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PILATES ABS FAT BURN πŸ”₯ Tone, Sculpt & Belly Fat Burn | 5 min Workout


This workout is targetedtowards your abs and fat burn, you are going to get themost incredible results. And trust me, the burn isgoing to be like no other. Just 5 minutes long, no equipment needed. Let me know how you get onin the comments down below, and I can guarantee youare going to be shocked at what you can achieve in just 5 minutes. I recommend doing this workout for 2 weeks, 5 times a week,.

And monitor your progress down below. Now, don’t forget to hitthat subscribe button, we upload new workouts aminimum of twice a week. And don’t forget to hitthat thumbs up button and the bell icon ifyou want to be notified every single time a new workout goes live. If you are looking to transform your body, burn fat, and get in thebest shape of your life, our Lean Transformation Method.

Has now launched it’s 8weeks long on the LEAN App. Click to download below,we’ve got over 10,000 women all around the world whohave already started. Okay, let’s get started now with this 5 minute little workout. Okay, we’re starting off downand lying, both legs long, as you come up into sitting, reach for the toe and back down again. Good, you have 30 seconds each exercise,.

That is all, and I can guarantee you I’m going to burn theheck out of your abs. (timer beeping) Good work, all the way up into sitting, you’re now going to roll back to where you feel your core kicking in, drive the knee into yourchest and back out again. Really keep those stomach muscles engaged. Belly button back towards your spine,.

Core tight, relax your shoulders. (timer beeping) Amazing work, fingertips by your temples, come up and back down again. Good, you are rolling back to where you really feelthat core kicking in. And if you’re feeling your hipflexes, open your legs apart. Good, you don’t come all theway up, it’s a tiny movement. (timer beeping).

All the way down into lying now. Okay, from here, bend both knees. I want you to come niceand high into the crunch, and you’re going to pumpthe arms up and down with pilates hundredths. Breathe, breath in for five, breath out for five, andkeep looking forward. (timer beeping) Okay, gently rest your hand,.

Your head in your hands, I should say. both legs up, straighten out, lift, lower. You’re sticking with that one side. You want your chin tucked to your chest, eye gazed forward in between the legs, and 90 degrees at the knees and the hip. (timer beeping) Okay, straight change other side. Your lower back is flat into the mat,.

Engage those core muscles, breathe. Pilates is not easy you guys. Come on, breathe throughit, you can do it. (timer beeping) Okay, knees into yourchest, we can do this. I want you to come up again, double leg tabletop this time, tap the toe down and backup again, pilates scissors. Exactly the same checkpoints,.

90 degrees at the knees and the hips, lower back flat, breathe. (timer beeping) Amazing work, okay, double leg stretched, we’re going to reach to the ankles, straighten the legs and the arms out. Lower down your head if it feels too much. (timer beeping) Amazing work, knees into your chest again.

Next up, I want you to bend the left knee, straighten the right, you’re coming all the way up and rotate. Breathe. The wider your elbowsare, the harder it is. (timer beeping) Amazing work, straight change, let’s go. Come on, this is your last exercise. You can do it, 15 seconds that is it.

Keep those elbows wide if you can, let’s go for four more reps. (timer beeping) Yes, oh my gosh, wow.

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