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Hi and welcome back to my channel and today I have such an awesome workout for you this is the love your legs workout this is a really special workout for me because i have to tell you when I was all in my jeans in my 20’s I absolutely hated my legs so having a work out like this where i truly love my legs and have a very healthy self-esteem now is.

Really powerful i hope you also have the same experience as well and if you’re new to my channel, HELLO I’m Tracy and welcome to my channel make sure you subscribe to my channel so you never miss a workout because i put out new videos every single week so this is the second video in our love your body 21-day challenge so you’re if not already part of the challenge.

What are you waiting for girlfriend? The time is now like seriously now so in the description box below there’s a link or you can click here here where everything is gonna pop up and join the challenge. It’s totally free and it’s 21 days and i know you’re absolutely gonna love it. So for this work out all you need is a pair of sneakers and a kitchen towel. So this little thing is gonna.

Really up the anti on your workout if you have carpet you can totally do this on paper plate so let’s get ready to love our legs so it is get started going to education towel and put it flat underneath but you want to keep your foot completely flat so think of the towel completely like being your other shoe your standing leg here that doesn’t have a kitchen towel were going to inhale here and.

Exhale slide out and then come back really squeezing make sure let your booty goe way out here and as you come up your trying to squeeze that muscle right underneath your butt and really really important here good and it’s working so many things you’ve been standing leg and glut, we’re getting a little stretch on the inner thigh.

Of this leg that’s sliding, let’s do 2 more and excellent, okay good now you go to the ball of your foot and now your leg is gonna go out at an angle here out and then pull it ok so this is kind of like if I was a clock and this was twelve o’clock then it would be 5 o’clock that’s where we are going, so we’re not going straight behind, we trying to get on the.

Outside here okay and out i was practicing this yesterday I definitely feel my muscles today good two more good excellent, so now same idea I want you to go straight right back so the foot is completely in alignment with your shoulder with your hip ok that its how does that standing leg feel? You should be feeling it really working stabilize their if you’re.

On carpet you can do this paper plates remember two more now i want you to go out, come in just about 2 inches whoo burning hell yes, oh my gosh yeah good see more and last one you get come on up, now what I want you to do is take this foot behind you okay so on the ball of my foot and what I’m doing is i’m gonna let my foot slide.

Kind of out the side here and then come on in, slide so you’re going to feel your inner thigh and standing leg you’re gonna feel everything working here your core is working to stabilizeyou, this is how we love our legs good. keep on going perfect three more abs tight, two more, and last one, now stay down here I want you to swoop the leg forward and then swoop that leg behind, ok. Swoop it forward and then swoop behind.

This leg just stays still Im kinda doing opposite arm and leg you don’t have to. you can totally have your hand on your hips or if you wanted a little stabilization if you want to do this with chair or something that wouls be completely fine Hows that standing leg? Burning right ? Kiss those saddle bags goodbye honey excellent, last one here and perfect.

Yowzer right, it burns. So let’s do that on the other side. Now this leg is our standing led and this foot is flat. slide it out slide it out, come on it so remember get that booty going back and squeeze the glutes on the way up you got it keep going here perfect let’s do two more got it and last one okay on the ball of your foot remember now it’s like what is that.

Seven o’clock, ok. Slide out and come on in my hips are still square here, im just letting the foot go back, basically like bad ballet it’s not straight behind you like it should be in ballet good keep on going, perfect, lets do two more last one you know what to do now, straight behind you so it’s right behind your hip, full set here and we’re going to your favorite the pulse, you know you love that , don’t think I forgot.

Keep on going really squeeze the glute on the way up, perfect two more cleaning the floors and good now come in two inches and out and out last one now stay down here and swoop that leg to the front and swoop it to the back, keep that ball of the foot really pressing on the kitchen towel and four, abs in tight and chest is lifted yeah and six remember going to be gone.

Seven almost there, 8 and 9 and last one and perfect. Yay girl, you did it your thighs should be burning like mine are too. So, hope you loved that workoutand if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and remember if you’re not part of the 21-day challenge you’re totally missing out I’m just going to be keeping it real to you.

You are missing out so make sure you join us click on the link down here below and put here here wherever that thing is that pops up for you and join us because i know you’re absolutely going to love it is the love your body challenge there is no better challenge indeed so i hope to see you that at all
Tracy Campoli

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