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NEW YEAR NEW ABS πŸ”₯ Intense Belly Fat Burn in 2023 | 6 min Workout


It starts today, 8 weeksto get in the best shape and mindset of your life in 2023. This program is going totransform the game for you. It is science-based. It progressively getsharder as you work your way through the 8 weeks andthere’s different styles of training to keep itsuper interactive and fun. You also get a personalized meal plan so you can keep your nutrition on point.

And a habit tracker andjournal and so much more. Guys, you have up to 50% off right now. This offer ends really soon. Please don’t miss out. Hit the link down belowand come and join us on the LEAN app and transformyour body and your mind. (beeping) Okay, so we are startingoff with a full roll up, clap, reach and down.

Amazing work. 45 seconds each exercise. Just have some fun with this, guys. Don’t give up. You can do it. Pace yourselves. 15 seconds left. (beeping) Amazing work.

From there, I want you to place your hands in a diamond shapeunderneath the lower back and we’re just going to gowith some flutter lowers. Good, lift that headup if you want to work into those upper abs as well. Just 15 seconds left. Keep that belly buttonback towards the spine. Breathe.(beeping) Amazing, from here flex thefeet, heels in, toes out,.

And just tap. Make sure you keep that lower back flat and that belly button backtowards the spine, core engaged. 15 seconds left, incredible work. Okay, now try and comea little bit higher. Last 10 seconds. (beeping) Amazing. Drop down from there. Straight legs, fingertips by your temples.

One leg down, followed by the other. If this feels like too much, instead come here. Really tight into your chest. 10 seconds left. (beeping) Amazing work, from thereplant the feet down nice and high in that crunch. Reach left and right.

Okay, we’re going tomix it up a little bit. Left, right, left, right, up, up. 1, 2, 3, 4, up, up. Good work. (beeping).

Amazing. From here I wantyou to bring yourselves up onto all fours. Okay. It’s about to get nice and spicy. Tuck those toes under. Start off with a hover hold. We’re now going to comeleft knee, left elbow, right, left, back, right knee, right, left, right, back, left knee.

Good work. Really pull those core muscles in. Super tight. Breathe. (beeping) Great work, we’re cominginto a full plank now, okay. Taking yourselves down onto your forearms, tuck that tailbone under and hold. Super tight.

Good work. Left knee touches down, right. Incredible. Breathe. Keep it going. You have 20 seconds left. Amazing work. Keep taking that belly buttonback towards the spine. 10 seconds. (beeping).

Amazing. From here, we aregoing to come back into sitting and we’re going to really really smoothly and elegantly lift the legs up. Okay, we’re going to hold, relax, breathe. If this feels like too much, take those legs down. Three,.

Two. Okay, run it out. 15 seconds, then we’re done. Come on guys. 10 seconds, then you are done. (beeping) Two, one. Yes.

Oh my gosh, my abs are dying.

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