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PILATES BARRE BURN | 30 minute Home Workout


What’s up you guys i’m so excited for today’s workout we’re doing bar pilates bar very different although there’s a lot of similarities between like the other pilates i do i’m just going to bring you down to warm up while i talk a little bit we’re just going to say side to side so basically 30 minutes you guys it’s.

Gonna be full body we’re gonna be sculpting we’re gonna be toning you’re gonna be probably having a little bit of a shake okay totally normal this is quite different you are gonna need a chair that’s the one thing that you do need if you don’t have a chair you can just use like any surface that you can get your hands on a wall is okay but i.

Prefer you to have something you can actually balance on ideally you want the chair to be like hip or waist height obviously i’m like a very long human so this is pretty low for me but ideally you’d want it about here okay so it depends on your height and then if you have it some light weights if you have them light weights i’ve got.

One kg here entirely up to you guys how heavy you go your pilates ball or a pillow and then your long bands if you have them amazing if you don’t don’t worry and i’m going to get you to grab your adjustable band as well so i’m going to go black today so we’re gonna be loading up.

On the equipment just side to side you guys swaying out how you feeling are you ready for this 30 minutes straight flow we’re going to step those legs out now and i just want you to sway side to side just letting all that tension come out the body good now taking your body weight side to side weight through the heels.

So it’s super important that we’re really warm for this you guys especially around the hips letting them fall out and stepping those feet in now you guys okay we’re just going to sway the leg backwards and forwards a few times and taking it back letting momentum take it.

sideways guys you’re coming across and back okay a little bit of stability if you need it coming back and forward alex what are you up to with your timer.

Have you not started okay that’s fine so we’ll go for 25 minutes once this warm up’s finished now i want you to reach those arms up and over their heads go in a nice backbend peel yourself down walk yourself forward step your left foot to your left hand then open up.

we’re just gonna walk the heels out side to side eight seven six five four three.

we’ve got side no no i don’t know that’s fine we’ll just do a 30.

Yeah okay coming up into standing you guys all right taking the chin to the chest last stretch just drawing a circle ear goes to shoulder and a half up half moon okay pull that core in nice and tight let all the tension come out of the body four.

You’re gonna need your chair now we’re gonna get started in 15 seconds okay that countdown’s already started all right bringing that chest close towards your body you have it just as a little bit of balance okay i want the feet shoulder distance apart both feet facing forwards we’re going to start off just by coming down into a.

Squat taking the weight back through the heels tracking the knees over the middle toe where they’re going to come on to the toes lower down and back up okay one two three slow and controlled let’s go step those feet wider slightly pivoted outwards fingertips resting come low.

Okay pulse up pulse up chest open knees wide tracking over those middle toes fine straight down up.

Never knees wide track those knees over the middle toes chest round and open weight back through the heels spine straight not much to think about those fingertips and pulse good you guys four times.

nine four three two how you feeling you’re not coming up give them a hit if they need it give them a shake if they need it but we’re.

Going straight back in okay hold it hold it hold it go back three four four four three four two we come down a few inches and up a few inches down you’re not coming out we pray lower seven.

fifths three it should be trembling it should be.

Hurting last one now rings are lower than we’re done eight seven six five chest open four a little bit lower.

Three oh my good gosh we still gotta go back in okay just give those legs a little bit of a shake a little bit of a hit i’m sure alex will be seeing some comments coming through soon okay toes pivoted outwards we’re.

Coming back onto the toes this time we’re gonna pulse okay you got this weight for that beam in four three core tight in two okay down we come toes let’s go seven.

how are we going you guys okay we’re going into glutes now to keeping the chair in the same position you have the option of adding a band if you want to i’m gonna go with the strong you actually have an option of double banding if you want to i’m going to leave it up for you guys okay you’re.

Going to pop your foot onto the band if you want to put the adjustable around your knees now you can you’re going to put your leg into it okay step slightly back from the chair we’re gonna hinge the hips forward weight back through the heels core nice.

And tight fingertips are resting we bring that leg up to 90 degrees we point the foot okay point that foot make sure you’re stable on that band i recommend under the heel we have some donkey kicks in bar okay pull that core in tight in four the way.

Is oh just make sure that your heel is on that band okay exactly the same tighten it if you feel you’ve got a little bit more resistance it’s entirely up to you you guys.

All right bringing that leg up wasn’t overly elegant lily okay taking that body weight forward squeeze the booty hold hold hold now it’s tough straighten bend lower.

keep that leg high change it high halfway pull two next two guys that standing leg should be like what the heck have you just done to me lily okay going on to that other side we’re.

Gonna step that heel on feed it through the leg okay so the back of the knee guys if you don’t have any of the bags you can do all of this to now the bands are just going to make it a lot harder okay let’s bring that leg up let’s flex it four three two let’s go.

seven six three oh is.

Is tighten it we’re going with some push-ups this is going to hurt you guys but we know it is worth it okay tighten moderate resistance pop it just above the knees we’re going with outer booty.

Outer thighs shaping into the hips then we’re going to be going inner thighs okay coming nice and low on your chest in four and three and two okay down we come low pull hold.

Um guys you want to make this workout worthwhile you’re already over halfway every single move you do do it with meaning think about your goal okay and don’t give up go 10. hey why not.

How are we going we’re standing and standing the bang comes off now you’re gonna grab your pillow or your pilates ball if you have it okay i want that ball in between your inner thighs we’re resting our fingertips again okay just go with a quick forward bend if you feel like your back’s a little bit sore for your hamstrings okay squeezing those.

Inner thighs if you have the ball i want there to be about a fist in between your feet or wherever it feels natural with that ball or that pillow okay if you don’t touch the inner thighs together squeeze them okay squeeze squeeze squeeze all right you guys stepping away from.

The chair slightly we’re going to come down into a squat we’re going to allow those knees to come forward which is what i normally tell you not to do to hit your glutes okay loosen your thigh four three two and wax this.

Lower keep squeezing grease keep freezing i feel it too you guys i feel it too okay we’re going into core now we will be coming back up into standing.

Towards the end how you guys feeling by the way i’m absolutely loving this all right so chair turns around okay chair is optional you can do all of this without the chair on the floor if you want to just realize how much my nails match this how nice okay.

We’re gonna come down i want your feet up onto the chair heels resting your hands are in a diamond shape we’re going to start introducing the light weights in a second okay so from here what i want you to do is imprint the spine flatten the back into the mat core tight reach and lower it’s really slow it’s really.

Controlled and it’s all about just activating those four layers of core okay so for that reach lower.

okay so really think about those stomach muscles keep that lower back flat up bring it over to the sides and back let’s go keep that.

Down okay get ready for the other side in four and three keep looking foolish okay that’s the way you’re gonna protect the.

Neck last one good work you guys oh how you going all right i want you to place those feet down on the floor now.

But keep the chair on surface there if you don’t have the chair please don’t worry just pop the weights onto the floor in front of you okay what i’m going to get you guys to do now is control into a full up imprint the spine come up place the weights down slowly.

Pop back down let’s go we’re gonna start making it harder by lifting one leg only if you feel able this is hard okay let’s go good changing legs now last one.

Okay we’ve done this okay going into a full pipe you guys full plastic on the hands if you can i want your wrists directly underneath your shoulders okay really nice and strong you guys you got this in four in three.

two good now hold let’s go wow what i want you to do is shift your body weight forward onto your toes so we come from the ball of the foot onto the toes.

You’re slightly stepping your left foot into the center of the mat you come onto that toe you take the knee to the forehead if you can okay three two one let’s go we’re gonna hold 15 seconds.

seven six five four three two one.

And down gonna even you out okay exactly the same but on the other side you’re four in three strong you guys quarter time two left knee hey again 15 seconds i want that body weight slightly shifted.

And we’re here ten nine eight six five times higher for the elbow three two.

Stretch you guys dropping the butt back to the ankles reaching those hands forward how are we going you have just two minutes left that is all time for this to come off we are finishing up i am standing okay all right you guys.

Turn that chair towards you if it isn’t all ready okay like so we’re gonna go with a side step up if you want to use the weights you can arms come out in front of you we come up right did you see how i wanted to buckle there ten seconds you guys.

come on five four three two one changing sides please excuse my right knee whenever i do stuff like.

That it’s the one without the acr so i just have to take it super slow this side should be stronger let’s go hold those arms from you guys inside three.

Good coming down legs come wide arms out in front of you good we’re gonna go with 30 seconds that’s all okay come live low low slow good luck alice have you got a timer there by any chance don’t worry i’ll count them good.

Hold on we’re going rest eight seven six 13.

come on don’t give up sit sit strong you guys five four three two.

Now we hold eight seven six lower five four three if you’ve got it in use 16 tucks then we can pull down 16 15 14 30.

12 11 5 on those toes 10 look at that shake 8 7 6 5 4 3 2.

My gosh guys you know what is so important right now is that you stretch okay because you are going to be in pain if you don’t stretch that was a different type of training so my gosh it’s highly likely you will feel it tomorrow so please stretch there’s a finisher right.

To that there’s the finisher and the finisher i don’t think it’s on screen but it is in the playlist i’m going to show you where that is now and the full guide will be in your inbox today the reason why it’s a little bit later today is because we’re working on the app you guys and so we’ve been going all in on.

The app so obviously you have a guide it’s just a little bit late in actually getting the guy but i’m here with you every single day as per how did you find it by the way i’d love to know i’m like that was a whole nother level like a different level of bed by the way.

Bands on the website i’m getting asked so many times like where can i get the bands these are on my website we’ll pop it there for you there’s also going to be a new long vans workout this weekend in the facebook group so we’re going to be.

Using the three long bands for upper body and core and we’ve still got a few more of those exclusive workouts so that’s in the facebook group but yeah you can buy the bands on my website and is there anything else to it just i’m going to see how you’re all feeling let’s quickly pop wi-fi back on.

Okay let’s go let’s go guys you killed it i’m so proud of you i’m so so so proud of you i actually i really love that please don’t forget to tag me on instagram by the way i love seeing your stories especially when i see you like talking into camera i’m like oh okay yeah that.

Was a tough one um okay awesome i can’t get in the live chat for some reason but yeah i don’t know why i can’t get in the live chat but i hope you enjoyed it okay finisher what’s the finisher so the.

Finisher is in the playlist i’m going to show you that quickly now all right oh gosh i’ll tell you what i’m going to stretch straight away wowzers okay okay okay.

Here you go my loves cannot see so if you go to playlist at the top i’m actually shaking you go to playlist at the top of my channel there these are all of the playlists so here it says hourglass building 14 day guide dash one so that refers to day one you click on it.

This has just the one video in there the other one will be going in after this after this live so yeah it will be there don’t worry all right reverse reverse um my legs are still trembling from addie i hear you so hard from marika.

Um i’ll do it tomorrow from luna luana sorry and guys if you enjoyed that please please drop a comment below the video so outside of the live chat because then it just basically lets me know if you’d like more of it if you didn’t like it i won’t be offended if it wasn’t your style that’s fine but if you do want because i’m trying to mix it up.

For you guys just to keep it really fun and challenging and progressive and so yeah let me know if you did like it alright guys how’s teddy doing he is in his teepee he’s doing better isn’t he he’s not there yet but he is doing better he’s back in the vet on uh thursday to hopefully get the stitches.

Out so we’ll see i hope so um all right guys nice to change things up loved it thank you lily that was fun i’m glad you guys enjoyed it all right well i love you very much i will see you for another live tomorrow it’s on.

Instagram on uh the holland and barrett instagram that is a finisher so it’s up to you if you want to do it’s a 15-minute call finisher and if you check out my stories on instagram it’s all there or it will be there and and yeah i love you loads and i will see you tomorrow more for an optional live it’s entirely up to you but i’ll be.

Killing off your call basically all right snekker i think we’re done bye
Lilly Sabri

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