good so come to that neutral position okay and you’re just going to go side to side keep those heels glued together sides I was like hip hop hip up and good and thought oh my god and six yikes seven I’m like and eight two more.

Good and last one and excellent you can change your chair if you need to I’m not going to Plus this is see-through so you can see here so inhale here and then just lift 10 times like that in and lift up and three good so keep that nice bet you want to in this position you want to have your foot behind your shoulder because.

Sometimes I’m going to do it wrong people show me this it’s just a different exercise in this position of attitudes use your foot should be alignment with your shoulder okay and two more and last one so let’s stay here and up Tulsa and very good.

By and good 9 let’s do it again another set of full-view Devils don’t let gravity have the belly hanging here really keep it lifted up and in and eight good to know internally rotating rows my foot sticking up and then extra okay in and three good and again.

Keep on going your son eight feel a beautiful dancer legs sculpt it here so stay here and pulse it as or type up in it and for seven 9 you can do it again numbers 3 and 5 oh good 7 8 9 ok so let’s take that leg bring it behind you okay both heels are lifted go down into that little squat.

And then okay so again be mindful of that position when you’re going to the squat position just a little bit you can see here that my knee is not going over the toes you want to keep it when you go down to this 90 degree angle good I lost count and eight let’s do two more and last one so I’ll stay down here and pulse down Enosh down three abs are.

Tight keep going and six eight nine and then go up in it up small movement up and up oh boy five and seven nine let’s go down an inch again dumb this is your meditation really think of what you’re trying to achieve oh my legs are shaking and I’ll go up and open it up and four and five small super intense movements nine back into.

That little first position here go down into your clear forward and back to the pelvis good squeegee wins a little bit so should we come forward you got and five remember keep your heels glued together here okay that’s it and eight nine and good our xhl and side to side move.

Those tips good three and four keep on going six you can do it seven and eight two more last one and stay here just hold hold hold hold hold let go the chair for your table hold hold hold hold hold hold and excellent work give your legs a little bit of shake out here good you work really really intensely in the quality okay so.

This is a great exercise that I keep getting asked about because people are saying that they feel advanced that mean means okay so this will really help that to really tone up your legs so you never have those juvies okay so just take hold of one foot just give your quadricep a little stretch great grab the other foot squeeze the heel a.

Cheerier notice I’m keeping my knee reaching down towards the floor here so we can really intensify that stretch and excellent you
Tracy Campoli

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