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PILATES BOOTY and ABS (sculpt & tone) | 15 minute Workout


What’s up you guys and welcome to your 15 minute abs waist booty sculpt this is a pilates workout please don’t think that means it’s going to be easy if you’ve been doing my workouts for a while you’ll know that when it comes to pilates i go in we bring the fire in the most beautiful way and release all of those happy hormones so i hope you guys.

Are ready for one epic epic burn this is going to be fantastic 45 seconds on 15 seconds off during those 15 seconds if you want to you can continue with that exercise to push it through to a minute but i’m going to be demonstrating the next exercise equipment if you’ve already got your lean ankle weights grab them for me it’s entirely up to you.

Which level you go with we have the 2kg or the 3kg today i’m going with my 3kg babies so they’re coming sorry 2kg or 1kg i’m going with my 2kg babies so these honestly when you lift it up you’re like okay but when you have it on your ankle and you’re doing moves the fire it brings is absolutely.

Ridiculous i’m also going to be using my pilates balls my only glassful and sliders if you don’t have these please don’t worry you can do this workout without i’m going to show you tell you modifications but please go and quickly grab a pillow okay you can use a pillow instead of the ball the pillow is going to give you that uneven surface which is.

Going to force your abs and your core to work but using the ball makes it a million times harder and then these i’m going to give you modifications for if you don’t have them if you do have them this side goes down on tiles or wood this side goes down on carpet all right let’s put those ankle weights on we’re gonna get.

Started really soon you guys got my oh my gosh you have to do yesterday’s workout as well it was amazing we used honestly it was one of my favorite workouts ever and i think today’s gonna be as well wow these feel heavy hello okay pop that equipment on if you’ve got it.

We’re starting off with some beautiful booty side work series if you don’t have ankle weights and you want to make it a little bit harder and you have water bottles or dumbbells grab them now as well okay all right 15 seconds come on down into lion on your side and we’re going to start.

Off with that beautiful side work series okay and then arc it back okay half moons let’s go hold tight if you wanna make it harder this could be.

during your 15 second break you can hold the leg or you can lower it down and have a moment okay good we are going in five seconds hover it back up and we’re gonna pump it okay two one hover let’s.

oh my go 15 seconds let’s go oh my gosh i’ve never felt so heavy in my life by the being ankle weight it makes it so much harder than holding a.

Weight here because the lever is longer lift that leg up draw some circles okay let’s go 20 seconds come on four times five four.

Three two and down oh oh oh oh that’s like a physical cramp right there okay underneath leg flex the foot up pump lower okay if you want to place the ball underneath here okay all right let’s.

flex that go you can do it come on.

Quickly change the size oh my gosh swing those legs around starting off with those arcs let’s go.

okay 30 seconds punch.

Playlist it down if you have those weights drop it down thank you for charging me up teddy thank you for the motivations is.

you make me hold it if you want to otherwise drop it down and get into that next exercise inner thighs place that knee on the wall up.

Just like magic won’t forget this is 10 seconds your thighs squeeze that ball.

Work your way up into a bridge you make me.

Out down up down up let’s go this is bring it up.

Oh let’s go take those arms up if you want to make it harder down.

tap the foot down and then straighten it out.

It’s so hard between the thighs toe reaches with the weights on legs up to the sky squeeze those in the sides reach for the ankles let’s go.

come on work those abs in three in two double the pace reaches let’s go 20 seconds come on push it push it let’s go oh my.

Onto the gosh if you want to you can keep the ankle weights on this about to get nasty okay place them underneath the feet coming into a plank with the ankle weights on it’s gonna make it so much harder come into that plank position you guys we have our oblique mounting.

Climbers like yesterday coming across the body and back okay shoulder tap shoulder tap shoulder tap shoulder tap.

Run it forward with a mountain planet for eight okay let’s go one two three why don’t we go back one second.

Oh my gosh i don’t know about you but i just feel the equipment takes it to a whole new level wowzer i am so proud of you guys so so proud if you are doing the black friday the lean black friday strong and shred guide how are you finding it that is day four.

Don’t forget you have the full playlist so just go to the playlist section and all of the workouts for today will be there guys right we’re going to talk about black friday now because obviously this is called the lean black friday guide and that is for a reason including the.

App so i’m going to talk you through the huge discount of up to 50 i’m gonna tell you exactly how much money you get off of each product including the app and i’m going to answer any of your questions and show you through the new products which are launching as well so.

Our black friday starts on monday this monday 22nd 5 p.m gmt uk time 9 a.m pst l.a time so just chuck it into google obviously worldwide as always chuck it into google to find out what time that is wherever you are around the world and first up we will start off with the app.

So this guide obviously i’ve done it for free for you guys just to give you like a little taster of what’s going to be available on the app however the app has so so so much more than this we have hundreds of workouts on there hundreds of recipes personalized meal plans when you enter all of your details including your.

Activity levels your goals your weight your height a personalized meal plan is generated for you to tell you your calorie range to achieve your goals you can swap the meals in and out there’s vegan vegetarian pescatarian meat eating there is five guides on there we’re introducing weekly guides to the app and on monday.

This monday so this guide strong and shred ends on sunday and then on monday we haven’t told anyone this yet but we have the brand new cut guide launching on the app it’s designed for fat burn toning and specifically around the abs the full body fat there we have a lot of ab work in there toning strengthening it’s a two week guide so 14 days.

Different workouts every single day the workouts range from 40 but 30 minutes up to 50 minutes but you can shorten or lengthen them by taking off or adding on finishes and activations and what else is there to say there is the physio section on there so where i talk you through how to manage.

And relieve pain and prevent pain there’s a nutrition section on there so all of the questions that you guys have asked me in the past about nutrition like how do i lose fat on my belly or are carbs bad for you or like there’s a lot of myth busting in there and we have our lead nutritionist allen kenny he is certified he’s amazing he knows his.

Chisel and so he has loads of videos on there as well and we constantly add to them how to use their challenges um and the weekly guides are launching on on the apps we have the cup guide launching on monday 22nd that’s 14 days long one two so that ends on the fifth and then on the 6th the.

Weekly guides launch so actually it’s going to be every sunday you’ll be getting a new guide and then basically every week you’re going to have a new guide on the app if you want to do it so you have the option of the weekly guides on the app or the longer guys so the longer guides um are like four weeks long there’s going to be some that are.

Longer as well to help you achieve your goals on the app and this is for black friday only we have for students 50 off which is absolutely crazy and for everyone who’s not a student we have 40 off so this is the biggest sale i think we’ll ever do i don’t think it will ever get lower than this so if you are wanting to is there anyone in here.

Already who has the app ah thank you gorgeous honestly like the feedback on the app has been absolutely phenomenal i guess like the main question that comes up a lot is like what’s the difference between youtube and the app there is a lot a lot lot of difference number one and the most kind of i guess obvious one is the frequency.

At which new content is coming so you’re getting a new guide every single week on the app um and you also have the longer form guides on there as well so that’s number one so you’re getting that new content all the time new workouts all the time we have another trainer on there who is our hip fat burn specialist so her workouts are purely designed to.

Help you burn fat and have fun while you’re doing it we have the nutritionist on there as well number two is that it’s personalized so you’ll notice with uh youtube it’s general content so it will be what i want to do so it will be like i fancy filming an apps workout then i’ll film an apps workout and put it out the app is.

Personalized so if you have a specific goal you put that specific goal into the app and it will generate a guide for you recommend a guide for you that is for your specific goal same with meals now we all know abs are made in the kitchen to get results you need to be eating the right things you need to be eating in the right calorie range every single.

Person that comes onto the app that pays for the app which is going to be just six pounds a month which is just crazy um every single person that comes on you put in your data your information it asks you for like your weight your height how many days a week you want to work out and then it generates a specific this took over like a year to.

Build a specific meal plan for you in your calorie range to achieve your goals because working out is amazing it makes you feel great but if you have specific goals it’s not just about the working out it’s about the food as well and food is amazing food should be celebrated and the reals on there are absolutely freaking delicious aren’t they snacks.

You eat them all um so that’s that also longer form contents this is another very obvious one you’ll notice on youtube it’s mainly finishes that i post so they’ll be the stuff on youtube will be like four minutes up to maybe 10 minutes most the time and i’ll do the occasional live like this.

Which is longer 15-20 minutes the workouts on the app are whole workouts so they’re like 30 minutes long we do have 30 to 45 minutes long we do have some shorter ones on the app as well we have the 21 minute ones which are part of the 21 by 21 guide and so that’s 21 days of 21 minute workouts and part two is coming very soon to that and that’s.

For people who are like low on time and want a really intense workout and the workouts on the app tend to be more intense i’m going to be honest with you and they really push you to your limit i give it everything obviously everyone is welcome on the app it’s entirely up to you what whatever level you are it’s just how hard you decide to push that.

Day do you want to go faster with your reps do you want to include equipment or not like it’s entirely up to you so the app is for everyone however the workouts on the app are harder aren’t they they’re more interesting it says my annual subscription ends next june june next year but i already know i’m gonna subscribe again um.

Yes so that’s another thing and this is a huge thing so for the app um you have the option sorry i’ve got some of i think teddy’s hair on my hair so you have the option to play your own music so basically i’ve put together some spotify playlists and apple music playlists which are like my favorite types of music but everyone has.

Different styles of music it may be k-pop it may be bts it may be justin bieber it may be justin timberlake taking it back it may be britney spears like whatever it is it’s up to you the music that you play so we’ve designed the app so that you can play music on top of the workout so while i’m teaching you the workout.

You’ll hear on the app i say don’t forget to put your music on you literally go from the app you go like that you press play on your music you go back into the app and then i am working out while you’re playing your own music makes sense on your laptop oh yeah so the it’s not just on your.

Phone we have the web version which is totally free as part of the app so when you sign up to the app whatever login you have so say it’s um lily at lily that’s my my email so my email and my password i then take that email and password and i put it into the web version to go to that you just literally go to my website and you’ll see classes.

At the top i’ll show you so it says classes and then basically you enter that email address and then all of the workouts can be done on the big screen they can be done on your laptop they can be done on your tablet your ipad and you can screen them to your tv as well all of that info is there don’t worry okay any other.

Questions snacker should we move on to you let’s move on to the equipment yeah so yeah the sales stuff amazing so yeah that’s 40 off the app 50 off the students and i’m just going to show you what was that.

Yeah if you could get the catalogue this is what i meant by hoping you can see on the website see it says class is there that nail needs to be redone yeah so yeah you see classes there’s home there’s everything you just go on to classes and when you go there it’s going to ask you to put.

Your email address and stuff and that’s it then you’ll be logged in ah hey this is what it will say it will ask you to put your email address but your second one down see there’s home under home there’s classes and that’s how you log in and that’s it super super super simple okay so i’m gonna get up the catalog so that i give.

You guys all the exact information but ultimately we have up to 50 off of all of our products i’m gonna show you all of them very quickly tell you the percentage off most of the products i feel you know very well now and but there are some new products as well so please send through your questions as you think of them.

We’ll start off with the sucks so this area here all all of our supplements are on sale and actually they have our biggest savings we’re pretty i think yeah they have our big bar the app 50 and 40 is crazy so these babies the sale is absolutely wild and what i would recommend if you know that you love the products.

This is a time to stock up because we’re never going to have a sale this big again i can’t see it ever happening like craziness this craziness are you ready 40 friggin percent 40 40 that is wild the bars are 40 i can’t get my head around it so what i.

Would say i was reading facebook comments yesterday and a lot of people are on their third order already of the bars because they love them so much because they kind of like ordered a box you can also order individuals so a lot of people like ordered like that or they ordered like this because they were like i think i know i’m gonna love this.

Flavor and i’m gonna test this flavor and then straight away they tried both of them and were like wow i need more and then they went and just ordered another box of each then another box of each to save so much money 40 right so much money stock up because they’re not gonna go in.

A sale this big again and they will last all right so just stock up have them in your cupboards and you’re gonna save yourself so much money because you’re ordering them with the 40 off number one number two shipping as well so if you’re ordering it in bulk that’s obviously getting sent to you in the one go rather than repeat ordering so 40 off i’m going.

To give you uk pricing um but obviously just chuck it into google for wherever you are with these you have to order them on the uk site okay so they’ll get shipped to you wherever you are in the world but make sure you go to the uk website they are normally 22 pounds and they’ve gone down to 13 pounds 20. that is crazy.

Wild right wild i can’t i can’t like you know all of like my family um like they’re basically stocking up like absolute crazy think of pat so we have a friend who works in an office um and he’s already got through 30 bars because he buys 30 sorry 30 boxes of buzz because he buys them in.

Bulk for all the staff to share and he was like oh my god 40 off he’s buying like 100 boxes because they have like an amount of money they can spend on snacks and stuff and he was just like they’re healthy number one they make you feel great number two so what’s better for a work environment and they’re 40 off crazy.

Right these babies are very close to this like absolutely wild 35 off so again i don’t see it ever being this low again so if you know you love them people are probably on like i think around their fourth order on these now especially these two you tend to get through the.

Proteins quicker than the pre-workout stock up okay get them in put them in your cupboards do not miss out please do not miss out pre-workout is normally 20 pounds that’s now 13 pounds absolutely crazy and the proteins are normally 22 pounds.

They are down 35 to 14 pounds 30. we have the vanilla and the chocolate superfood protein packed full of so much goodness no nasties no added sweetness sorry no added um artificial sweeteners and all of that stuff right coming into these babies scoop we chose to not have a scoop in here we.

Wanted a reusable scoop so these are normally off the top of my head four pounds down to two pounds fifty percent off and they come in this little cute bag which i actually i’ve got loads of these and i use it for jewelry okay and then we have the straws so the straws come in two.

Colors you’ve got your rose gold and your silver 50 off normally seven pounds now three pounds fifty comes with the two straws one bent one straight and it has glow from the inside out written on it which i just think is so cute it’s so special like just a nice little added touch yeah exactly and you get these bags for all products so glow from the.

Inside out is written on that and its glow time is written on here because this is our nourish and glow range so all of our products are so healthy no added nasties they’re all vegan okay and they are so good for you they taste delicious and they’re so good for you that’s why it’s called the nourish and glow range all.

Right should i move these off to the side guys let me know if you have any questions and these can all be ordered on the sides of anything yes there are i’ll go through that i’ll say it as i come to it um off the top of my head we would need to look.

I am slightly concerned of the wrong word but i think these i would get in there fast actually would you it’s actually these as well i’m just thinking about because we’ve these you can get on the u.s site and rest of world site well us site as well these you can’t so if you are us and.

You’re watching this i know you’ll be asleep right now if you’re watching this in hindsight i would actually recommend ordering these in from the uk site okay because that’s the place that you get them just put in your shipping address but everything else you can order on the us site so then that’s going to save you money don’t order.

Everything on the uk site because your shipping will be more expensive so just order these on the uk site and order everything else on the us that was right yeah and depending on region determines the amount of stock that we’ve got so actually u s i.

These are quite low actually us off the top of my head so be fast and everywhere these i would i just i just have a feeling i might be wrong but i have a feeling people based on what i’ve seen written you’re going to order in bulk so yeah be fast if you know you want them but yeah.

We should be absolutely fine i don’t know it’s such a hard question to answer because i don’t want to give you the wrong answer um okay let’s move on now to fitting us equipment oh i didn’t bring the foam roller up it’s inside beautiful okay so this is our new.

Equipment so we obviously don’t have a huge sail on this but this we do so we have our lean skipping rope especially if you are on the app you will know how many skipping workouts there are on there i love skipping i actually do it as a warm-up now as well so i do a thousand skips someone replied to me the other day on instagram and was.

Like do you mean a hundred skips and i was like no a thousand i get in the zone don’t i i just love it so i do it in sets of 100 and then i mix up so i’ll do running for 100 i’ll do jumping for 100 i’ll do some crossovers so anyway these are our lean skipping ropes 50 off they have don’t wish for it work for it on them which again is a really cute little.

Touch they come in a gorgeous little bag all of our bags are reusable and the price of these 50 off from 18 pounds down to 9 pounds so 50 off let me just see i think it’s oh gosh i can’t but it comes in a little reusable bag.

Like this and you can use it for so many different things especially when you’re traveling i just i love this touch on all of our products i know but it comes in a reusable bag that’s the slightest one i’ve got two sliders one okay on to this newer equipment obviously we didn’t put a big discount on these at all because it will.

Be unfair however loads of you have already received them and you’re already getting use out of them which makes me so happy we’ve used them all week so we have our sliders our pilates ball our two ankle weights one kg and two kg and our foam roller these are going to be used so much on the app as well as youtube they’ve already all been used on.

Youtube except this and because this requires i go into physio mode with this i really really teach you based on my degree and the physio tips and tricks on how to recover but you can also use it for workouts i’ve also used all of them on instagram as well so there’s some instagram workouts but the app is going to be packed full with workouts using.

All of these all of this equipment has 10 off okay so the sliders uh alex you might have to find the sliders for me we’ll move on to them in a second the pilates ball is full price 11 pounds and it’s gone down to nine pounds 90 you’ve already seen how much use you can get out of this baby it comes deflated with a little straw and.

Then you literally just blow it up and pop this in comes in a little bag again and depending on how inflated it is determines how hard it is i am going to be putting some how-to videos on this in the app and like the form-based videos to teach you how to use it and in obviously the full length videos i show.

You as well but in a nutshell the less deflated is the less inflated it is so the more deflated it is like this the easier it is the more you inflate it the harder it is because obviously your body’s having to work harder on that uneven surface to balance you honestly.

I can’t tell you how much of a game changer these are i have a strong core already and but with these i feel like it just challenges me to a whole new level i fall off it all the time don’t i because i’m trying like i’m testing out new workout views for you all of it’s based on my background as a physio also pilates instructor but i like mixing it.

Up a little bit and like finding fun ways of challenging your core the best way of describing it is if you feel like your core isn’t activating or if you feel like you’re getting neck pain or back pain and your core isn’t working by going on the ball it forces quite literally forces your core to kick in so these for me like the fact that it’s.

Only nine pounds 90 it’s a game changer because this is going to have your core on freaking fire and so yeah you can also work legs with it as well hamstrings oh my gosh so sliders are just next to that so they are the sliders oh sorry there they are so these are normally ten pounds these have gone down to nine.

Pounds and obviously can be used on the two surfaces so this side down is on like tiles wooden floor this type of floor here this side down is carpet which i think is amazing so these again those oblique mounting climbers that i just did i did them yesterday as well the fire is ridiculous and you don’t have to just.

Use them for core they can be used for upper body they can be used for lower body and lunges to the side lunges back like honestly the options are quite literally endless i was doing a beautiful move the other day so you can do like you’re sliding to the side but this is one of my favorite new moves so here it takes a bit getting used to.

But you come across then you take your body across like that and it hurts trust me it hurts and if you combine that with ankle weights as well you’re in trouble okay so that’s your sliders your ankle weights come in two weights you obviously have the heavier ones which i use today which does make a.

Big difference 2kg the 2kg is normally 24 pounds that’s down to 21.60 and the 1kd is normally 20 pounds and that’s down to 18 pounds honestly both are really hard we have bundles as well um and there are bundles including these and this.

Uh there’s bundles including one of them and the sliders there’s the whole home equipment there is this is a bundle as well so if you’re wanting to get both i’d recommend going with a bundle the bundles have an even bigger discount on top of the discount that’s already there which is just wild so.

My baby the foam roller this can be used not only for recovery which i know a lot of you want to be showing like how to use it it can also be used for exercises as well so um i do it every day now i actually haven’t i’ve been so naughty since your brother and like sister-in-law and wife but um i got into a really really good routine so i don’t.

Know if you guys remember about four weeks ago maybe six weeks ago i had really bad back troubles and i had to go get the doctors to look at it it was just really bad and i knew i needed a physio and since then i’ve been really routine apart from the last few days 10 minutes 15 minutes a day of foam rolling it.

Helps prevent the pain but also like manage the pain if you’ve got it already it’ll help with recovery i get like a million clicks out of my bag when i do it it just feels great you should be doing it actually smacker 10 off full price 13 down to 11 pound 70. that is the new home kit right.

Last up the new fans right i think tell me if i’ve missed anything we’ve obviously got the bundles okay new bands these have been the biggest question on all of your lips like i see those new bands in the background what are they.

Tell me more tell me more so our bats have been out of stock for quite a while haven’t they alex and and there’s a few still left in stock in the us i think but we have our brand new lead vans which i am so excited about they are new and improved they are slightly different and i’m going to talk you through the what’s the house the whys which ones to.

Go for and which ones to avoid just kidding some of them are absolutely brutal and and yeah basically if you have any questions alex will be having a look anyway but this one oh is right she got it so this is our beautiful new colorways which i honestly think are absolutely stunning i love them we have stuck with our staple teal.

Color we used to call it aqua it’s now called the lean teal because it’s updated let me get the band section up okay new bands cool so we have our staple adjustables these are 100 our best seller and it’s something that i would recommend if you’re buying just one band it should be one of these because they’re the most.

Versatile of all of the bands all of them actually can be used in so many ways but these have three strengths in one depending on how much you loosen or tighten the buckle determines the strength of which you’re going for we do have the three different strengths so this one.

The teal goes from light through to heavy so you have light you have medium and you have heavy in there so i’m going to show you the resistance it’s pretty hard still it is still pretty hard but this is our light fruit heavy okay we then have this one which is our new charcoal color which is exactly the same light through.

To heavy however it’s for people who aren’t wanting that super bright color i’m looking at alex because it would be him you’d go for the charcoal wouldn’t you and my brother-in-law back in london was begging me to bring out a darker color and when we brought out the black before he was so happy because it was like i take it to the gym and he also.

Takes it to classes and he didn’t want the brighter color so this is charcoal we used to have the black i love this i would say the color to look at is a charcoal but it also has like a hint of navy in there it’s a really beautiful color so that’s also light through to heavy so these two exactly the same you just choose which one you want three.

Strengths in one then okay i need to take a deep breath for this because i’m going to have to do an example of how strong it is aren’t i this is ridiculous like i yeah i’ve used it three times only apart from all the testing we’ve done i’ve used it in three workouts one was downstairs when i.

Decided out of the blue i haven’t done a gym workout in over a year and i decided to try a gym workout and i used it for thrusters i was shaking like a leaf like literally it’s ridiculous so this is our heavy through to extra extra heavy it’s tough okay wanna see the difference.

Okay that one i’ll go as hard as i can versus this okay it’s touched it’s so dutch so if anyone has already got this and they want a step up if anyone has the strongest legs and the light you know what i want a real real real challenge this is the band for you i personally.

I’m going to be using this more and more and more and more and more because this challenges my booty to a whole nother level so you’re adding resistance it’s like adding weight but it’s in a specific area obviously depending on where it is on your body but most likely it’s going to be just above the knees i’ll be using throughout.

All of the workouts on the app and youtube you can obviously choose it it depends on how much of a challenge you want you can choose between the two levels but if you are you know a fair way into your fitness journey and you’re wanting a challenge this is the baby for you it is absolutely unbelievable okay right coming into.

The hip bands now we have four colors on our hip bands these can be used they’re super versatile as well they can be used for hip training so jump jacks jump lunges in and out squats jump squats uh burpees within and out jump like they can be used for absolutely everything these are our hip bands they are designed to make your hip.

Workouts your fat burn cardio workouts even harder by adding a resistance however they can be used for like pilates as well so they can be used if you if you don’t have this for like side work series donkey kicks they can be used for so many things they are a thinner band meaning that they typically have less resistance than these and.

Allow more range of movement hence therefore hit and we have the four strengths so our medium is in the aqua again i’m going to show you each one so a fair a fair amount of resistance there i think what one was our light no we don’t have the light it’s medium medium heavy extra heavy so these two are the same so again this comes down to.

So i’ve got a very itchy nose this comes down to what color you want this is our new raspberry which i love i love it so much so you have our teal and our raspberry these are both in medium okay so they’re both in medium they are by the way all of these are 10 off as an introductory offer we then have i’m making sure i get all of this right for.

You our charcoal which is heavy and again extra heavy so it follows the same suit this one is the extra heavy so our charcoal is heavy and extra heavy this is tough this is really tough okay so medium medium medium medium heavy extra heavy so that.

Goes through the different ones we then have our long bands okay so these babies look at those colors don’t you think they just look gorgeous 10 off of everything this one down here isn’t ready yet so um this one isn’t going on sale this bottom one but the top three are uh we have follow the following similar suit again our charcoal is in.

Light it’s a thinner band okay so this is new to the lean collection we’ve changed the width so you can see that the width is different per band and that obviously determines how strong it’s going to be as well as the actual elasticity of it as well so this is our light in charcoal you can be using that for like a lighter upper body.

Stuff which i definitely would and and core stuff i wouldn’t use it for lex we then have our raspberry in medium which i would actually start introducing into legs but some upper body as well and then we have our heavy which is in our teal okay so more so legs this is our extra heavy it’s not going to be available on monday i’ll keep you.

Updated this is brutal this can actually be used as well in a gym setting for like pull-ups as well for assistive pull-ups so all of these shout if you have any questions all of these are 10 off as an introductory offer we wanted to put a discount on absolutely everything for black friday for you guys um.

But yeah just 10 off because obviously they are brand new products something super super important to tell you about the bands only so this new collection of the bands they are on pre-order okay so they’re available on pre-order they’re not going to be sent from the warehouse straight away we are going to be updating you like the pre-order that we.

Did last year we’ll be updating you on when they’re going to be sent out you’ll obviously get an email to let you know but this is for people who know they want to snag them they don’t want to wait you know you want to secure those bands and as soon as they are available they’re going to be sent out to you right alex.

So and you’re not going to be waiting forever don’t worry it’s not going to be long at all but i just want to tell you that that they are available on pre-order so if you know you want to secure them you know you want to secure them at 10 off because after black friday they will be full price then you want to snag them on monday our black.

Friday monday black friday that doesn’t make sense our lean black friday is on a monday 22nd and at 5 p.m uk time 9 a.m pst um anything else alex oh.

If you are looking to order multiple things which i know a lot of you will if you are wanting to order anything from here because they are available on pre-order it won’t the whole thing the whole package that you order won’t be sent out to you until these are sent out to you.

Does that make sense so if you’re ordering this and all of these this whole amount won’t be sent out to you until this is sent out to you’ll be sent out together so what i would recommend if you are desperate if you are running low on your bars and you want to order all of this i would put this order through first of all as one.

Order then that will all be sent out to you straight away and then i would order whatever you want from here in a separate order right yeah because then you’re not waiting for these to arrive yeah i hope that makes sense any questions let’s quickly go through and.

Yeah let me know anything there snacker i think alex uh is there a bundle with all the new bands it’s if you just download this guy here you’ll be able to go through that right there you’ll be able to download and then uh yeah just go through all the available.

Bundles yeah so basically everything’s in our catalog our catalogue is in um is actually on instagram it got posted on lean with lily on instagram and it’s super easy to see everything so you can just plan out your wishlist and be ready and if you ever want like the latest of what’s going on instagram lean with lily is the place to find out and also the.

Mailing list so it will be sent to your email there was an email sent out yesterday with all of the deals on there yeah all right guys alex is telling me we’ve got to wrap it up because i was due to start a live on instagram five minutes ago so i’ve got to go over to insta now all right guys i love you so much.

I will see you oh wait that was the last day of the guide i’m so bloody proud of you guys you smashed it um you’ve obviously got three more days to go but keep at it i know you’ve got this and i hope to see you on the app for day one of the cut guide on monday and keep an eye on the community section of youtube as well i’ll put some updates there for.

You guys i love you well done he’s so tired
Lilly Sabri

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