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MODEL ABS & WAIST (get 11 line abs) | 6 minute Workout


Are you ready to get results in your abs? This at home, 6 minute, sexy model 11 line abs and waist workout is going to have your core on fire, trust me. No equipment needed and we are going to get results together. I recommend you, couple this workout with my longer workouts, including HIIT, weight based training, Pilates and active recovery.

And of course, get your nutrition on point and enjoy healthy, delicious, yummy food. You can get a hold of all of that on the LEAN App. All right guys, let’s get started. (upbeat modern dance music) (upbeat dance music) (timer beeping).

– Okay guys, we’re starting off down on our back. Our legs are straight. We’re going to rotate as we take the arms from side to side. Amazing guys, 30 seconds on each exercise. Don’t forget to breathe, guys. You are killing it.

(timer beeping) Next up, take those knees into a bent position, hands together and come across and rotate. Good. Breathing and pulling that core in, nice and tight. (timer beeping).

Amazing. Stay down from there. Bring the knees in, support the head with the left hand, the right hand, I should say. And reach to the left ankle. (timer beeping) Straight change. Good whack.

Come up nice and high into that crunch and then side crunch. I’m on a slightly uneven slab of wood here. And wow, I can feel it. Getting back, just 10 seconds left. (timer beeping) Good. Straighten the right leg out, bend the left knee.

Come all the way up, rotate at the top and back down again. Come on, use that core strength. You can do this guys. (timer beeping) Straight change. Bend the right leg. Left leg straight.

Let’s go. (timer beeping) Okay. Bend those knee again. This time, reach to the left, to the right, center, center.

Keep breathing guys. Come on, you can do this. (timer beeping) Okay. Into basic core now. We’re going to take those legs up for a set of hundred. Peel the spine up and pump those arms up and down.

Amazing. If you can, straighten the legs out then bend them in. 10 seconds. That’s all. (timer beeping) Great work. Up into sitting.

Hover those legs for me. And we’re going to run it out, side to side. Come on, you’re nearly there now guys, nearly there. 15 seconds. (timer beeping) Oh my gosh. Okay. Coming into a side plank now,.

On that hand, if you can one foot on top of the other and hold strong. Amazing lap. Hold really strong for me. All right. Now, dip down and up. You’re smashing this guys.

(timer beeping) Okay. Coming onto all fours now. Tuck those toes under and come up into a hover hold. All right, coming across, elbow to opposite knee. 20 seconds, that’s all.

Breathe. You’re nearly there. (timer beeping) Okay. Last exercise. Swing those legs around, coming into that side plank again. One foot on top of the other, if you can. Otherwise one in front of the other.

Hold strong. All right, now dip down and up. Last exercise guys. Come on. (timer beeping) Yes. You made.
Lilly Sabri

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