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PILATES FOR TONED LEGS 🔥 Lose Thigh Fat & Slim Legs | 8 min Workout


This is your 8 minute at home Pilates tight thighs workout. No equipment needed. I can guarantee you are going to feel the most incredible burn. Honestly, you’re going to love this one. Now, before we get started, I just want you to check out these transformations. They have just come through, because so many of you have just completed.

That 8 week LEAN Transformation Method. The results have blown my mind, not only physically, but also mentally. These results are the best I’ve ever seen from any LEAN transformation guide. And honestly, I’m so proud of you. You can get a hold of this LEAN Transformation Method yourself, it’s 8 weeks long, it is structured,.

And it involves Pilates, fat burn, and strength training. The link is down below. You get your first 7 days totally free in a trial. All you got to do, enter your information and you can cancel at any point. All right, guys, come on over, join the LEAN Transformation Method, and let’s get started. (timer beeping) Okay, we are going to start off down in line.

You want to lift your waist as much as possible by taking that upper hip down towards your feet. You’re going to take that upper leg forward and then arc it back. Amazing work. You have a slight bend in this underneath leg. Place your hand down for a little bit more support if you need it. Intermediate, you are here,.

Advanced, you are here. Good, focus. Breathe. One minute each exercise. Okay, we’re now going to change direction, so arcing it forward and bring it back, in a really nice, strong, straight line here. (timer beeping) Amazing work.

From there, you’re going to place that upper leg, can’t get my words out, down, and you going to pump that underneath leg up. Up, pump, lower. Up, pump, lower. Amazing. (timer beeping) Amazing. With this upper leg now, you’re going to lift it up,.

Shoot it back, forward, tap down. Amazing. You want to have as minimal sway through that body as possible. We are controlled. We are doing Pilates here. Try and keep that waist lifted. Amazing work. Nearly there.

Good, think nice and strong. (timer beeping) Okay, we’re now coming onto our back. We are going to even you out afterwards. I want you to flatten the feet and touch the inner thighs together. From here, feet shoulder distance apart. Peel your way up into a bridge. Really squeeze those inner thighs together.

And then from here we’re going to open, touch, halfway down, up. Good, really squeezing those inner thighs. Good, keep squeezing. (timer beeping) Amazing work. We’re going to come up into kneeling now, for a complete and utter thigh burn. You are up in that kneeling position.

Your tail bone is tucked under. You’re going to work your way back. Feel those thighs on fire, and then back up again. We’re going to mix it up by lifting one arm up, and back into neutral. Incredible work. Good, use that breathing control. Breath out as you lower, oh my gosh, breath in as you come back up again.

Relax your shoulders. Breathe. Good, now for the last 10 seconds, we go back, and you’re going to stay in a straight line. Nice straight line, breathe and hold. (timer beeping) Two, and up. We can’t, we have to even you out now, so you’re coming all the way down.

And we have that arc forward and then bringing it back. Good, you want this move to be as controlled as possible. Amazing work. Minimal sway. We’re going to change direction through those hips, okay? Wow! It is hard to keep completely still with this movement, but that is the goal. Use that core to stabilize you.

(timer beeping) Incredible. You’re going to take that leg forward now, place it down onto the mat, and from there, up, pump, lower, working into those inner thighs. Up, pump, lower. Amazing work. You want to really try and get height here. Nice and high, you guys.

Amazing work. And don’t forget, this is just a tiny little teaser of what’s involved in my full body Pilates. They’re normally around 45 minutes long, and they’re part of the LEAN Transformation Method, combining strength, Pilates and fat burn to get you in the best shape of your life. Honestly, I’m feeling amazing. All of it’s on the LEAN app.

You get seven days for free to come and try that out if you’re enjoying my YouTube workouts. They’re just a little teaser. All the details are linked below, okay? (timer beeping) All right, last one. This leg is forward. Remember, we lift, we shoot back, we come forward and tap down.

Amazing. Good work. And again, your core is working during this. Pull that belly button back towards the spine, stabilize and control. Amazing work. 30 seconds left. Nearly there, you guys. Come on, keep pushing, 15 seconds left.

And as I said, if you are looking for structure, if you are looking to get in the best shape of your life, there is our eight-week LEAN Transformation Method. (timer beeping) The first week is totally free on the LEAN app. All the details are down below. Well done, you guys. We are going to do a ten second hold just to finish up, rolling back as far as you feel you can.

Work those thighs. Breathe, okay, focus and breathe. I said 10 seconds, it’s now 10 seconds from now. Let’s see if you can go a little bit lower. Come on, let’s work those thighs. Good, good, good. You’re nearly there. Five, four, lower, (timer beeping) three and one.

You made it, guys! I’m so proud of you, well done! I will see you tomorrow for another one.
Lilly Sabri

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