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Potato Pancake ! If You Have Potatoes and Chicken breast , You Must Try This Delicious Dish!!


Easy potato cake recipe Thank you for watching the video! Click subscribe to help the channel grow fast. I use 400g potatoes Grate potato Add water and rinse the potatoes Salt 1/3tsp Mix well and marinate for 10 minutes Chicken breast 170g Chicken breast into yarn.

After 10 minutes of marinating the potatoes, a lot of water came out Green onions 25g Diced Pepper 1/4tsp Chilli powder 1/4tsp Salt 1/2tsp 1 Egg Tempura flour 50g Mix.

Cooking oil 1tbsp Put the potatoes and chicken in a small mold to create a round shape for the cake Fry for 10 minutes Easy Chicken Breast and Potato Pancakes Thank you for watching the video! Click to subscribe to the channel to support me
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