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MODEL LEGS PILATES WORKOUT πŸ”₯ Toned, Lean Legs Fat Burn | 10 mins


If you are wanting to sculpt and tone into beautiful, lean legs, this Pilates workout is goingto have your legs on fire. Just 10 minutes long, no equipment needed. We are working the outer thighs, the back of the thighs, the front of the thighs, and the inner thighs.

Nothing is left untouched, and I’m going to bring the fire. No breaks. This workout is for absolutely everyone. Take it at your own pace, and if you are wanting to shop this cute little newWhitney Gymshark outfit, click right here. You’re not going to regret it.

They are so comfy and cute. All right guys, no more talking. Let’s do this. (countdown timer beeping) Okay, guys, we’re starting off all the way down on your side. The upper leg is long and straight. The underneath leg has a slight bend. You’re going to take that leg forward,.

Then bring it back, trying to keep it at thesame height throughout. This is Pilates. It is all about being smooth, controlled, keeping that core engaged. Amazing work. Breathe, you guys. You have one minute on each exercise. (countdown timer beeping).

Amazing. Keep the leg here. You’re now going to arc halfway and then the whole way back, Then shoot it forward. So it’s halfway. The whole way back to neutral. Shoot it forward. Incredible.

You should be feeling yourouter thigh is on fire. We’re going to be movinginto the inner thighs next. Whoo. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. Take that leg all the way forward. The underneath leg is long and straight. Flex the foot. Up, pump, lower.

Okay, hold it at the top. Now pump it up. Let’s go nice and fast and high. Make sure that foot is flexed. Really good work, guys. (countdown timer beeping) Okay, pop back down. We’re going to stick withthe inner inner thighs. You’re going to lift up,.

Draw forward, back, neutral, down. Amazing work. Keep focusing, keep breathing, keep your core tight. Incredible. You’re nearly there now. 15 seconds left.

Breathe. (countdown timer beeping) Amazing. You’re going to turnonto the other side now, so swing your legs around. We are starting off withthose outer thighs, okay? So nice, strong, straight leg. We’re going to take that leg forward, then bring it back.

Beginners, use those hands in front of you for a little bit of support. If you are wanting more of a challenge and you feel nice and stable, take that arm up to the sky. But you want to make sure you are not rocking backwards or forwards. Good. Super smooth movements.

(countdown timer beeping) From in front, you’re going to go witha half arc to the middle, then to neutral, then bring it forward. You’re nearly halfway. Amazing work. Keep these movements supersmooth, controlled, strong. Pilates is all about control.

That is how we get results, controlling those movements. You’re looking very fluffyat the moment, Teddy. 10 seconds left. (countdown timer beeping) Incredible. Take that leg forward now, flex the underneath foot, up, pump, lower.

Exactly the same again, beginners, your hands are there fora little bit of balance. If you want to make it harder, hand on hip, harder still, arm up to the sky. Teddy’s just contemplatinglife at the moment, hey? Looking out the window, thinking about what youcould be doing out there, what you could be up to.

Good, hold it up, now pulse it. Mice and high. Nice and fast. Hey, Teddy, you want togo for a walk after this? Walkies? (countdown timer beeping) Yes. Okay, from here.

You’re going to take it forward, backwards, center and down. You want to go for walkies? You love walkies, don’t you? 20 seconds left, you guys. Hi baby. Hi there. Yes. (countdown timer beeping).

Good boy. We’re going to turn onto our backs now. Go on then, on you go. You’re going to come on up into a bridge. Let’s test your balance, Teddy. All the way up into a bridge. From there you’re goingto drive one leg up and back down again, followed by the other.

Great balance, boy. Good. Really control these movements. And the further out your legs are, the more you are goingto hit your hamstrings, the muscles down the back of the thighs. Again, intermediate here, advanced here. (countdown timer beeping) From there, peel your spine down.

We’re now going to come all the way up and onto our last exercise. So you are on your knees. From here, I want youto take yourself back as far as you feel you can. Feel those quads kicking in and then back up again. Amazing work. Wow, I feel that burn.

I don’t about you, but that is crazy. Keep your core nice and tight. Squeeze your butt. 20 seconds left. Good work. Two more reps. Last one. (countdown timer beeping) Absolutely incredible.

Oh my gosh, my lower body is on fire. Guys, don’t forget to subscribe for workouts twice a week minimum. Also, hit that thumbs up button, it really supports my channel. And hit the bell icon, that will give you a notification of every time a new workout goes live. I really hope you enjoyed that.

See you tomorrow for another one.

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