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what’s up gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today oh you’re gonna love this workout this is a low impact cardio workout so if you’re new here hello i’m tracy i put up brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already.

Make sure you click subscribe to subscribe to my channel and for everyone definitely click on the little bell icon so you always get notified whenever i have a brand new video that goes live so this workout is a little sneak peek of the full length workout it’s 30 minutes.

That you’ll find inside of total body transformation so we’re giving you a couple minutes here to give you a taste of what we do inside of the tribe and like i said this is a low impact workout i love doing low impact workouts because say it with me all low impact does not mean easy so let’s get ready to move.

With this workout so now here we go we’re going to press up overhead here as we step out very good really feel that energy it’s all low impact here good 45 seconds here remember your speed as always is your speed so you do what you can if you need to go.

A little slower than i’m going that’s fine you want to go a little faster that’s fine too or if you wanted to change this and make it a jumping jack with a press arms up overhead you could absolutely do that too very good keep on going awesome good that’s it that’s it.

Awesome keep breathing a few more seconds good all right so we’ve got just 15 seconds break here so you gotta just keep things moving here let me explain what we’re gonna do next we’re gonna punch and just drive the knee in okay.

That’s all it is really easy really simple here we go pull it pull it good that’s it really step it out remember again you can go faster than me you could go slower you could hop this if you really wanted to go for the gusto very good that will be post natal for me.

Good keep going really breathe punch it that heart rate getting up right away that’s it that’s it good awesome okay good so now just march it out stepping it out whatever feels best for you okay next up.

We’re gonna do a little booty kip kick and we’re gonna press out those arms so we’re engaging your triceps okay really simple really easy and effective good really squeeze those triceps keep the chest up those shoulders down your back i keep hitting the wall try not to do.

That i’m awesome good keep those elbows nice and high really squeeze visualize that tricep remember when we actually visualize the muscle it will contract more effectively it’s science y’all good keep breathing that’s it you’re doing so well.

Good good yes yes yes you could hop this if you wanted to make it higher impact okay good into our little step up so now nice and easy we’re gonna do that knee pull back on the other side very good just keep stepping it out we never want to just stop here okay so.

This is more like a hit cycle of cardio the most effective here we go pull that knee and pull it in really drive that knee up good and really punch that arm yes that’s it how about smiling always a good thing get that smile going this is move we’re moving.

good awesome yes aren’t you happy this isn’t a one minute interval because i know you guys don’t love those one minute intervals good keep breathing that’s it that’s it yes yes yes great okay good stepping it out so next.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to just do a little heel step here and as we do that we’re pressing the arms down so we’re shortening the sides of the waist just to get a little bit of oblique with this as well okay so press down press press it’s very dancer-like you get a little half stretch as we do.

It good keep going that’s it press it control your breathing yes you got it press good awesome feel like a dancer move like a dancer right look like a dancer good really squeeze it squeeze press it down.

Press it down that’s it that’s it see you can hear me hopping and puffing here right this does not mean it’s easy just because we’re not hopping around keep on going good all right your heart’s beating you’re feeling those endorphins your mood is boosted right isn’t that just amazing how in.

Just a few minutes you can feel that shift in your energy so that’s what we’re really all about inside of total body transformation look the truth is flat abs in a toned butt are great but there are also immediate benefits that you get from the workouts that i share with you inside total body.

Transformation things like an immediate energy boost you know feeling decreased stress and anxiety and just feeling generally happier and more energetic and those are benefits that really just can’t be beat so if you want to check out total body transformation.

My fitness membership and community definitely click on the link down below this video if you like these kind of short workouts that i share with you here on youtube well that’s just the tip of the iceberg because they’re really pulled directly from total body transformation from the full length workouts we just give you a.

Little a little slice of the whole pie that you’ll get inside tbt so all the details everything can be found down below we do open and close the doors at certain times during the year so if you are currently closed don’t worry don’t stress out just put your name on the wait list.

Because you’ll be first in line to know the next time we open our doors so that’s what i’ve got for you today you are awesome you are amazing i love sweating and smiling with you and i’ll see you next time bye
Tracy Campoli

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