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Mein Mann bittet 3 Mal pro Woche, dieses Abendessen zu kochen! Leckeres Abendessen Rezept!


4 pork steaks (I used pork neck). Dry the meat with a paper towel. Salt, black pepper, red pepper, dry garlic, paprika. Rub meat well with spices. do the same on the other side. do the same on the other side. Drizzle generously with lemon juice. some olive oil. on the other side also add lemon juice and olive oil.

This makes the meat very tender and soaked in aromatic spices. Let the meat marinate for 20 minutes. 200-300 grams of cabbage. Salt. juice ~ 1/2 lemon. mash the cabbage with your hands. Carrot. Chives. some parsley.

1 green apple. Olive oil. Sear the meat in a dry pan for 5-7 minutes on each side. If you liked my recipe, please share this video on social networks! Thanks very much! then another 3 minutes on each side. Incredibly tasty and tender meat is ready! Mmm… it’s delicious! Thank you for watching, commenting and liking my videos!
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