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LOSE WAIST FAT in 2 Weeks (smaller waist) | 8 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is an 8 minute lose waist fat workout. We’re going to be working into all the muscles around the waist, to snatch into that tiny waist. Don’t forget, to get epic results, you need to be combining this with good nutrition. And also my fat burn workouts. Don’t forget to let me know how you get on in your Instagram stories. These girls are literally blowing my mind. You can also do a full YouTube review. Which literally touches my heart. Honestly, thank you so much. Look at that! Gymshark is releasing this outfit, this Thursday. Make sure you don’t miss out. These are some of my favorite Gymshark shorts.

They’re called the Throw On Shorts. They come in 3 colors. The white is my favorite. There’s the new floral range, I’ve got the pink here. There’s also the grey. Look how cute it is! It’s super flattering into the waist. There is also more launching, but I have to say, this is my vibe. I’m going to be wearing the vest that’s launching, during the workout. No equipment needed. If you are going to shop, please use my link. It massively supports me. All of the details are down below. Let’s do this. Starting off with our hands together. We come up and then tap the toe down. 45 seconds each exercise. Really hitting into the waist. Breathe.

No break. We’re going straight on to the other side. Let’s go. Come on, we’re nearly there. 10 seconds. Keep pushing. Holding the head with the right hand. We’re going to reach to the left ankle. Keeping really high in the crunch. Eye gaze forward. Really crunching into the waist. Feeling that burn on the side of your body. We’ve got this. Straight onto the other side. Let’s go, come on. Core tight. Looking forwards. You can do it. 15 seconds left. Come on, keep pushing. Feel that burn. Fingertips by your temples. Your legs are up at 90 degrees.

As you rotate to touch the knee, I want you to drop the opposite foot down. Control it, breathe. Feel those obliques kicking in. Amazing work. Lying down, your hands are in a diamond shape underneath the butt. Bring your legs up. We’re going to cross them over nice and wide as we lower down. Back up again. Keep the core engages. Stomach muscles nice and tight. Keep breathing. Great work. Reverse crunch at an angle. Reverse crunch, twist the body, then straighten out. Halfway squad, keep pushing.

Amazing work. We’re staying in that same position. Legs straight and place the feet together. Rotate the legs to the side. This is tough. If you’re struggling at any point, just take your legs higher. Do not stop. Keep pushing. The lower you are, the harder it is. Come on. Up into sitting. Wow the burn! Come back in crunch, then clap. We’re nearly there. Keep pushing. 15 seconds squad, come on. Roll back, pull your core in tight. We’re speed punching side to side.

Come on, punch with meaning. If your hips are hurting, open the legs apart, and come a little bit higher. But don’t stop. 10 seconds. Keep pushing. One exercise left. Come all the way down. We have 30 seconds. Come up, rotate, and back down. If you can, come all the way up. 10 seconds. One more each side. Then I want you to hold at the top.

We made it! You smashed it. Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe because I upload daily workout videos. I don’t want you missing out. They are tough, but amazing workouts that get results. Don’t forget about Gymshark this Thursday. This top is launching as well. Don’t miss out. You know how quickly Gymshark sells out, so get involved. See you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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