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Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I know you are going to LOVE this workout because we are doing the Love Your Arms and Abs workout you’re absolutely going to love it and if you are new to my channel HELLO, I’m Tracy and I put out brand new videos every single week so make sure that you click on the SUBSCRIBE to my channel so that you never miss a video you’re going to love this workout like I said and here’s why. This is part of my 21 day Love Your Body Challenge. 21 days to create your most fit and sexy body that you love. So if you’re not already a part of the challenge, what are you waiting for girlfriend? All you gotta do is click on the link down below in the description box and i’ll also.

Link it here or here or wherever that thing is going to pop up so that you can JOIN the challenge. You definetly want to be a part of this challenge, its awesome and we have all kinds of special events So let’s get started with our workout. okay, so let’s get started. All you’re going to nedd is about 2 lb weights, you can do 1, 2 or 3 lb, whatever you like. So let’s start with arms down by your side, palms facing towards you and inhale and exhale bring the arms up to shoulder height and down and lift up and down really always feel that you are contracting in your abdominals here because we always want everything to be full body here, of course.

Good, that’s it, couple more like that. Think of these beautiful arms that you are going to Love. That you love now and you love what you are creating. So now come in elbows in, reach out and go slightly forward, elbows in a little lean back, reach it out. and in and reach, thats it and in and reach. We’ve got really alot of compounded moves here, alot of muscles working all at once. This is a good thing. A few more here. Excellent, okay good, stay here you’re going to bring your arms up and go down and down.

And then two times press down getting a little bit of ab work in here. And good, that’s it. Down and press it. You’ve got it, and down and down and press good, keep going and down really press think of when like your pressing like your squeezing on air if that makes sense. Like the air is thick and you are pressing it down, okay? One more like that Excellent, so now we are going to bring our arms forward, inhale and then pull back and in and pull, thats it and two more like that last one, good so now your gonna go here,.

Pull it, lift it, lift it, like a chicken forward pull it chicken arms up and up you can make a chicken sound if you want im not going to do that today forward pull it open the chest and up so this is really going to get in the deltoids here when you get that pulling up and then when we’re pulling back here we’re opening the chest we’re getting a little bit of that squeeze in between the shoulder blades, also a good thing. good let’s do two more like that. and pull it, that’s it, last one. and up and good just with one arm, you’re gonna start here and lean back and lean back as you do a punch.

And back and back that’s it and back and excellent, two more good, so now stay here and pulse three (a little ab again) seven, nine, lets do that on the other side lean back and three, good four we’ve got our pecks working, our abs are working everythings working and good, two more so now a little pulse here pulse it okay good, so now you’re going to take your elbows towards each other with your hands out criss-cross, and press, press do that again, criss-cross, press, press criss-cross, press, press keep on going keep your abs pulled in im definetely feeling my shoulders here.

You should be too and criss-cross and good last one here and excellent, okay good, so brings the arms down so we are just going to go into an under cut here under cut, under cut so its like your trying to punch someone in the chin and hopefully not yourself, okay! it would really hurt with weights excellent, so now I want you pick up the pace, so side to side to side to side really move your waist so defineltely we’re getting some standing abs here and we’re also getting those biceps.

Really working here really move from the core good, excellent okay good, so one arm up palm is facing away from you, squeeze the elbow down up and squeeze it that’s it and three and squeeze you got it, five good, keep on going six, love it love your body love love love if you love this workout definelty make sure you give it a thumbs up two more and perfect, lets do that on the other side squeeze it and squeeze.

Remember our palm is facing away from us here. and squeeze really pull in your belly squeeze i love workouts like this because I dont even have on shoes right now no excuses two more, and good so now you are going to go squeeze, squeeze, and then punch it out, punch it out squeeze down, squeeze down punch out, punch out good, down and down and punch punch let’s see if I can do this on the other side One more set like that good here we go, other side, down and down and punch and punch so i’m really focusing on that ‘AND’ because it will help you with your coordination.

Arm up and down down and squeeze it and squeeze good, two more sets pull those elbows back alternating little tricep presses here good keep the belly pulled in really really tight squeeze, keep your elbows high of course that’s it no bat wings, no bat wings here good, excellent now both arms are going to extend out and I want you to criss cross criss cross your crissing and brossing your hands behind your back see what i’m doing here? im going one over the other that’s it, good.

Now both palms face up and I want you to go palm up to the ceiling, up so we go high and even higher and good that’s it keep going up and your really squeez pull in your belly good, two more and last set okay good, so arms are out to the side here you’r gonna go in and in and up and in reach it out and in reach it up and in reach it out and in reach it up and in reach it out and in reach it up two more good, last one perfect, arms are in front of you, heads of the weights are up.

You’re gonna go squeeze in and out and in and out and in that’s it, keep controlled were not flailing around here at all, it’s really controlled up here and a like pulse two, three, five, seve, nine, now add your ribs side to side now this is like wow, I can’t do this or this is not easy for me either you can just forgo the rib Arms out, hold, reach reach reach heads of the weights up, hold pull in your belly reach reach reach palms up, hold and now lift up and up and up oh yes and up, come on don’t quite.

We’ve got it eight, nine hold it here, palms faced forward hold beautiful, beautiful, feel the love and ah…..relax You did great and I hope that you loved that workout as much as I did and remember, if you’re not part of the Love Your Body Challenge, you definetly want to be a part of it so make sure you can either click on the link below in the description, it’s right there, or click here it’s gonna pop up here and join us in the challnege you’re going to love it and this really an opportunity for you to finally create a body that you absolutely love and you can count on me to help and I can’t wait to see you in the challenge.

Alright, i’ll see you next time, Bye
Tracy Campoli

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