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Reacting to Your Assumptions About Me | Lilly Sabri


Oh my gosh I literally do not know where to start with these some of them borderline offensive hey guys welcome back to my channel how are you I hope you’re really good thank you for joining me figure another daily video if my youtube channel is relatively new I’ve kind of like dabbed in and out oh I meant to do that.

And I’m mainly known I guess for my workout video but right now I’m in a pretty weird place because I sustained a pretty bad knee injury skiing back in January though I now have props for all of my videos and I’m not able to do as many of the workout videos that I would like to in two weeks ago now I decided to take on a challenge for myself and.

For you guys which was to start daily vlogging basically showing my journey towards recovery and hopefully inspiring some of you guys along the way and the response so far has been amazing I am so thankful to all of you guys for supporting my channel so much in today’s video I am pretty nervous excited about and that is because it is the.

Assumptions video the basic principle of the video is you guys write in an assumption about me and I have to answer whether it’s true or false and some of them we’re gonna answer them all even though some of them will be fruit like gritted teeth if I basically screenshot it from my Instagram stories and there are a lot by the way assumptions that.

You guys sent in to me first up a very relevant for Valentine’s Day maybe you do more things to make your boyfriend happy and it may not be equally reciprocated I wish our exes hair disagree I’d absolutely love to know like the thought process behind that because obviously I’m totally aware that you guys see like a tiny part of my life.

And even though I tried to share everything with you and be totally open and honest you are only seeing I guess a small amount of what happens on a day to day basis and even though I do show Alex on my vlogs on my Instagram you don’t see him all the time and I guess you don’t see everything that he does for me which is like so.

Much so all I can say is I disagree we are incredibly happy we’re in an amazing relationship and even though he’s not here with me right now during the injury that is because he’s working in Dubai and I know people always say that you know someone wears the trousers in a relationship I honestly hands held high would like to.

Say that we are equal we’re literally a team and I hate to like go into being all Safi and all of that because there’s certain things that you want to like keep to yourself and off of social media but he is an amazing human and I’ve actually never had any male figure in my life who cares about me as much as he does so yeah disagree next up one word.

Spoiled and literally you cannot believe someone has written that in no dibs agree I am so far from spoiled guys and there are a lot of other assumptions in here that are kind of like linked to that and I’ll answer it in a lot more detail as they come up it’s funny you should say that my mom and I were on the phone this morning and I was having a.

Little cry because we’ve just been having a bad day and I feel emotional and I’m just at the moment actually feeling incredibly lonely and I don’t know if you guys have ever had it where you have people around you but you still feel lonely that’s kind of how I feel at the moment I feel like I’ve kind of like lost my purpose a little bear I feel.

Like I’ve been stripped of all of my independence but basically my mom just said to me you’ve been so strong this whole time and you are incredibly resilient you are just like your mother so I’m resilient apparently you don’t eat chocolate or sweet but very very very focused just ask Alex to be honest or only much chocolate but I do love.

Sweets like the obsession is real but I try and decrease the amount of sweets I have and replace that sugar with natural sugars and instead which I can do a whole dumb blonde how to like fight cravings etc etcetera let me know that’s nothing you would make you show a tough exterior but also favorability which is okay you don’t have to always.

Put on a brave face okay I’m gonna get emotional again so we’ll just move on you live in full but I am staying in North London at the moment on my sister’s you don’t really drink alcohol quick there have been times in my life when I’ve drunk more alcohol but for the last few years I just haven’t really enjoyed drinking alcohol I don’t like.

The way it makes me feel effectively it is you putting toxins into your body and I personally don’t like that feeling of being out of control of my body or me it’s just not worth it but at the same time if you guys want to drink alcohol drink alcohol it’s just a personal choice you are a warrior a fighter that’s not going to stop and who never.

Gives up okay so this one this is the one that gets me you have money from a trust fund or your family or your boyfriend pays for a lot of your living expenses dot I think oh my gosh let’s just set the record straight if there was a trust fund or some type of money that I’ve been given.

By my family I can hands held high plain blank tell you right now that there wouldn’t be very much of it absolutely everything in my life that I have right now I have earned I have worked excuse the swearword hard I haven’t had any silver spoons in my mouth throughout my whole life me my brother and my sister or incredibly.

Hard-working we were given a lot of love from our parents and a lot of guidance and all the things that parents should give you but we certainly weren’t handed any trust funds or sent to any special schools we literally grafted from scratch so I graduated now nine years ago from University I was a bit of a geek and I’m not scared of saying that I.

Worked really hard at school I went to normal state schools from being a toddler all the way up to age 16 massive shout out to word house college I honestly I can say it’s one of the best citron colleges in the country I managed to get the grades for GCSE to get into that College now the journey every single day.

To get to a good house college at age 16 on public transport took me two hours in each direction and for me there was no question about it I was traveling I was going on those two trains those two buses every single day to get to college to work my ass off to get to where I am now so I hope that answers that question I have not been handed anything on a.

Plate I have earned everything I’ve got one question for you do you fund my lifestyle there was that no yeah happy Valentine’s love you who alex is actually five years younger than me and he calls me his sugar mama when we met he was still studying at University in London so I think that kind of answers that one you guys I.

Guess one thing that would maybe be quite useful for you guys is to see how I make a living I don’t know that’s something maybe you would like me to talk about a little bit more about my journey from graduating to physiotherapist in the NHS then sport and the private sector to now which I guess is social-media influencer and.

Businesswoman I would be more than happy to do a vlog on that for you guys but yeah let’s just set the record straight I have not been handed anything next up personal but you’ve had a boob job oh yeah false but I’m kind of flattered that you think I have because there were times when I was really really low in self-confidence and I was.

Actually considering it so the fact you think I have fabulous I hope there’s gonna be a nice one in here somewhere I just think you’re really beautiful that’s all I hope your knee gets better Thank You Paula or is it pull oh I think it’s pull not Paula I shouldn’t I you are positive on and off screen a genuine character.

True I would say that one was true I am known by a lot of my friends and my family to be an incredibly positive optimistic person to the point where I often say to some of my close friends I know I’m being like annoyingly positive a lot of my friends when I first went into the online side of things used to say to me you need to crack the American.

Market because you’re so perfect for it you’re always smiling you’re always bubbly and I want to tell you guys that is the truth I generally love life I am a very happy person most of the time and you know what I am NOT sorry for that I love the fact that I’m positive and I love trying to spread that positivity to you guys also when I’m having a little.

Bit of a dip I also share that as well because I think it’s really important to be totally open totally authentic and show real life struggles and for me at the moment I am going through a pretty time and I have on an emotional roller coaster of a journey and I want to be honest with you guys about that because.

Hopefully you can relate that to something that you’re maybe going through in your life and you can draw strength from it I do however want to say that hasn’t always been the case with me around three years ago now I have what I called my mid-twenties crisis and I was in a very very bad place at that time and to a point where.

I’d actually booked a one-way ticket to Bali and Australia and stayed there for a period of time totally on my own – this is so cringe find myself and but I feel like that’s a whole nother vlog whole another vlog we’ll move on to that another time okay next up you have always been fit and healthy since a teen true and false because I’ve been fit and.

Healthy probably since a toddler actually a baby I feel like I came out of my mom’s womb and I was like already running I am like a frustratingly active person I have like this crazy amount of energy in my body that I need to be like moving all the time and doing something and that is why I am so incredibly frustrated at the moment.

This injury I’ve got severe cabin fever I feel like the potential of me getting anxiety and depression is super high and I’m doing everything in my power at the moment but the bottom line is I need to allow my body to heal and I’m not very good at accepting it when I’m not able to move being totally honest it’s absolutely killing me being housebound.

And not being able to walk so basically my brother is seven years older than me my sister is eight years older and when my parents told my brother and sister that they were having another baby my sister was there like hoping that I would be a girl and my brother was there hoping that I would be a boy and obviously I came out of gut but had my.

Sister on one side like putting makeup on me doing all girly things and then my brother forcing me to play football with him which actually I really enjoyed all the way throughout my toddler years my childhood I was doing a lot of sport with my brother as I got a bit older my main sport was swimming I actually got to national level I was a little bit of.

A fish I was a pretty good swimmer on top of that I was also playing tennis doing athletics in a bit of netball though not a massive team sport person which doesn’t say a huge amount about my personality so yeah super sporty throughout my teenage years that took me all the way through to University and then it all went downhill so University.

I guess was when my priorities changed I wasn’t doing anywhere near as much sport I was drinking alcohol I was going out as in out out quite a lot at this point and for a few years prior to that I was also modeling and at times I’ve been told that I had too much of a athletic shape and then other times I was told that I was too skinny and I was just in.

Kind of a really confused place at that time because I was also trying to get a pretty difficult degree and I guess fitness and health were quite low on my priority list my legs and thighs have got pretty big and I had a more weight on my stomach I definitely didn’t have a six-pack and I wasn’t toned and but I was far from fat at the.

Same time I just didn’t look overly healthy University was like my rocky period in terms of health lifestyle self-confidence was low and yeah it was just a little bit of a tough time but I can safely say the last two to three years of my life are the happiest and healthiest I have ever been but it took a while to get there but that does bring.

Me on to this one two words good Jean I guess the answer to this question is what is deemed good jeans I myself was bullied for a period of time because I’m pretty tall I’m 5 foot 11 I have pretty strong muscular legs when I was younger because I was doing a lot of sport and I went through a huge.

Period of my life absolutely hating my body in fact hating the way I looked and I think a lot of that comes down to the media at that time when I was at school it was all about being super skinny and not necessarily athletic the rise of popularity with an athletic frame has only really taken place over the last couple of years and I am so thankful for.

It but at the same time I think trends will continue to change year to year at one point it was massive boobs and a skinny body now it’s more of a curvaceous hourglass shape with a big bomb I think this comes down to way more than what we deem good genes and embracing the fact that we all have different genes and all of us are so.

Beautiful in our own way ok next up you count calories / macros this is a very easy one to answer both never have and likely never will I don’t like to say never too many times but ya never count calories or macros in my life I’m a strong believer in listening to your body our bodies deserve way more credit than they are given they.

Literally tell you what you need on a daily basis is just up to our minds whether we listen to it or not I think that calorie counting macro counting a place for so many people particularly if you have a really specific goal in mind and know that you have to for example be in calorie deficit to achieve that goal but for me right now where I’m.

At I don’t want any restrictions in my life I just want to live a healthy active and happy lifestyle which I guess is what I’ve managed to achieve particularly over the last three years to a point where I’m now happy and I don’t have to calorie cow anything like that okay I think you like to sing and you’re a strong person and your emotions.

Are all real and a humble human lovely message yes I do love to sing actually I have from childhood I’ve always been pretty theatrical just ask my mum and she used to like come into my room and just find me singing with a hairbrush you never have a generic cheap meal Pizza etc oh oh is one thing you guys need to know about me it is the I love.

Food and that is like in general I have never in my life restricted what I eat and that includes carbs if you were to probably ask my sister what my favorite food group is of all the food groups that come on a plate she would say carbs I love carbs Pizza is actually one of my favorite things to eat I would say I probably have it once a fortnight maybe.

Once a week it depends if I’m with Alex or not because he loves pizza okay next up that you have days that you’re not feeling so positive about your injury but you don’t share them on Instagram for me it’s super important that I’m real with you guys but at the same time over the last couple of months there has been occasions where it’s just been bad.

News after bad news and as positive a person as I am I just need a little bit of time to kind of talk through things with Alex with my family to work out where my emotions are at and then come back and share with you guys so I would say I share most of my emotions with you guys in relation to the injury sometimes it’s just kind of 24 hours later 48.

Hours later once I’ve absorbed basically more bad news but I actually haven’t had bad news for over a week now so things seem to be on their way up you all look so confident in what circumstances are you not so confident so here’s something you might not know about me I’ve done a lot of the like personality trait tests.

Because I’m a bit of a confusing one on the exterior I am really extroverted but on a more kind of personal level I’m really really introverted so for example weddings I really do not like weddings I don’t like being in large groups where I don’t know a lot of those people and I’m having to like make conversation and I find it all just really overwhelming I’m.

Much better in small groups but on the flip reverse of that when it comes to me working in large events or teaching Maskell classes like I’ve presented to 5,000 people and I’m so confident so it’s the weirdest thing like my mom often says there’s like showbiz Lily my mom’s really old-school by the way and then there’s like personal Lily so.

Confident when I’m in show Lily and I’m talking about things that I’m really passionate about or teaching things that I know I’m super qualified in and I’ve got a lot of experience but when it comes to like social occasions when there’s a lot of people and there’s a lot going on I don’t enjoy it which is polar opposite to Alex he like loves any.

Like big social guest up so yeah we’re a bit different from that point of view oh you and Alex have been together for years a year and a half so technically force I would like to add it feels like I’ve been with him for about 10 years and the other day sent me a direct message saying you just seem like you have it.

All worked out what don’t you have worked out and actually there is a lot at the moment I’m going for a pretty tough transitional time with this injury and every single day I still wake up in the morning thinking I’m going to be able to walk and then reality hits in and I’m like oh another day of recovery and I don’t want to be the person who.

Moans and who’s upset all the time so I’m trying to spin this into a positive but I do want you guys to know that all of us have struggles and we all go through things on a daily basis that are sent to challenge us and make us stronger in the long and I strongly believe that so that is the you guys thank you so much for.

Watching please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button because I’m uploading new videos and free single death and drop a comment down below so let me know what you thought of this I really hope you enjoyed it I shall see you guys tomorrow for yet another daily vlog
Lilly Sabri

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