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LOSE THIGH FAT in 14 Days (inner thighs) | 8 minute Home Workout


14 day slimmer inner thighs home workout challenge. It is just 8 minutes long and I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row. Let me know how you get on, in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. If you want a chance to be featured, please tag me on Instagram. That’s my Instagram handle right there. There is so much there for you guys. So make sure you come on over and join me there as well. If you want to, you can do a full YouTube review.

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It’s in the description box, no more talking, no equipment needed, let’s get stuck in. So we’re starting off with a five pulsation. We’re coming up halfway only and back down again. Guys, this is going to absolutely burn, but we have so got this, okay? So five, four, three,.

Two, one. Halfway. 50 seconds on each exercise. 10 seconds recovery. I hope you’re ready to burn. Amazing work. It hurts already, right? So taking those weights back onto your shoulders,.

We going with a wide squat into a shoulder distance squat. So it’s wide. Shoulder distance. And if you need to, just come up in between, okay, that’s absolutely fine, but don’t stop. Amazing work. We’re going to go on to the other side now, so popping those weights back up. Let’s go.

Amazing work. Don’t onto the mat now, we’re going to work into the outer thighs. So just one weight is coming on the outer thigh. Lie all the way down, flex the foot, pump up and lower. The lower down that weight is the harder it is, okay? Come on, push. Okay halfway, take that leg forward,.

Toe down, heel up and pump. And changing onto the other side. Swing those legs around. Lift and lower, flex that foot. Okay, we’re halfway. Take that leg forward, toe down, heel up, let’s go. Amazing work, onto your back now. So this is a little bit of booty, but still thighs.

We need to load up that pelvis, come high into the bridge, onto the toes, pump, down, up. Pump, down. Amazing work, up onto your knees now. This is where it gets a little bit nasty. So coming all the way up. I want you to take one weight into your chest. We’re going to drop back and come forward, okay? So making sure you’re not over-arching that lower back.

Controlling the movement. Breath, you guys, we’re nearly there. Now, if you want to make it harder, grab that other weight as well. Okay, we’re now going to hold as far back as you can. Come on, really far, hold it, squeeze. Squeeze that booty, pull that core in tight. Amazing work, up into standing. We now have a pulsation.

Narrow squat, the feet are about a fist distance apart. Come down low for me and pulse for five then halfway up. Just like that first exercise. And go with both weights if you want to, okay? And if you’re a beginner, come all the way up, shake the legs and back in again. You are killing it, you guys. Come on, 15 seconds. Good, now just stay and pulse last 10 seconds.

Amazing work. Grab a hold of both weights for me now. We’re going with a front lunge. So we’re going to take that leg forward, lunge down and back again. Let’s go, last exercise. Halfway, come on. One more each leg. Finish it off.

Whoa, you smashed it fam. Please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button, it really helps actually way more that you know. So smash that thumbs up button. Also hit subscribe. We’re approaching 1.5 million. I’m just going to leave it there. See you tomorrow for another Home Workout.
Lilly Sabri

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