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This is your 5 minute, at home, intense abs workout. I want you to do this for 10 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Now, big news guys, we have a brand new free guide launching on YouTube this Monday. Now that is Monday the 29th of August. It is 7 days long but if you’ve missed the start date, please don’t worry. You can start at any time.

And it is called the “Feel Good Fit Factory Prep Guide”. Now the goal of this guide is for those of you who like me, may have fallen off track a little bit and not worked out as much as normal over the summer period. And this is designed to get you back on track, feeling strong and amazing, and basically realizing how beautiful you are, because you are. This is all about confidence. There’s going to be a combination of HIIT workouts,.

Pilates workouts, strength workouts active recovery and live sessions with me. There is a brand new workout every day you guys, except 1 rest day. All right, we’re in this together, you can download the guide right now in the description box. It is free. Get started, get stuck in, download that guide and I’ll see you on Monday for day number one.

(machine beeping) (machine beeping) (machine beeping) Your free Feel Good Fit Factory Prep Guide starts on Monday 29th of August. That is just a few days away guys, please, please, please, don’t miss out. It is free, and even if you missed the start date, you can download it anytime and get involved.

Check out the description box and I’ll see you on Monday for day number 1, we are going to feel so confident and amazing. I’m doing it with you.
Lilly Sabri

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