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Hello its Tracy and welcome back to my channel and bust out your weights girlfriend because we’re gonna do a really quick arm workout so if you’re new to my channel hello I’m Tracy and I put out brand-new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure that you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a video and also there’s a little bell icon ding ding ding if you want to click that little bell so that you’re always notified whenever I put up a brand new video so like I said grab your 3 pound weights and let’s get started with your quick arm workout okay so for this workout we want to use some three pound weights let’s get started have your legs.

A little bit wider than hip-width apart rotate your palms away from you and don’t have your elbows close to your body let’s give it a little bit more challenge and keep your elbows away from you and just do a bicep curl here and as you curl the bicep I want you to be pulling in your belly here okay really important that’s it and excellent mm-hmm keep on going good let’s do two more like that excellent so now we’re gonna alternate alternating good that’s it keep pulling in the belly every single time mm-hmm great just two more like this okay perfect so I want you to have this arm just out to the side like this it’s gonna hold you’re gonna have this hand in front of your.

Shoulder inhale here and then lean back as you do a little punch okay Center and punch so now you’re gonna feel that your obliques are gonna start talking to you here I definitely feel mine and your shoulders and everything and this arm because you’re holding a static contraction here it’s also working okay good perfect let’s do that on the other side and reach it and reach that’s it and three good keep going mm-hmm perfect that’s it just really moving the torso like this it’s gonna get that waste involved too so now you’re gonna bang on the drum here you’re definitely gonna feel this in your shoulders that’s not wrong okay.

Keep going perfect let’s do two more good so now let’s add a little waist movement here moving those ribs side to side now I know we look kind of silly right but it’s okay and excellent you’ve got it perfect two more good so now bring your arms forward here just pull the elbows back as you do you want to open up the chest and really pull in your belly bring it forward and pull it back bring it forward and three good keep on going four that’s it five excellent and six mm-hmm good you got it two more good so now keep your elbows starting off close to your body here you’re gonna just wing up little chicken it’s a chicken dance and keep going and four.

Good shoulders down your back five and six who cook in here seven you got it eight I know you’re gonna feel this okay good so now same idea side to side side that’s it so moving now notice I’m not moving my hips here now you can do this seated in a chair if you want it to okay that would be completely fine and excellent let’s do two more great other side and out and out and three good for your shoulders on fire mine are too but that’s what gives you that definition so you don’t look like and I’m gonna say it a man arm like a big old arm you have a definition between your shoulder and your tricep okay perfect good so now bring your hands in front of you have the palms facing up bicep curls.

Just regular forward curls good perfect rotate so that the heads of the weights are facing up hammer curls here that’s it whoo keep going and eight nine okay good so bring the hands in front of your chest here you’re gonna inhale and then exhale press the arms out inhale press up squeeze your belly squeeze and squeeze really pulling the abdominals keep your shoulders down your back you don’t want to scrunch up your neck okay that’s it good let’s do two more perfect good now come here in this position a little pulse very small two three five I know we look really cool right nine bring.

Your weights a little bit in front of you here same little pulse here two four six eight nine okay good so you’re gonna reach up reach up reach down reach down up up notice how I’m moving my torso and reach it reach it down down and up up down good starting on the other side up up down and good keep going up and down one more like that up up and down and awesome work you did great and I really hope that you felt that arm workout so here’s the thing like I said in our workout it’s really important as a woman to have a differentiation between your shoulder here okay and your bicep and your triceps that’s what’s gonna give you a more fit and feminine look so if that’s what you’re going for it you have.

Got to become a transformer it’s totally free to start and I really hope that you join our tribe you want to take it a little step further you get to start now for free so every single month you get a brand new workout calendar with me telling you exactly what workouts to do all month long for the best results all you got to do is click the button and boom you’re in we also give you full length of workouts you can choose from a gazillion different workouts we have over 80 now full-length workouts there you get it the transformer tribe which is our amazing community so you’re gonna stay accountable get that support that you need and never be one of those women.

That used to say you know I struggle with my consistency with working out problem solved so I hope that you join our tribe and if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and I can’t wait to welcome you into the transformer tribe okay I’ll see you next time bye
Tracy Campoli

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