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PILATES with WEIGHTS (full body tone) | 30 minute Home Workout


We are live 30 minutes full body pilates sculpt we are going into that hourglass frame we are building that x frame we’re going to be doing upper body a little bit of shoulders back also into the waist and abs and then we’re gonna be working finally into the hips and the legs that bit is gonna be brutal.

Before we get started if you wouldn’t mind smashing the thumbs up button also hitting subscribe our familiar is growing at a crazy rate right now and i’m literally like lost for word so thank you so much i am so excited for this one i haven’t done a live and it feels like forever and it’s.

Only been a week but i’ve really really missed you girls 30 minutes on the clock equipment wise what you’re gonna need is an adjustable band if you have it you do all of these workouts without the band of course and without weights but these are just going to make it.

Quite a bit harder i’ll show you modifications throughout i’ve got my optimum nutrition pre-workout so you know that means that i’m going to be pumped and yeah let’s just have some fun with this this is all about releasing those endorphins feeling a nice burn but also just.

Feeling like you’ve achieved something today releasing that energy and feeling great and proud of yourselves because you are smashing it and i’m so so so proud of you so we’re going to get started in 10 seconds i know yesterday’s finisher the sexy abs finisher has absolutely.

Finished you off so your core is probably already awake from yesterday which is great i’m just going to get you to start off with your legs long across the mat spread the butt okay from there pull that core in nice and tight relax those shoulders the music’s going to start.

We’re getting started in 10 seconds okay palms facing upwards relax those shoulders behind the beak four three two one roll back three two now hold core nice and tight flex that right foot find good now open it open close lift lower three.

Beginners hands behind you okay hands behind you for that little bit of support beginners half way full breath in.

Two and close last one one and close good pull that core in nice and tight we’re now going to lift and lower breath out breath in we really need to get a new speaker system four left three left this is the art of managing speaking.

While you’re working out thinking about what’s coming next managing a live workout and the music but we keep going you guys good last one now we’re gonna hop three two four oh my gosh i felt like i attempted to.

Make that look easy but my gosh my core is awake okay we have a few levels now we’re gonna have a little bit of fun with this before we go into like our more traditional pilates okay so what we’re gonna do is come into a reverse crunch for some of you that may be enough we.

Reverse crunch we lower the legs tap the toes down if you want to okay if you want to go a little bit harder you’re going to straighten those legs out if you want to go advanced you’re going to reverse crunch use that momentum mini stand back up mini stand back up okay.

We’re gonna do this for 45 seconds in three two one let’s go oh and one amazing hug the knees into the chest now i’m gonna go with a similar type of move.

Rolling like a ball okay you’re gonna hug your knees in get a little bit of momentum and then from there bring yourself up do not let your feet touch if you can beginners you may need to touch for a bit of balance okay then we come back and we hold all right let’s go 45 seconds.

ready feel that feet hit four hit three right left double so it’s one two three.

Good now hold hold straight if you can if you need to vent if you need two feet down 10 9 8 3 7 6.

if the neck is too sore lower the head down whack that corner is right.

Oh okay i’m gonna get you to bring both arms above the head now okay pull that core in really nice and tight imprint the spine so we’re not arching we are imprinting.

Bringing one leg up to 90 degrees other leg up to 90 degrees hold that core nice and tight breathe okay we got there in three up we come okay do not let those.

One more breathe and then one leg down followed by the other you’re filling up 90 degrees at the knee 90 degrees at the hip mirror that was the other one okay so we’re going to tap down one two three four.

3. oh keep pushing how is it you guys okay we have a crunch.

In with the weight followed by an extension okay i really want you to focus on that core being nice and tight you still have four counts of going full going in three we’re crunching we straighten two three and one let’s go.

legs if you’ve got both legs up amazing hold hold beginners hold here pull that core in tight drop the neck down if you need to do not stop breathe breathe breathe hold four.

Hole three advance you’re here hold two and four three two knees into chest what are you okay your core is done for now we’re now gonna move on to upper body then we’re gonna finish up with hips i’m gonna start you off in kneeling of course you can stand if you want to this is entirely up to you.

Okay i’m not gonna lie this is gonna burn but you are gonna absolutely love it oh excuse me if you have your long bands and you wanna use your long bands of course you can it’s gonna make it harder okay this one is without the long band we’re going to start off coming up at 90.

Degrees we’re going to change that angle lift and lower 30 seconds each exercise get yourselves ready good work in four in three core tight in two and one let’s go 15 seconds.

i’m gonna tell you what guys just what happened five four three two one good bicep curl rotate overhead shoulder press and back down let’s go so basically alex just showed me the 1kgs um as i do want these because i have.

Been filming so much for the app and i have to you know i will always be real with you guys my body is so sore so so sore but i obviously don’t want to let you down with youtube so i’m here i have showed up but i’m not feeling as strong as normal.

And that’s fine five seconds left i’m conquering at the level i want to amazing work last one now i want those weights into the chest we’re going to punch let’s go one two good whack 50 seconds oh yeah.

good feel that feet keep going in four three two punch forward 20 seconds left oh that’s bad ten seconds keep going you guys ten seconds.

Five four three two one and done okay we have a front raise if you want to you can use the band as well as the weights if you don’t have the band don’t worry you can go with the weights alone or just with your arms hold the weights in your hands okay feel.

The beat in four three front raise let’s go amazing five four two and down if you have the band i want you to hold it in front of you you’re gonna straighten the arm out as.

You squeeze the shoulder blades together if you don’t have the band you go with a weight or you can go with both okay nor i’ve got the band if you don’t have it three two one let’s go squeeze lower beginners okay squeeze those shoulder blades together.

amazing eight seven four three two and one down here i want you to place the band if you have it around your feet if you don’t have a band you do exactly the same movement without okay you start off with your palms facing.

Upwards if you don’t you’re then going to rotate the hands inward row there then rotate the hands downwards your arms are higher throw back okay all right we got this i’m going to show you with both.

So then you know what you can do if you have the weights or the bands in four three palms up let’s go swing palms in squeeze pop down on tire pops up pops in on fire pop down it’s popped out pops in keep going seven six five.

Four three two now hold hold there palms facing upwards squeeze those shoulder blades shoulders down away from the ears squeeze in four three mini pull backs keep going i really want you to squeeze those shoulder blades okay.

bye oh my gosh how you feeling okay we just have a row to finish up with then we’re moving on to hips for just under 10 minutes okay you can be in standing if you want to like you.

Normally would i want you to hinge those hips forward pull that core in nice and tight i gave this down towards the floor and slightly forward we’re gonna squeeze those shoulder blades as we row single single double okay we got this in four three two let’s go.

Black house and i’m so glad and proud come on shake those arms out you made it through the upper body part of that workout we’re going on to hips now okay so you’re really gonna need to grab that band if you have it.

If you don’t have the band i’ll let the people who have the band in this live work i’ll tell you how much harder it makes it is ridiculous but even without the band trust me i’m gonna i’m gonna make you burn okay so you’re gonna place this just above the knees now you have an option if you want to of.

Double banding and placing another one underneath your knees like so around the shins it’s entirely up to you we’re starting off nice and simple with a bridge okay i want you to imprint the spine lower that back splashing it into the mat bring those feet in and peel your way up.

Into a bridge okay squeeze that booty we’re gonna work those hips left hips down up open close right down up open close left now if you want to make it higher pop the weight onto this chair onto the hips sorry not.

The chest what am i talking about okay squeeze that booty eight left can i just take a second to say you are absolutely killing it you are smashing your goals and i’m so proud of you for showing off okay.

Guys come on squeeze that booty twelve five four come on full that other band off i mean if you are absolutely like bionic you can keep it.

On but i’m not gonna lie i’m not able to do this next circuit with the extra strong and this one it just kills so i want you to loosen that adjustable band off now quite fast to the edge okay because this is the hardest part of our hip rack.

You know side work series is absolutely killer okay so we’re gonna start off all the way down we’re gonna bring our feet up onto an imaginary stool if you want to make this harder pop the weight on the outer thigh as low as you can okay from here we’re going to open into that clamp.

We’re going to flick flick and close okay four three two let’s go are you ready oh okay take the upper leg out over the band i now want you to straighten out the underneath leg just a micro bend okay from here you’re gonna lift the leg high.

You’re then gonna drive it into the chest okay in four three two three me yes let’s finish it up oh okay guys.

We’re gonna even you out straight up to that other side just a few minutes of work left okay so yesterday for the app i filmed a boxing cardio workout 40 minutes long then i filmed three finishes and one of them was for booty and my bar is so on fire.

I literally it feels numb okay so we open we flick we flick and we close we got this let’s go we have that flex foot pump drive in let’s go.

Foreign dig if you can move it further forward do not give up six five four oh my gosh alex did that line up with your timer.

Okay i’m just gonna do just one stretch of you i don’t mind if you do it or not but my gosh i need to well i do mind if you do that i need to rephrase that you may want to go and do the finishes straight away then stretch afterwards but.

If you want to stretch with me now just hook the right ankle over the left knee that may be enough i i don’t think i can go further that filming session yesterday for the app alex killed me off kill so just hugging behind the back of the thigh if you want to increase that.

Stretch my gosh and i just want to say i am so proud of you guys you absolutely killed it and i know some days you just don’t feel like it right some days are so much harder than others we’re gonna change leg if it was a day like that for you today.

Honestly you should be so proud of yourselves like showing up is the hardest part and i always say this you just gotta try and show up turn on that tv turn on that laptop wherever you watch me on youtube and i promise promise promise to bring the motivation for you girls all you gotta do is just.

Try and show up and you will always feel four more seconds so much better after the workout and i hope that’s how you feel now those endorphins are released okay you’re just going to roll yourself up oh yeah yeah it’s sitting we made it oh i’m so proud of myself actually that was.

Amazing so i gotta do some more filming now so i’m gonna love you and leave you we are absolutely blasting the filming at the moment and in terms of recovery please please please make sure that you are having the right foods you are stretching you are.

Listening to your body it’s so important so you want high protein to make sure that your body is recovering if you need to take extra rest days please do just listen to your body these guides that i’m giving you are hardcore six days a week is a lot if you need to take extra rest days do okay so so so important.

As you know optimal nutrition that’s what pushes me through the workouts i’m also going to be having um some protein afterwards i’ll show you on my instagram stories if you want to come check out that which i’m having my new protein i always say expresso espresso which i love and then also you guys.

There is something coming with gymshark i can’t tell you just yet i’m going to see actually if i if the reply has come through to know if i can tell you the reply hasn’t come through yet so i’m just going to stay quiet but um keep your eyes and ears peeled the best place to know.

Is um on my instagram my instagram stories because i’m obviously active there a lot and also the facebook group just because i’m obviously not on youtube every single day so make sure you follow me on insta to find out what’s going on with everything i guess and the facebook group and all of those details are in.

The description box i really really really really really hope you enjoyed that i feel like i spoke at a million miles an hour at the end there and i’m just going to see what the vibe is saying let’s tune in how was everyone tara loving good ah.

You seem happy okay this makes me happy you changed my life from kindly star oh thank you guys um a lot of questions about the app uh excited for the app from paulina a lot of like specific questions about the app i did do a live in the facebook group on sunday and but my plan actually is probably to.

Do like fortnightly lives over the next couple of months just to show you as the app progresses i’ll even be actually showing you parts of it so you can see so you can give feedback ultimately this app is designed by you for you everything about this app is exactly what you want and need.

So i need you to be involved in that design process because i want it to be the best app literally the best app and so i want your feedback on it all right guys i am gonna love you and leave you my hips are on fire love the burn feel dead from carricks.

She’s like morning feeling dead now okay i’m hoping you’re feeling dead but also energized if i hear you i feel exactly the same um ah amending will you design stuff for jim shark i wish it was that kind of announcement i’m gonna put that out there right now unfortunately that is not it but you’re still gonna be happy.

About this um but yeah that would be a dream that would be an absolute dream to design my own gym wear but who knows one day maybe let’s see what jim sharp say okay i want it asap oh someone wrote in greek and i have no idea how to pronounce that but thank you.

Um all right guys that we listen to our bodies and it’s okay to take it easier if we need to 100 100 and i actually believe it or not can i tell them about next week yeah i am having seven days off.

From filming do you know what i’m gonna do i’m gonna lie vertical for seven days and literally watch films go in the sun rest recover so basically that is why i am on an absolute crazy crazy crazy deadline right now well it’s not there’s other reasons because of the app obviously and.

Making sure everything’s ready and there’s just going to be so much content on the app we’re trying to film for instagram obviously we’re doing the lives for youtube because youtube is 100 a priority and so yeah my body just needs a rest and i nearly like broke down in my body.

Didn’t i alex a couple of weeks ago so we’re taking uh it’s actually seven eight days completely off i will be filming a bit for instagram i’ll still be cooking loads sharing loads of recipes and stuff but um i’m listening to my body so yeah that is as of next week.

Will there be uploads of course so we’re filming everything this week so that it’s ready for next week um but yeah i love you guys loads i’m gonna love you and leave you but please just know you are amazing i am so proud of you for showing up i can’t believe so many of you are still.

Here but just just thank you for being part of this journey thank you for listening to your body for honoring your body for nourishing your body and for loving your body because you deserve it the fact that you showed up today maybe on a day where you didn’t really.

Feel like it and you did it for you i am so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourselves right i’m gonna love you and leave you like i’ve said four times already and i’ll see you tomorrow for another one don’t forget this is part of the guide the smaller workouts that i upload are your finishes.

And they are in the playlist so it should already be there i think yeah all right i love you ladies bye guys

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