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If you’ve got love handles that you are not feeling any love for then keep watching hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today we are gonna be giving you a workout that is gonna get rid of those love handles that we don’t love so much right so if you’re new here hello.

I’m tracy i put up brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week if you haven’t already please do subscribe to my channel it really helps to support my channel and for everyone definitely click on the bell so you always know whenever i have a brand new video that goes live so this is a sneak peek workout something that.

You’ll find the full length version inside of my fitness membership and community total body transformation so this is our workout called so long love handles it uses absolutely no equipment and in the full length version it’s a full 20 minutes but today i’m going to give you a little piece of what you’ll find inside of tbt so let’s.

Get started to sculpt some nice strong muscles and say bye-bye to those love handles so we’re going to keep our hands behind our head here you’re going to step out into a side lunge okay then you can either just come up and do a little squeeze or if you want to go more advanced kind of get the elbow towards the knee so we’re going to reach out.

Squeeze to squeeze it three squeeze that’s it four squeeze and five hold it that’s it six squeeze it seven.

Mm-hmm you having fun i am i feel the work nine good ten perfect ten more ten really squeeze nine that’s eight good this is so good for your core for.

Your balance and five more good four you got it three and two perfect last one stay here crunch it.

Two i know three four oh five it works the balance and seven eight nine okay good so we’re going to do that on the other side so hands are behind your head step it back here okay and then squeeze it.

Step it back squeeze it up three like i said if you don’t want to lift that leg up you don’t have to okay five and six good seven.

Eight perfect nine and ten here we go second set ten and nine i’m losing my balance and eight good seven.

This is six come on stay with me transformers good four more and three two perfect last one pulse it oh two crunch it three four yes five six.

Seven eight nine okay good so we’re gonna stand into a little first position okay so our feet are in a little v here you’re gonna take one arm up the other arms out to the side this leg is going to lift up to an attitude.

Lift it okay pull in your belly three and four that’s it good five and six keep on going seven and eight good now this is really working the love handles so you are working that back now let’s see can you not bring that foot.

Down for extra core challenge three and four very good five oh yes feel the love handle saying goodbye and eight good let’s do two more nine stay here little circle two three it’s like you’re drawing a circle with that knee five.

And seven nine how about reversing i know this is hard on your balance three and five that standing leg is like what keep that knee up so you get the love handle stay here lift the knee and lift it and three come on four we’ve got it five.

Six seven eight nine one more set come on this is how we transform we push ourselves and five good six pull it in seven you got it eight nine okay good.

Little shaky shake let’s do that on the other side okay so again we’re in a first position our feet are in a v this arm is up this arm is out lift it and lower and two good and three keep going four and five that’s it six very good keep that belly up and in.

And eight great two more nine and excellent can you not bring it down to the floor just bring it down towards the other ankle two that’s it three we’ve got it four can you feel your transformation i can and six.

Oh pull it in seven really squeeze the belly eight to protect the back nine stay here circle that knee two i know three this one’s a killer four five you can use a chair if you needed seven eight.

Good let’s reverse it keep that leg up two three mama mia i feel it and five seven yes eight nine stay here pulsate two three yes four woo hoo five and seven eight nine okay good wasn’t that so fun i mean.

It’s amazing what you can do without using any extra equipment and the best part is you get to do it from the comfort of your own home amazing right so if you haven’t already checked out my fitness membership community total body transformation please do click on the link down below this video we’d love to have you inside of our transformer tribe.

You know each and every month you get a brand new done for you workout calendar that helps to take all the guess work out of it and you’ll never waste another minute trying to figure out what workouts to do to get the best results you’ve got me with my experience as a personal trainer for over 20 years doing it all for you we also have live members.

Only workouts and you get new workouts each and every month why is that important because if you’re anything like me you have a little bit of exercise add and it gets boring doing the same thing over and over and over again that’s never going to be the case inside of tbt so please do check it out we’d love to have you inside and that’s.

What i’ve got for you so i’ll see you next week you’re awesome you’re amazing and love you so much bye
Tracy Campoli

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