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Quick Calf Workout! Tone Your Calves!


Whether familiar today’s back up we’re going to be doing a three-minute cough burner just three minutes long but Wow I’m gonna have your carbs on fire this workout is designed to help you sculpt and tone into really sexy nice strong cuffs now I know some of you might be thinking that you’re gonna have these massive boulder carps you are not we’re.

Just sculpting into a nice toned calf area guys their equipment needed 30 seconds on each exercise let’s do this so we’re going to start off by coming into a squat position from here we’re gonna race up onto the toes and lower back down again so I want you to pretend that you have a book on your head and you’re barely moving your body okay.

It’s really nice smooth movements of course we’re working the rest of the leg muscles here as well but we’re really firing into those carbs it’s only 30 seconds on each exercise five seconds left you can do it amazing from here we’re going to step the legs a little bit wider come down into a squat again and repeat okay raising up onto those.

Calves and back down again keeping the knees wide keeping the core tight go to work again trying to keep really nice and stable relax those shoulders ten seconds left good work five seconds okay we’re gonna hold guys we’re gonna hold here high on those toes the heels are raised the core is tight and yes I know it burns 20.

Seconds left at 15 we’re acting in a post okay which is now pumping up and down saying really nice and high on those toes breathing good work guys good work whoa we’ve got that three seconds relax those shoulders oh oh yes cause raises guys okay we’re actually going to go single leg if you need to hold on to.

Something you can so just pop a chair in front of you or whatever you need single leg okay good really burning into those cars tend to collect as high as you can drive up amazing straight chains other’s thighs let’s go coming up nice and high lacking the core as well turning that core on whoa fifteen seconds even higher if you can guys ten.

Seconds come on drive up three ahead double leg now guys all have the feet pretty close together we’re coming up onto the toes school using the bar squeezing the core good work come on really strong movements working into those curls okay not ten seconds we’re now gonna come halfway down overly and cut nice.

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If you’re not subscribed to my channel particularly that they’re like on it gives you a little buzz every time I upload something new right they need to go and stretch out my carbs oh my gosh guys what see you tomorrow for another way that you really love me yes thought you’d never leave me guess I was.

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