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Hello it’s tracy and welcome back to my channel and today we have a great workout in the summer sweat series so first of all if you’re not subscribed to my channel make sure to press on that red button below and subscribe because you get new videos every single thursday so today you’re in first super super treat we’re going to do six movements six minutes and it’s all completely low impact and why? because you’ve requested it so let’s work out. OK so let’s get started we’re going to start off with knee ups so you can use this as a warm-up but you definitely you see I’m doing this.

With a lot of speed and you should be too so for an entire minute we’re doing these knee ups ok get those arms going you should kind of be flailing those arms around a little bit crazily but that’s the whole point here pulling in your belly good I can’t believe how much you all have requested these low impact workout so I’m happy to oblige and if you have a workout that you want to see make sure to just leave it below in the comments pulling in the belly keep the shoulders down ABS nice and tight strong here a.

Few more seconds like this good so next step we’re going to do is we’re going to go into step Jacks so it’s as though we were going to do jumping jacks but you’re not going to be jumping at all you’re just going to be stepping out good all right and here we have so step out and step out good that’s it you will see i don’t know if you can hear it but already I can feel my heart rate is like whoa starting to get up there good nice step out now I tend to do things fast.

It’s just who I am but you if you need to go a little bit slower that’s okay you can all right you can take this down a little bit in the pace that’s completely fine good couple more seconds here good keep going that’s it excellent good feeling your heart rate come up you should be this is the summertime sweat yes yes yes about 10 more seconds we can do it good that’s it you got it.

Step it up next up a little punch is ok don’t make fun of my punches just kind of leaning out to the side again here try and go as fast as you can while you’re punching hear me huffing and puffing you should be too again my speed is my speed if you need to go a little slower completely okay just make sure you’re doing these punches that you keep those shoulders down your back here and you see I’m also doing this little kind of lean side to side with my rib that’s just to get a little bit more ab work oblique work happening here.

Good it’s fun right and easy on the joints that’s what we want here. Keep on breathing good that’s right that’s about 10 more seconds good next step we’re going to do one knee and on one side are you ready here we go pull it in pull it now I know I go fast on these but again when it’s low impact we’ve gotta pack a punch here for this workout so really drive that knee in and pulling your belly really squeeze.

That’s it well you’re at halfway there come on actually a little less than half way but you’ll forgive me for lying now we’re halfway there drive that knee up remember you want to slow down you can do with this slow that’s completely fine do it at whatever pace really works for you very important good about 10 more seconds oh yes and then we’re going to do some booty work its summer time girl so let’s get those squats in and you’re ready to externally rotate sit back let your booty go out squeeze it up bootie goes out and squeeze and out and squeeze and out and squeeze.

Good squeeze it oh yeah squeeze don’t really feel that wrap around your rear end so important I can’t stress it enough and squeeze good that’s it we’re almost halfway there keep on breathing. squeeze it and squeeze good feel your your booty your rump working supposed to squeeze keep your chest up as you go down there good few more seconds.

We’ve got it that’s it ten more come on yeah excellent you ready to do that knee up on the other side of course you are here we go that last move in and in and squeeze remember go at your pace whatever works for you I’m so okay with that breathe the thing – I’ve been hearing recently that a lot of people watch my videos what the heck are you doing watching this??? get up workout with me it’s okay if you want to watch it once just to see what’s happening but after.

You’ve seen it once get up and work out with me and when you have leave me a comment let me know that we were workout partners that’s what it’s all about couple more seconds we got it just breathe good 10 more come on up up up again take it down if you need that speed lower fine with me and tada you did amazing and if you’re like me you were going to be sweating so this was our summer sweat series and this was a low impact cardio.

If you’re not already subscribed make sure to subscribe to my channel because you know I put out new videos every single thursday and i will see you next week bye
Tracy Campoli

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