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PILATES BURN & SCULPT (full body) | 30 minute at Home Workout


Um i love how all of you think when i say pilates it’s going to be easy but we are going where when are we doing it now that’s what you guys should be saying so we’re on day eight of the going in guide this may be just a workout that.

You do on its own it may be a heart of another guide it doesn’t matter this is a 30 minute tone and sculpt pilates session and it’s full body we’re concentrating on that hourglass frame so we’re doing a nice amount of shoulders waist and butt and hips so i hope you guys are ready we have a full 30 minute countdown timer.

No breaks we’re just going with the flow we are just enjoying it so what you’re going to need is your hip band i’m actually going with the black so that i can get more range of movements of the strong rather than the extra strong an adjustable band and some light weight in a second oh.

Thank you alex i’ve just gone with 1kg i say thank you because you’d already put them there how you feeling guys are you ready for a burn i hope you’re as excited as i am it’s gonna burn in places that you didn’t even know existed so we’re gonna start off with booty and hips we’re going in 15 seconds you guys.

Just making sure that that timer is up nice and high okay adjustable band just above the knees that’s all you need okay we’re starting off with a nice simple bridge placing the feet close towards the butt imprinting that spine the music’s coming and we’re going to come up nice and high.

So i want you to start off by tucking that tailbone under squeezing those butt muscles pulling the core in nice and tight if you feel you’re able to lift the arms up hold strong okay cause height but squeeze now we’re gonna raise lower.

okay movement oh now hold up foreign squeeze good squeeze you guys pull that.

Cord tight the knees are wide against that back where i got out of rooney four up slowly lower let’s go oh squeeze and we’re down three.

sorry i keep closing my eyes you guys i’ve got really sensitive you know how i get my sensitive eyes that’s happening today so we’re placing the feet together i want that course super tight okay we’re just gonna go with a speed little push out taking those legs.

Wide and just a really fast push out okay let’s go okay right leg still open the left leg out and now speed push out with the left keep that right leg as still as you can the left leg is pushing out four three two and one right side left leg still right leg pushes out.

I’m actually gonna go today just with the hip band for your sidewalk series you don’t have a band no worries okay you are still gonna feel this burn to a whoa another level you do all of this without the bands all right so coming down onto our forearm to start off with.

We’re going to flex that upper foot pull that core in tight he’s fast asleep so we’re going to lift the leg to hip height we’re going to take that leg forward and then slide it slowly back keeping that core tight squeezing those butt muscles um.

Bring that leg forward in line with the other leg turn that toe down okay from here we’re going to pump nice and high and lower it down breath out as we lift right in as we lower.

okay four three two one and lower high and lower huh.

oh oh okay we are gonna bring that leg all the way forward now just to do some.

Arcs then we’re repeating on the other side so this is where it really hurts i want you to find that inner strength it’s new against you bring that leg forward flex the foot arc find the beast down.

Finish it off what the heck remember we’re starting off on the forearm dj alex can i just say you’re killing them today dj looks in the house okay all right guys we have so got this high lift and lowers you got this let’s go.

okay oh there we go we’re going to lift the blower from here like that.

Your upper leg is in line with your underneath one okay hold it strong wait for that beat to drop wow mind body connections did come up but now let’s play.

do not give up oh let’s go do not give up come on.

Is and i don’t think my mark can actually support me okay all right lily all right you got this okay grab those light weights for me the booty the booty it hurts okay so slight bend in that knee i’m going with the center point of my mat just because.

We’re going to be using these match quite soon okay your hands are going to come forward palms facing downwards then into the chest like so as we go with our side step find that b get four here’s three two points five feet.

okay um let’s go it makes you want to dance.

Three one take that band off we are going with shoulders and back we’re going to start off with our back hinge through the hips the core is nice and tight okay we go with a double row.

Then a single straighten and lower all right we’ll just wait for that next bit of music breathe the app all okay okay so my muscles are tight they’re a bit tall you have to go a bit lower listen to your body okay.

You can go heavier foreign okay so proud okay if you want to i love it guys dj alex is.

Getting very into this i’m not gonna lie okay three points front raise 45 degrees lateral raise 90 degrees natural right natural it’s not natural this is your natural this is horrible it’s lateral raise okay so.

Forward come down do not touch the thighs 45 90 let’s go 1kg oh one.

two come on you can do this you can do this four three down five six two eight seven six do not give up do not.

Give up four three two and one forty five eight seven six i’m oh my gosh five oh my gosh three two.

just above the knees we are finishing up with six and a half minutes of course i want you to grab your weight double leg tables up imprint the music’s is go down this is a little bit more complicated right leg.

Open straight in make it back close left open straight back expose oh bye.

Me okay so we’re starting off with a reverse crunch you’ve done reverse matches of me before this time with the fan we come up we straightened pump pumps.

okay so a little tip you guys if your neck is hurting i want you to lower it down there’s going to be so many of these tips in the app we have a physio section a how-to section can you hear me i feel like i’m.

Shouting a lot now hold up out in out oh my gosh reach those arms up and over the head grab a hold of your weights bend your knees we are coming up to a count of four we punch lowering to a count of four.

As we punch four three two next up i know it’s tough but don’t give up on me i know you got it lift lower open close okay beginners drop those hands behind you for a little challenge intermediate advance.

The arms are straight just like the movies bad guys full is.

Hold oh my gosh wowzers okay i’m just going to be down here goodbye oh my gosh so alex has just signaled the.

Loads of you have been asking about is that what you were trying to say that yeah i knew that you’d be asking about it because it is bloom and beautiful so this is it’s not launched yet but as soon as it’s launched i’ll let you know like i always do but this and the you know that like lilacy color.

That i was wearing last night was it last monday or tuesday the last live gym shark new hombre hmm so good um honestly like i feel like when you put these outfits on even if you’re in the worst mood in the morning when you put it on you’re just like okay i can conquer the world.

And so yeah i know it’s a bit out there it’s very bright there’s so beautiful so i don’t know when they’re launching as soon as i have the launch date i promise i’ll let you know um i hope you enjoyed that guys if you wouldn’t mind just smashing the thumbs up button i really really really appreciate it it.

Helps us reach more people like you you know how much i love doing the lives and so the more people we can reach the better i’m not giving you eye contact there we go she’s back um and yeah i hope you’re enjoying this i’ve had some amazing feedback from this guide actually so um it will be really interesting to see how.

You found that i know you had your rest day uh late last week so i hope you took that well no you need to take it make sure you’re stretching is there anything else i need to how is everyone let’s quickly tune in i feel like i haven’t spoken to you in a very long time.

Um bear with me is there any regulars in there that you can see to them all the regulars i love it and great job everyone from katina okay tina uh i really hope the time app doesn’t count the same as lily yeah i have selective counting right but eight seconds is actually thirty it.

Depends on the song kate’s here out ouch goes to show that’s very true you don’t have to be doing a full hit session to feel the burn and swear literally dead but i love it uh do you know bts of course i know bts i love bts hello from cypress the fatherland uh my butt’s dead ella.

Now it seems like you’ve all enjoyed it when are the maps coming oh my god it really does look bright in this outfit like i can see myself i’m like a really bright like highlighter strawberry ice cream design that swelled with peach oh yeah peachy strawberry ice.

Cream um what was it mats wait when are they launching this my girls is the new met and at the top it says it’s you against you can you see this let me just flip it a bit it is so beautiful i can’t even begin.

To tell you look my wingspan is wide enough can you see snacker a bit there you go this is our midnight palm map which will be launching as soon as possible i can’t even give you a date guys what i can say is and this is this is hopeful it’s not 100.

But i’m hopeful that the app is actually going to be here before the max which is crazy right and i actually can’t quite believe that but yeah there’s oh yeah you can see it’s so beautiful non-slip non-roll grippy it’s just phenomenal it never like you know how you get those mats that like roll while you’re doing it.

Like i have them they’re back there and they’re so annoying this won’t do any of that like it’s so high quality that’s why we’ve spent about nine months developing them it’s been a hell of a long time and but it’ll be so worth it oh my legs my everything i can’t believe how many of you stay.

Around just to chat i love you guys and so what we’ll probably do because the app is getting a lot closer and we’ll start doing q and a’s about it in the facebook group here probably on instagram only with lily as well and over the coming weeks as it is getting closer we still don’t have a launch date.

The reason why we’re not giving you a launch date to be completely honest is because i don’t want to like upset anyone by giving a launch date then say for example we can’t quite reach that day or vice versa it may be ready sooner than what we’d hoped and to give.

You a very brief bit of background we have a team now of over 20 people which is like blowing my freaking mind um hello gorgeous you’re going to do you’re going to do your stretches he does the cutest stretches come here come here no you don’t want to come here i’m just waking up mommy come here.

So basically everyone is working like around the clock like we’re getting messages from the team at like three a.m five a.m in london in the states here in dubai oh look at those stretches and so yeah everyone is working like literally around the clock and we’re it’s going to be out before summer.

Pre-summer for sure we just don’t have the date but we’re hoping to give you a countdown when we do have it and i’m hoping to give you a fair countdown so then you know when it’s going to be coming and you can secure that deal oh yeah you’re right baby.

Do you see that right i’m going to grab teddy so that he can say goodbye to you he is being the cutest little fluffy animal in the world right now hello oh you want scratchies for me yummy dog delivery hi hi my little fluffy hi all right guys we love you very much.

Hi hi don’t be teddy and we will see you for another live very soon please don’t forget to do the finisher do you want to quickly say goodbye to everyone we love you guys very much thank you say bye bye bye squad

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