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You want to work up a sweat but you don’t want to jump around this is the workout for you make sure to keep watching hello gorgeous girl and welcome back to my channel so today I’m gonna give you a little piece of move this is a low impact cardio workout that I pulled directly from our library inside of total body transformation so if.

You’re new here hello I’m Tracy – out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week I almost couldn’t say that but if you haven’t already do make sure that you subscribe to my channel and for everyone make sure to click on that little bell icon so you know every single time I have a brand new video.

That goes a lot so for this workout you don’t need any special equipment and it’s all low-impact but let me tell you you are gonna work up a sweat really fast so let’s get started with this sneak peak workout move really simple we’re gonna press the arms forward as we do a little knee lift okay really easy good are you ready let’s do it and press.

Press good pull those elbows back pull them back pull it back so we’re also really working in the back muscles here as well now because we’re moving kind of quickly that’s why you’ll see in this first part of the workout I don’t have you guys using weights here I think it’s really important if you if you really really wanted to up the ante one pound.

Weights but you see we’re moving pretty fast here so I don’t want you to hurt your joints because it is so fast it’s always we want to make sure that we have controlled movements so that you’re safe okay good that’s a yes yeah good awesome okay good so into that step out or step away whatever we call this what does it call the marsh we give the.

Lower body a little bit of a break but it’s no break because we’re gonna just punch those arms up overhead that’s gonna keep the heart rate up you ready pull up your pants drop it down here we got a punch we’ve got 45 seconds like this now I don’t want you just be like yeah chase I’m doing it no mean it punch it punch it really think like this is.

Choreography right I want to see you giving it all that you’ve got here good keep breathing that’s it he yes yes yes good bringing those arms up above your chest means to the heart rate also goes up too good this is good to do with the kids it’s not too complicated right good keep on going breathe go go go awesome okay back into that marching it.

Out all right next up is our speed skater so you want to keep it low impact follow me if you want to make it a little bit higher impact just add a little hop in between okay totally up to you both are very valid okay speed skater with a swipe swipe swipe that arm swipe good really get wide here now I know we all have different amounts of.

Space here but as you know that’s why I shoot these in my home to show you you don’t need a ton of space here okay I have more space now but you guys remember all of my other apartments right good keep it moving keep it grooving that’s it really swipe those arms so we’re working these contractions and the arms as well yes.

That’s it that’s it breathe stay with me we got it good you were doing so well come on good all right so guess what oh yeah just two more to do we’re gonna do little jumping jacks and then we’re gonna repeat it all from the beginning okay so jumping jacks they’re not really jumping jacks but jumping jack arms with.

A step out step out jacks here we go so this is a great workout for any of you if you can’t hop around and you want to know like what are the variations that I can do these are the variations you hear me my heart rate is up there I am feeling it okay if you wanted to just do regular jumping jacks right now that would be fabulous okay absolutely an.

Option for you or you just do what I’m doing here okay I mean I’m not acting this is this is legit okay good keep breathing good a few more seconds less than ten good five more good good awesome okay March it out here you did amazing I really hope that you are feeling your heart rate was raised and that you had a.

Lot of fun you know it throughout my pregnancy I did not do any high-impact cardio at all but I was still able to work out a major major sweat doing workouts like moves so if you haven’t already I want to give you a gift so I have my ultimate cheat sheet you can click on the link down below here’s why it’s important there are five major.

Mistakes that most women make when it comes to fitness and the worst part is they don’t even know that they’re making mistake so I love it if you click on that link and you can get that gift totally for free and also I’ll put it up here in the I so that’s what I’ve got for you today I really hope that you liked this sneak peak workout that I.

Pulled from inside total body transformation make sure to leave me a comment down below like this video and I will see you next time
Tracy Campoli

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