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PILATES SCULPT & TONE (full body burner) | 30 min Workout


What’s up familia and welcome to your 30-minute full body pilates sculpt and tone this is going to be brutally bluntly brutally beautiful we’ll try to combine two words there now this isn’t going to be easy i’m going to be testing you but absolutely everyone is welcome to join 30 minutes on the clock we’re working in.

Five minute circuits okay so five minutes on one body part i’m going to be burning it i cannot give away that today burning it like crazy then moving on to the next body part equipment wise you do not need anything other than your beautiful self a soft surface to lie on i’ve got the lean mat which you guys know is top freaking notch and.

The adjustable band if you want to make this harder if you don’t have any equipment at all please don’t worry guys this marks day number two of the feel good fit factory prep guide a seven day guide to prepare you for the six week long boot camp which is launching on the fifth monday the fifth of september six weeks long it is called the feel good.

Fit factory it is gonna transform not only your body not only your mind but your life this is going to be the biggest and best guide we have ever launched and i am so excited to get stuck in with it so mark the day in your diary monday the 5th of september do not miss out is available on the lean app and exclusively to you guys on youtube.

We are giving you three months for the price of one and a week free trial so you can check it out you can try it out you can see what you think i can guarantee you’re gonna get hooked you’re gonna get the best results of your life i promise you over on the lean out all right 30 minutes we’re gonna get started in 15.

Seconds you should have already done day one of the feel good fit factory prep guide we’re now on day number two if you haven’t already got the free pdf guide check out the description down below okay we’re starting off with our chin to our chest we’re just gonna draw some half circles shoulder to shoulder taking that ear.

All the way around and across warming up your body a little bit oh this song yes please pull that core in nice and tight good we’re going to do a few circles back now that makes it guys and changing direction coming forward always thinking about those core muscles.

Now i already know that laurie is here today and i happen to know that it is laurie’s birthday it’s a happy birthday lori spreading your fingertips guys making sure that your wrists are directly underneath your shoulders knees and hips we’re going to start with a few cat hammer stretches so leading the movement with your eyes.

Eyelash knees and reverse we’re going to do eight of halfway by your temples open out close it down and now feed that arm through holding four.

Three two and one other side opening out just a little ability warm up here great work the last one i want you to tuck those elbows in for me lower down and now just a little bend through the back.

Tuck the toes up now push yourself up and over downward facing dog and just walk the feet out side to side oh three two one okay coming nice and wide with those.

Legs now we need to pivot those toes out we’re gonna come down into a nice low elegant squat hole making sure that your knees are tracked over your middle toes the warm-up is over the music is going to start pumping a little bit more okay i want you to just keep that core nice and tight we’re going to hold and in 10 seconds we’re going to get.

Started eight seven really nice open chest guys four three two i want you to lift up the left heel lower it down right lower and both let’s go one two three four both and again both let’s go lift lift.

Both bow find that b good breathe so it’s lift lift it burns good work left right do you guys want me to sing to you dj alex i’ve heard you have a great voice absolutely not.

Good one more whack now i want you to hold on the toes hold there keep the knees nice and wide relax the shoulders breathe hold it eight seven it’s a really slow beat so just go with it okay last four.

Last three high on those toes two okay pulse it let’s go 16 15 14 stay high on those toes oh my gosh that feet is so slow but we’re not gonna give up the slower it’s the harder it is guys eight.

Seven six don’t give up five four three two we stay on the toes drop one foot down down up down up down up down up oh my gosh.

Breathe nearly there guys nearly there you have 20 seconds left here the lower you come with your body the harder it is wow wow wow wow five.

Four three two oh my legs okay you are going to be very happy to hear we are moving on to booty now guys okay so it’s up to you if you want to make it harder you can pop the band on just above your knees we’re coming all the way down five minutes.

Booty section starting off with our bridges imprint that spine heal your way up into a bridge rib cage down tuck that tailbone under in four three two slowly down down up squeeze down up squeeze down up go back breathe really squeeze that baby.

Then we’re gonna speed it up three two three one down and up nice and fast down up down up green halfway four.

Three two hold at the top hold end seven six five hold four squeeze three two one now up up good work guys so this is just warming up the booty really squeezing those butt muscles good luck keep it going.

If you can shoot the arms off to the sky good work guys keep breathing keep pushing we’re nearly there we have eight seven six five four three two now bring those feet together take the knees apart we’re gonna do the.

Same thing down up squeeze go back now i really want you to breathe seeing as there’s no music you can hear my breathing control and amazing work guys tap that tailbone under and squeeze should i sing happy birthday to laurie good work guys we’re gonna go with four more keep squeezing that baby three more.

Two more now hold at the top squeeze that back pull it nice and tight belly button back towards the spine okay 16 pulses 16 15 14 13 good wow come on i really want you to push last twelve eleven ten nine.

Five four three two now hold high hold eight seven six hold high about four three two and one splash of those feet down okay as we lift your right knee and towards your chest ninety degrees we drop the arms back let’s go.

Back and lower back and lower go back good keep breathing keep pushing.

Pelvis highlight amazing lap seven left seven six five four three two.

that then wow eleven oh my gosh ten nine double okay let’s go eight seven six five four three two now straighten it hold oh my gosh three.

do not give up two i know that one hold it up and pump it eight seven six five four three two and one oh my gosh guys i’m gonna go.

Straight onto that other side the fire is so real right now okay the other side is starting in our new section we have 15 seconds until we start breathe have a moment okay peel your way up into the bridge we’re going on that other side wait for that timer okay.

Hover that leg all right guys arms up we drop back wait we alternated sides before i’m completely lying the leg now comes up okay down and up 16 beats eight fast eight slow.

Slow and up two i tried to make you do more than you needed to up.

Okay three 16 15 14. come higher soon oh my god we are sticking.

With booty we are coming up on all fours my hamstrings are dying right now we’re starting off with your right side i want a nice flat back horse height hover the right leg move it out to a 45 degree angle huh okay.

hey is last four last three last two okay i want you to hold it up pump it up.

Up up come on you guys come on even higher push it eight seven six five four three two from here push the leg back back.

Right in back knee to elbow okay straight on to the other side lift the leg up 45 degree angle let’s go up good one.

Six go higher for me four three straight into your fire hydrant lift your lower lip lower this slower if you have the by the way oh my gosh you are trash again last four.

Last three last two i’m sorry for what i’m gonna make oh my gosh do not give up 15 seconds wow.

I don’t even know what position will make that burn better right now okay i think there yeah all right all right but i’m sorry you’ll thank me one day guys okay we’re going into core now all right so we’re starting off with really nice staple pilates moves then we’re going to start making it a little bit more complex so.

We’re starting off with single leg stretch single leg tabletop 90 degrees at the knees and the hip flatten that back double leg tabletop if you want to pull yourself up into a crotch otherwise keep the head down okay one leg straightens then draw it back in straighten.

In breathe keep your lower back flat in the mat and your rib cage down guys keep breathing for me do not give up last four two okay double leg stretch so it’s.

Straightened in good if you want to make this harder introduce the arms so reach for the feet back keep that lower back flat guys do not let the mat put that on the back eight seven.

Six five four three two now flat out one two one two three left side if it’s too much for the upper body lower it down do not give up eight seven three.

Six five you’re killing it four three two and one take those hands underneath the lower back guys we’re gonna lower as we flutter okay going in four breathe going in three going in two.

Let’s go hey seven six three two.

Okay seven reach those arms up and over we are going in for our last minute and a half of core.

I told you it would be difficult okay fingertips by your temples relax those legs shake them out if you need a little bit more momentum take those arms up and over the head all the way up into a roll out reach for the feet and back down again let’s go if you can fingertips here.

okay one two that’s too much to make now one two three you have 16 five zero seconds left of work keep pushing eight.

Seven dragon ball six come on four five four three two straight from both legs out wrong back lift slower lift.

Lower come on back back last four 10 seconds breathe as low as you feel you can come on six five four.

Three two and one oh my gosh just reach those thumbs up and have a moment what the heck you guys okay outer side inner thighs for this section.

We can do this guys all right we’re starting off without advice of turning onto your side now i want you to take the band if you want to and put it just above your knees this is going to make it so much harder okay make sure it’s quite a good resistance if you feel it’s too loose tighten it going in four.

Three lift and lower that upper leg yes hold it guys take it back for me into extension you should feel that going back kicking in and just hold.

Squeeze that freaking booty like you’ve never squeezed it in your life squeeze three two now pump it up let’s go up halfway eight seven four times lifted if you can four three.

Two now hold it bring it forward and then back three more two more you guys.

Lift them lower you get it one two three four two.

Three four two two all the way nice and strong pull it out three left two.

Okay hold it up four three two take it back bring it back bring it back bring it back clean that booty hold it hold it hold it breathe punch it up.

keep going for me bring it forward six five.

Four three circles four three two relax one two three six.

Five okay we have some inner thighs to do guys take the band off now it’s up to you if you want to work your inner thighs harder what you can do is grab a dumbbell okay and pop that dumbbell on your inner thigh here hold it okay so you can come all the way down into lying.

Hold that dumbbell there if you want to flex that in the flipped input press the foot lift and lower find the v in four three two let’s go this is lower you wanna be lifting really nice and high guys you’ve got eight let’s keep going eight seven.

Six five eyes what do you wanna finish off with let me know do you want core do you want cardio do you want upper body.

What are they saying alex now pumpkins oh my gosh my body can’t move two okay that can be done my loves step into my office last fall last three last two okay now hold it up hold it hold it hold it let’s go one.

Two three four five higher six seven don’t let your foot touch the floor eight left four three two hold it hold.

upper body this is what you guys asked for it’s gonna be intense okay so prep your body have quick support all right we have one minute 45 seconds left here then i’m going to be adding on just a.

Minute to the end of that just to give you that little bit of extra spice okay so spreading the fingertips i want you to tuck the toes under belly button back towards the spine and pull that core in nice and tight we’re just going to start off with a hover from micro hover can you see that my.

Knees are literally an inch off the floor that’s where i want yours to be hold and breathe hold and breathe hold four three two lefty touches the mat and the right left up right up left up good luck breathe.

go back you guys eight seven come on we never got six don’t give up five four by the way was this harder than day one.

Is day two harder what did you find yesterday harder okay keep in hover hold four three remember this is your seven day feel good fix factory press you’re gonna drop the left hip down and bring it back up to an inch from the floor then to right at your own pace guys slower control.

Let’s go 30 seconds 20 seconds you guys let me know one more oh my gosh okay we are not done do not believe that primer do you want an upper body so i’m gonna be giving this to you okay so the next feature is a plank sequence who’s one of my.

Favorite favorite favorites for core and upper body we’re going to start off in a full pipe take yourself back if you feel you can or you can pull that core in nice and tight tuck the tailbone under hover the right leg bring that right knee forward to as close to the forehead as you can rule says today for sure tuck under and.

Hold it today 15 seconds until we start we have a 15 second hold then we move on to the other side they’re finding today harder it’s going to be done right minute a minute.

Two one right knee forehead hold you guys hold nine eight seven come on hold it six i want that knee as close to the forehead as you can three.

Two one now take that knee to the right elbow right knee right elbow hold it eight seven six five four.

Three two back into a plank hold that plank hold that plank that’s too much come down but do not give up hold that plank really nice and strong for me guys i’m watching you hold four i’m watching you three two.

Left knee forehead let’s go nine eight you wanna really scoop that belly button up to the side six five four three two straight into it let’s see.

Elba last ten nine eight don’t give up seven come on i know you can do this six do not give up five four three straight back and stuck like hold it hold it hold up come on guys hold on in four three two we’re gonna open out.

Take the right arm up place it down left side i want you to keep going you have 20 seconds left you guys come on 20 seconds 15 keep it slow and controlled now if you thought this was hard this is just the tiniest little taster of what is coming from the six week feel good fit.

Back keep going two and one now hold the plank for me guys i want you to come down onto your forearms hold strong hold hold hold hold hold four.

Pull three hold two okay to finish off we have see though then we’re done so it forwards forward and back that’s my armpit luna thank you so much for licking my armpit yes keep going for me guys last eight.

And back forward and back good luck five last four last three come on back up two okay now hold it forward hold it forward you want your chin.

In front of your hat hold it hold it last four three two then we hold it back then we’re done hold back seven six guys if you’ve been doing this this is just a taster of that six week transformation challenge four three.

Two and one we are done you absolutely freaking smashed it i feel like we never really do thirty minute workouts on um youtube so this is i guess a toaster of what we have on the app all of the workouts on the app are between well there’s shorter ones but.

The average one is 30 minutes up to 45 minutes honestly they’re blue and brutal two girls who are on the on the app already know um but yeah i love them they get results they make you feel amazing i hope you guys feel amazing you absolutely smashed it if you made it through that i’m so freaking.

Proud of you right now exclusively to you girls that are watching i’m gonna look at who’s tuned in and exclusively for you guys who are watching we’ve got a special offer for youtube only which offers you a week for free on the app this is for limited time only guys so please please please don’t miss out let me just get.

Youtube up so i can have a little look at what’s going on and who’s here but yeah please please please don’t miss out a week for free and you get three months for the price of one so you get a three month membership for just 9.99 it’s crazy like it’s an unbelievable deal what is that per month that would be like three pounds a month.

Yeah nine pounds 99 3.33 a month for the yeah so you’re getting three months for nine pounds 99 which would work out 9.99 divided by three with three thirds yeah so there you go it is the biggest sale we’ve ever done in our life all right so please please please please.

Don’t miss out we also have 30 off the annual membership so you can get a year on the app at 30 off and this ends pretty soon we actually don’t have a complete end date yet but yeah right guys you killed it i’m trying to find like a comment in the banner as well.

So if you go to the ping comment you’re going to be able to see it do you guys know what i mean for some reason it isn’t showing me the life so i can’t see your i can’t see your comment my arms are burning thank you lilly and team do more guys there are so how many workouts do we have on that hundreds hundred points hundreds of blackheads.

You’re not gonna be sorry for subscribing to the lee now oh and then i run my said the link is not working by the way that could be about my country what link are you talking about gorge does that fall in let me know if it’s working god i needed this my arms are so weak.

Right now my shoulders i’m sweaty i can’t even write great bear laurie are you having a good birthday by the way of course i missed you laurie i love seeing your name pop up that was sweaty i can’t even write that’s just what i needed thank you lily i love your workouts i feel like a friend with you.

Thank you you guys keep me going honestly you really really keep me going i did not want to work out today because we landed this morning at 5am had a flight an overnight flight so as you can imagine i’m pretty tired but i’m really glad i pushed through hello gorgeous girl hello.

You want to say hi to the youtube familia hey you wanna say oh teddy how much does teddy look like a rat right now by the way guys if you have okay i don’t talk about email i talk about the lean app link it’s not working right we’re gonna get that sorted for you right now um so guys if you are.

Wanting to get the lean app now on sale please make sure you hit the right link okay because that’s the one that’s especially for the youtube familiar and that is the week for free so you can sign up you get a week totally for free see what you think of it check it out um and then three months for the price of one so what i’m going to do we’re going.

To put it in the description box of this video so after this live finishes it will be in the description box so just come back in like two minutes and hopefully it’ll be sorted but also we’re going to put it in the link of all of the videos this week so i think we have five videos this week stu five.

Or six five or six six six videos six videos this week and all of them will have that link in there for you to get it at thirty percent or fabulous or three months for the price i’m going to put a new link up that 100 works or something in that link there was it working it’s being a bit funny ah we’re putting.

Another link up for you right now guys um teddy you’re so so cute right now you had to have a summer haircut so his hair’s so short little rat boy yeah i do try that link there okay we just pinned another link guys to try that.

Um does the link work if you’re already subscribed to the app so if you’re already subscribed to the app what i recommend it depends what you’re on but if you’re on a monthly subscription and you want to upgrade this is what a lot of people are doing so they’re already on a monthly subscription but they want to sign up you know that you’re loving.

It this is the time to sign up on the annual or the quarterly because it’s obviously cheaper so you’re getting an annual membership i can’t remember how much it is um but i know for the year it’s 30 off what it would normally be so it’s like crazy freaking sale and so yeah what you can do is just contact our customer care.

And you can cancel your monthly and then subscribe to the annual or quarterly or whatever you want to do so yeah this applies to everyone guys absolutely everyone who is on this live and who’s doing it after it was live um okay wow from australia oh i’m so happy you got to tune in from us there’s a lot of times when i do.

Lives and it’s like the wrong time for australia hello baby girl are you okay you sniff a lot mrs sniff a lot um such a sneaky burner lily i love you and your energy i love you guys too i hope you enjoyed that looking forward to your sale it’s already live guys it’s live right now 30.

Off annual and quarterly memberships this is the biggest we’ve ever done you know you want to sign up this is your time um really helps the pre-workout pre-workout really helps is that what you mean yeah pre-workout i mean i swear by pre-workout.

Out um course i don’t know what i’d do without it quite literally you guys already know how addictive i am the lean pre-workout especially the pink lemonade it like if especially today like i was not in the mood to work out but as soon as i take that i’m like okay i can smash through this um you guys already know about the lead.

Crew workout right but yeah absolute winner no come down love your outfit thank you guys this is jim clark as per as per esther the dubai he is not helping me tell me about it we landed back today the kids are just having a little bit of fun down here um signing up as we speak rules.

You have to get it up and watch her membership come through we can see all your memberships as they come through so i can like give shout outs and stuff stu would you mind grabbing my laptop i think it’s in alex’s office if not on my bed and i’m gonna give you guys little shout outs for everyone who signs up this is so.

Cool um miss talking to you live it feels really really strange it feels pretty nice so long you know alex was just teaching his brother how to set up the live stewie and it’s so weird because we were like it.

Has been so long since we’ve done this i’ve really missed you guys feels like god it’s so long nine months no not i don’t know okay i’m sure the last one was in december last one is in december december ah thank you stewie.

Amazing um all right let me see what’s going on this is so exciting so welcome to the lean app familiar everyone who is signing up as we speak this literally honestly makes me so excited because you’re going to be getting workouts like that one every single day and this guide i have to say this guide.

Makes me so freaking excited if you have any questions about it like this is the time to ask it because i am right here for you right now um but yeah honestly okay i think i just saw yours come through neda welcome welcome to the app oh my god that’s so cool welcome welcome that is so cool and.

So yeah basically what we wanted to do was create teddy do you mind i don’t really want background ground music good boy okay so we have created what i believe is our most challenging ever boot camp transformation boot camp it’s so hard to talk when it’s doing this.

Draft that is going to give you the best results of your life now we wanted to create something that is good for your mental health as well as your physical health because i think over the summer i don’t know about you but pretty much everyone i know has had like a lighter time of their workouts like i especially early summer like july time i.

Barely worked out like literally barely worked out then i had covered like just everything wasn’t working in my favor and then i was like you know what i’m just going to enjoy summer i’m going to go on a holiday drink what i want to eat what i want to have fun barely work out cool excuse the background stuff that’s going.

On right now this is just at least you’re getting entertainment so we wanted to create something yes loon dog for everyone including puppies yes good girl you did the roll good girl we wanted to create something for everyone that will help basically transform your mindset get you into a good routine and get you back on track.

And feeling amazing and that’s what this is all about six weeks to transform your life you guys transform your life if you’re not in it what are you waiting for okay okay teddy drop cheese louise.

Okay good boy stay with your daddy okay if you are looking to transform your life this is the boot camp for you we start on monday the 5th guys i’m going to check if there’s any okay is it okay for beginners and teens 100 absolutely everyone is welcome on to.

This challenge and i am going to push you like i always do it’s going to be challenging but throughout the workouts i’ll give you modifications i’ll say stop when you need to um the goal of this is to keep you going keep you motivated because i know so many of us struggle with motivation each week has a different theme.

So basically each week you’ll be doing something different so i’m going to give you a little example now like week number one is all about confidence and strength honestly honesty absolutely incredible all right week number one is called the confidence club it’s a really beautiful mix of.

Three different types of training so we have pilates in there we have strength training and we have hip cardio training there’s some fun battles in there which will really really push you then week number two we have let’s get snatch so that’s more of a pilates fat burn type of week it’s all about toning sculpting and there’s some strength in there as.

Well but it’s all about tightening your body this is one of my favorite weeks without a shout out that’s week number two as i said each week has a different theme it will keep you super super motivated uh week three high on hip cardio frickin cardio of course we have strength in there we’ve actually got an awesome awesome uh strength versus.

Cardio it’s called full body ladder sculpt versus strength it’s unbelievable that’s with me and one of our other trainers our fat burn specialist trainer amy we’ve got some pilates shape and sculpt in their circuits the circuits involves weight it’s so freaking good there’s an awesome upper body strength session in here like they’re.

Unbelievable next week pump up power strength strength strength strength strength strength that’s week number four it is so empowering this week will get you feeling amazing it just makes you feel like a super woman it’s so empowering obviously so strong because it’s strength training.

And for that week for week number four i’m challenging you to go slightly heavier dumbbells if you’ve got them if not go higher rep by week four you would have already noticed felt seen a difference in your attitude in your mindset in your body how strong you feel by this week you will be feeling freaking invincible okay.

To be honest by week two by day two you’ll already feel like you want to keep going okay next week week five is grind and shine this would be a time where i guess typically five weeks in you might be feeling a bit like i was coming to an end that these workouts are so fun they’re gonna make you want to keep.

Going so here you’ve got um upper body and core galore on day number one that’s with me that strength is so fun um but really sweaty at the same time you’ve got a cheerleader inspired hit in there which is absolutely hilarious it’s so much fun especially if you’re someone who naturally isn’t like a dancer or not.

That coordinated you’re gonna have a right laugh with that um you’ve got more arms and abs you’ve got a booty lift strength so pure beauty strength there’s just so much week on six final week we draw it back into confidence again confidence 101 by week six we want you feeling the best you have ever felt in your life that is my goal my goal.

In my early to mid 30s right now is to feel the best i have ever felt to look the best i have ever looked to be the most confident i have ever been my goal honestly is to feel more confident right now than i did at 21 and to look better and to just take on this challenge for me so regardless of what.

Level you’re at what age you are what fitness goals you have like i don’t mind just do this for you this six week challenges for you to transform the way you feel the way you think your routine and of course if you have that physical goal that’s there for you as well so we will give you a diet plan if you.

Want it you’ll put in your height your weight your age your activity levels all of that and it will give you a diet plan depending on if you’re pescetarian vegetarian vegan standard you can mix in and out the meals if you don’t want to follow that routine with the nutrition plan you can just use the recipe section to have your healthy meals which we’re.

Going to do what do you want tonight uh cajun cinnamon yeah not tuna pasta bake do that vacation occasionally done sorted um girls you will love amy she’s amazing and so motivating amy is our trainer one of our other trainers on the app she is freaking phenomenal guys you’re gonna.

Absolutely love her wow so many of you are still here did you have a glow up i don’t know what that means but yeah do you mean us in like i’m tanned amazing i’ve just been to bali so yeah i’ve definitely caught the sun.

Um i’ve had the absence of launch last year and it’s the best fitness app out there girls it’s so versatile and it just keeps getting better from amelia there you go amelia thank you i’ll pay you later i’m just kidding i’m so glad you’re loving it honestly it makes me so happy wow you guys okay we’re getting more of.

You signing up this is amazing if you haven’t already you have that week for free the um what to call it is pinned right there for you the link click on that link three months for the price of one and a week for free um for anyone considering the app it’s amazing from asana thank you gorgeous.

Thank you thank you thank you yes amy is amazing and then me too you guys are great this is amazing feedback um i have a speech today so i have to go have a good day team good luck i saw that you’ve signed up to the app now i hope you enjoy the speech i hope it goes well you’ll smash it hopefully that workout’s made you feel like invincible.

As well um the link’s not working the links should be working now guys is it working alex um i’ve been doing your workouts for over a year and i actually can’t believe the results i’ve gotten this makes me so happy well done well done for smashing it.

Honestly like the link’s working i give you guys the workouts but it’s your hard work that gets you there like never forget that you who have achieved this so honestly i’m so blim and proud of you but you should be really really proud of yourselves and.

okay i’m vegan but i use even the other recipes on the app so we have the vegan recipes on the app but this guy is saying she uses the other recipes as well and switches the animal products for vegan stuff amazing so even like cajun salmon tonight you could do cajun tofu which is amazing by the way.

Um all right i’m gonna oh rosa williams with the dire aspect of the app does it require heaps of a variety of food or is it quite accessible no it there’s some there’s obviously some recipes that are more exotic like alex’s mum’s malaysian curry might have some ingredients that you.

Might not be able to find in for example some of the british supermarkets as easily but then we also have really really simple like heaps of really simple really delicious easy recipes as well so if you want something a bit more impressive at the weekend for your friends or date night you can cook.

Something a bit more exotic or just go with the super super basic ones as well which are still absolutely delicious um all right guys oh and don’t forget about the recipes 100 out of 10 so delicious i’m so glad you’re loving the app so much that’s amelia all right guys we are going to.

Have to love you and leave you i will yeah i’ll see you again on thursday for another live i think i need to stretch oh my gosh that was more crazy than i thought it was going to be teddy you’re going gonna say goodbye it’s me it’s your mummy i don’t want your toy your pumpkin doesn’t interest me.

All right guys we love you and we will see you on thursday and don’t forget day three tomorrow and the free pdf download it in the description box and yeah we will see you tomorrow for another one bye guys

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