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LOWER ABS Workout (lose lower belly fat) | 10 min Home Workout


This home workout is an intense lower abs burner. We’re going to be targeting the stubborn lower belly fat. Which, I know a lot of people struggle to tone this area up. That is totally normal. It’s going to burn. Just ten minutes. No equipment needed. Before we get started, these have finally relaunched! These are my resistance bands. They are incredible! Please don’t miss out. They sold out very quickly last time. They are available on my website. This is the adjustable resistance band. They are hardcore. They’re going to help you get incredible results.

Start with our legs up. Reach to the feet, drop one leg down, then come back up again. Ten seconds rest. Come up, nice and high, in a crunch. You’re going to reach side to side. Core really tight. This exercise is working into the 11 line abs. This workout, is going to be working all layers of the core. Great work. Lie down. Legs out in front of you. Crunch in, and then straighten out. Halfway. I know this one burns! Keep pushing. I’m just going to swing around, so my puppy isn’t in the way.

Create a diamond shape with your hands underneath your lower back. Lift those legs up. Cross over as you lower as far as you can down, then back up again. Grab your resistance band, if you want to. Put it around the feet. We’re doing bicycles. This makes it so much harder, with the band. Come on, push. Keep the band on. Move it above the knees. We’re going for a set of hundreds. Working the outer thighs, as we push against the band. Pump the arms up and down. We now have a set of dead bugs.

Legs and arms are up at 90 degrees. Straighten opposite leg to arms. Breathing. If you are struggling, drop the legs down.Just do one leg at a time. Hands in a diamond shape. Legs as low as you can. Flutter kick, then heel tap. The lower you are, the harder it is. Last exercise. We’re going for a plank. It’s a slow mountain climber. Bring the knee in, and back. Really squeezing those abs. You smashed it! Please don’t forget to click the like button.

Also, these are going to be sold out soon! Check out my website, the link is in my description box. See you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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