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MODEL BODY TIGHT & TONE in 14 Days πŸ”₯ Full Body Power Pilates | 12 min


If you are looking to sculpt into a lean Pilates physique, this is the workout for you. 12 minutes, it is Power Pilates so this is going to challenge you probably much more than any other Pilates workout that you’ve ever done. We are going full body,.

But with a big emphasis on core and waist. I hope you are ready for the most epic burn. I want you to do this for 2 weeks, that’s 14 days, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Now, before we get started.

Do not forget to smash that Thumbs Up button. Also hit Subscribe. I upload a minimum of 2 new workouts every single week. And hit the bell icon if you want to be notified every single time a new workout goes live. This cute little number, by the way, is Gymshark, loving the red.

You can shop it right here. Basically, click to shop and you can have this little number as well. All right, no more talking. It is time to burn. (timer beeping) Okay, we are starting off with our legs nice and wide. Pivoting those toes outwards and then we’re going to come nice and low.

Into a squat. Pull your core in tight, take your arms out in front of you. Lift one foot, followed by the other. 30 seconds, each exercise. Core tight, relaxed shoulders, and breathe. (timer beeping) Okay, this time you’re coming up onto the toes, hold there.

Drop one heel down, followed by the other. Try and pretend that you have your favorite dinner or drink on your head and you’re trying not to spill it. Core tight, relax the shoulders. Keep that breathing control going. (timer beeping) Okay, stay on the toes, both heels drop.

Raise, pulse, pulse. Good work, you can do this guys. (timer beeping) Keep breathing. Keep focusing. Okay, stay high on those toes. You may be getting a shake, that is normal. Breathe, hold, open one arm up, followed by the other.

Good work. 10 seconds left. Stay high on those toes. (timer beeping) Incredible, from there, we are coming down onto the mat, into a kneeling position. Take those arms out in front of you. Roll back as far as you feel you can. Lift one arm, lift the other arm,.

Then back up we come. Good, you want a nice straight back here. No arching that lower back. (timer beeping) Incredible, we’re going back again. Nice straight line, open and close. I’m going to show you from the side. You want to have that really nice straight line.

Through your back. You’re not here. 10 seconds left. (timer beeping) Amazing, from there, coming onto all fours, spread those fingertips, tuck the toes under. Start off with a hold. Tap the knees down and back up again. (timer beeping).

Okay, from here we’re moving on to our intense core section. I want you to roll yourself all the way down, one vertebrae at a time. And then from there, come on up into double leg tabletop. Come on up into a crunch position, straighten the leg out and then draw a nice circle.

(timer beeping) Good, let’s go with two more here. Last one. Okay, changing sides. You are at 90 degrees at that knee and that hip. Super high in the crunch, keep your eye gaze forward and your chin tucked to your chest.

Breathe. (timer beeping) Okay, from there bring your knees into your chest, just for a second. We have scissors up next. Straight leg, pull in, one, two, change sides. (timer beeping) Straight into hundreds,.

Double leg tabletop and pump those arms up and down. Good work. Breathe, focus. (timer beeping) Okay, straighten both legs out. You now have your full Pilates roll up. Fingertips by temples and take yourself all up and back down again.

(timer beeping) Okay, from here, roll back to where you really feel that core kicking in. Hover the left leg, flex the foot. Lift and lower. If this is too much, place your hands behind you. Don’t give up. (timer beeping) Okay, come up for a split second.

Roll back again, this time, hover the right leg. Let’s go. Nearly there now, 10 seconds. (timer beeping) Incredible, all the way down. Bend those knees, place your hands together. We’re coming up, flattening that back.

Reach in between the thighs. It is a slow and controlled movement. (timer beeping) Incredible, last up, we have bent leg scissors for the core. Take those legs up into double leg table top. Tap the toe down as far away from the butt as possible without your lower back laving the mat.

(timer beeping) Flatten those legs down, and from here we are going into our glute work. Arms up to the sky. Imprint, flatten the back. One vertebrae at a time, up we come. From here, as you drop the hips halfway down, arms up and over, back into neutral. (timer beeping).

Amazing, from there, keep those hands up if you feel you can. Drive one knee upwards and back down again. (timer beeping) Place your hands down. One knee up, straighten that leg out, down, up, lower, lift. Keep the pelvis super stable. Ribcage down, breathe.

(timer beeping) Okay, from there, return it back, and now onto that other side. (timer beeping) Place that foot back down again. This time we’re going to come down, up, open, close. You want to really squeeze the glute muscles here. Pull your core in tight, belly button back towards the spine.

(timer beeping) Amazing, roll your spine down, one vertebrae at a time. Now, roll onto your side. We are getting there. I want you to take this upper leg forward in a bent position and we’re going to draw some circles here. Amazing work.

Good, now, changing direction. (timer beeping) Incredible, you are going to roll onto your other side and repeat that same movement. So swing those legs around, bring that knee towards the chest and draw those circles. Your last exercise is coming up.

And I think it is the toughest one, but we love it, change direction. (timer beeping) Okay, you’re going to be coming up into a plank position. All right, bring yourself up into a nice strong plank position. From here, tuck that tailbone under, the right knee goes towards the right elbow, and we hold.

Good, hold super strong. Now take the right knee to the forehead. Hold, four, three, two and one. Left knee, left elbow, hold. (timer beeping) Five, four, three, two, and now in towards the forehead. Five, four, three, two, and one, you made it,.

A full body Pilates. Wow, I love that. If you haven’t already, please, please, please make sure you subscribe to my channel. There’s new workouts every single week, you don’t want to miss them. Hit the bell icon, that’s how you’ll get a notification of every single time I upload a new workout.

I hope you loved that. I’ll see you for another one, probably tomorrow. Mwah, well done guys.
Lilly Sabri

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