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MODEL ABS & FLAT STOMACH (2 week results) | 5 minute Workout


This is your 5 minute at-home model abs workout. No equipment needed and I want you to do this for 10 days, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. If you are looking to sculpt into that flat stomach, this is the workout for you. And don’t forget, to get the best results, you want to be combining this with my longer form workouts all the way up to an hour in length,.

And obviously nutrition is so, so important. You can get a hold of all of that on the Lean app. (bright music) Before we get started, guys, don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and the thumbs up if you are looking for daily free workout videos. Okay, let’s do this. (timer beeping).

Okay guys, we are starting off with our legs up nice and straight, and we are scissoring side to side. You’re gently resting your weight through your arms and breathing, guys. Already halfway. 30 seconds, each exercise. (timer beeping) Amazing. Coming up into sitting. Hover the legs, and we’re rotating, elbow to opposite knee.

(timer beeping) Amazing. Down into lying now. Place those hands underneath the lower back, reverse crunch and straighten out. Good. Really pushing the legs up to the sky, guys. Nice and high. (timer beeping) Okay. Single leg now. One leg. (laughs).

Can’t get my words out. One bent, one straight, and then changing sides. (timer beeping) Amazing. Both legs up to the sky. Flutter those feet down. Whoo! And back up again. 10 seconds. You’re nearly there. (timer beeping) Amazing. Pop those legs down.

You now have a set of hundreds. Single leg, double leg, straighten those legs out and pump up and down. Breathe, you guys, breathe. And if that’s too much, lower the legs down and keep pushing, okay. (timer beeping) Amazing. Quick little hug into the chest. Okay, from here, tap the toe down and back up again.

Keep that lower back flat and the core nice and tight. Don’t forget about your pelvic floor, okay. Belly button back towards the spine, zipping up and in. (timer beeping) Amazing. Both feet down. You’re going to reach to the left, to the right, center, center. (timer beeping).

Okay, from there, you are coming up onto all fours. From there, tuck the toes under. You’re going to take the knee towards the left and then the right. Good. Pull that core in really nice and tight for me. Do not give up. You are nearly there. You want both knees hovering just an inch from the floor. (timer beeping).

Amazing. Straight into… Whoo! My hair. Your plank position. Okay, from here, left, right, forward. Come on, nearly there. Last exercise. (timer beeping) Yay. (timer beeps)
Lilly Sabri

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