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PILATES FLAT STOMACH in 14 Days πŸ”₯ Belly Fat Burn | 5 min Workout


If you are wanting to toneinto that flat stomach, this 5 minute home workoutis the workout for you. You are going to get the mostincredible results and trust me, in 5 minutes, your absare going to be on fire, no equipment needed. I want you to do this workout for 14 days, 3 times a week, and youcan monitor your progress with the rest of the community down below. Don’t forget to hit Subscribeand that thumbs up button.

I upload a minimum of 2 newworkouts every single week. You don’t want to miss outand this cute little number ’cause I know you’ve been looking. How cute is it? Is Gymshark. You can click to shop right here. Okay, no more talking. Let’s work out. (timer beeping) Okay, we are starting off. Lower back flat on the mat.

Pull your core in nice and tight. Pull the leg into thechest and change sides. Amazing. 30 seconds each exercise. Keep breathing, keep thinkingabout that nice tight core, pulling up and in throughthat pelvic floor. (timer beeping) Amazing work. One knee close into the chest, your head is down, you’regoing to change sides.

Lift. Lower. Good, keep breathing, keep thatlower back flat on the mat. (timer beeping) Next up is going to be Pilateshundreds, double leg tabletop, 90 degrees at the knees and the hips. Pump those arms up and down. Amazing work. Keep your core tight and keep breathing. Support your head if you need to.

(timer beeping) Next up, we are moving into scissors. You’re going to tap the toedown, bring it back in again, then straighten it out and back. Good. Support your headif your neck is sore. Keep your lower back flat. (timer beeping) Good work. Both legs are long across themat, your hands are together,.

You’re going with a full Pilates roll up, reach to the toes andthen back down again. One vertebra at a time. One part of the spine at a time. (timer beeping) One last roll up. Amazing. You’re now going to comeback to your biting point where you really feelyour core kicking in.

Relax those shoulders. Hover the left leg, pump up. Then out to the side. If this is too much, popthe hands behind you. (timer beeping) Incredible work. Changing onto the other side. Hover the right leg, pump up. Take it out to the side.

It’s like you’re drawing an L. Good, again, hands behind you if you need that little bit of support, but don’t give up, okay? Hello, Teddy. (timer beeping) Amazing work, all the way down now. You’re going to take yourhands into a diamond shape. Pop them underneath yourback, take those legs up.

To the sky and then flutterthem down and back up again. I’ve lost my dog. Where have you gone, Teddy? (timer beeping) Okay. All the way back down again. We’re now going to hover those legs. Tiny little lift lowers. If that feels like toomuch, bend the knees, bring them slightly into thechest, then back out again.

That may be enough. Good, back. You’re nearly there now. Come on. (timer beeping) Amazing, from there, Iwant you to bring yourself all the way up. One, move up into sitting. We now have a boat hold. You’re going to come back.

To where you feel your core kicking in. Lift one leg, followedby the other, and hold. Amazing work. Breathe. Relax those shoulders. If that’s too much, comehere, but don’t give up. Okay? (timer beeping) Okay, last exercise. Your fingers are by your temples.

And we’re just going to do 10 run outs. 10, 9, 8, 7. You’re nearly there. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. And you made it, one. Wow. 5 minutes, that burn.

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