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NECK PAIN? 3 Stretches we should ALL be doing at our desks


Laughs welcome back to my channel Lily Sudbury there thank you for joining me for yet another video today’s one is all about three quick tips to help relieve your neck pain now before we get started if you wouldn’t mind please do give this video a thumbs up and I have watched it yet but it really supports my channel and also don’t forget to hit the.

Subscribe button I upload five new videos every single week so those of you who are new to my channel I am a physiotherapist it was a work in social media online training and my page my channel is all about health and lifestyle so if you want a little bit more of that make sure you get that subscribe button right we’re gonna get.

Started three stretches that you can do anywhere this is perfect for you guys who work at a desk I’m sorry guys this is my puppy Teddy and every single time I film he suddenly appears and is like mommy I want to be involved so you’ve said I now have to put you down and show everyone flesh stretches but just to point out these stretches are amazing.

Not only for managing neck pain but also for preventing it so those of you who work at a desk or even on a laptop I recommend setting a timer on your laptop on your phone every two hours take yourself away from your computer give yourselves three minutes to completely stretches and honestly it’s gonna make such a difference to not only how you.

Feel but also your work productivity let’s get that stretch number one is for the back of the neck we’re gonna interlock the fingers place the hands at the back of the head draw the elbows together sitting nice and upright I’m just going to take the chin down towards the chest so you’re not dropping the whole body in the body’s upright the.

Chin goes towards the chest and you apply a slight overpressure down really feeling that stretch in the back of the neck if you want to you can just move the head cradling it side to side slightly just to change the angle of that stretch you want to complete this for 30 seconds next up is a stretch for the side of the neck I’m gonna take your.

Left hand and place it underneath your left bottom from there gonna take your right ear drop it toward your right shoulder staying nice and upright you’re going to use your right hand to cradle your opposite ear from their deep breath in on the breath out just allow that weight of the arm to apply no pressure so you’re not forcing it and then you.

Want to breathe into that and you should feel a nice deep stretch down the side of your neck staying nice and upright this is a really nice stretch for that upper trap muscle even a hold this for 10 to 15 seconds just gradually going a little bit further and then slowly bring yourself back into neutral before repeating on the other side the last.

Practice were your levator scapulae another horrible muscle when it gets tight it can really cause a lot of pain in the neck and we so tension headaches all of these stretches combined can really help with these symptoms your hand underneath your bottom again this time you’re going to turn your head to a 45 degree angle and then take your chin.

Down towards your chest almost like you’re looking towards your armpit from there clapping the back of the head take a deep breath in and on the right that you’re taking chin down toward your chest like you’re trying to sniff your armpit and you’re going to feel this in a slightly different place it’s further round the.

Side you’re going to hold this 10 to 15 seconds taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth and then each breath out trying to take it just a little bit further great back and then you’re gonna repeat that on the other side there’s a conclude job 3 it stretches for neck pain I really hope that helps guide I know how nasty neck.

Pain can be I’ve been there it is horrible it is debilitating so as I said these are really great not only for management for Center for prevention to try and set that Tyler sorry guys Teddy’s try and set that time at every two hours get those stretches and just take a moment to yourselves close your eyes if you want to breathe a nice.

Calm deep breaths in through the nose out through the mouth I think I gotta go look after my puppy and enjoy guys I will see you tomorrow we fit tip Friday’s

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