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Hi it’s Tracy and happy Valentine’s Day yes I wore my special if you can see them my special heart leggings for you they’re really pajamas but I love you but I just want to share the love today a home workout is going to be focusing on your app so it’s going to be losing your love handles getting your waist tight tiny I haven’t done one of these.

Standing ab workouts in a little bit of a while so I want to share a new one with you and I hope that you are super super excite I might look a little bit crazy doing some of these moves but that’s cool so let’s get started so stand with your legs by hip-width apart here your knees bent and just start with your ribs and going side to side here.

Your belly is really cold and just isolating the ribcage here okay just this movement this is what creates some of these lines on the side here and if you’re doing this correctly should really feel this right away so keep going here these are all of the moves out of drawing up to the dancer I totally do these all of my life and they.

Really work so these are great also if you don’t like getting down on the floor and doing that work or if you’re really crunched for time you’re like I just want to do something okay so now let’s do single single – so it’s almost like someone’s punching you in the ribcage that would not be nice at all but you know and good single Single Double.

Let’s do a few more like that and I’m not counting doing it by feelings so this is a truly authentic we are in this together work out so please don’t tell me I did you know more on one side than on the other I’m just moving with you good okay so now let’s go to the side and inside so it’s really a ribs here but notice I’m.

Keeping my hips square alright that’s really important so I’m just kind of popping the ribs out squeeze pull in your belly you you won’t feel your muscles in your back working but you shouldn’t be to the point of pain just to Beach it should be two muscles working okay there’s a difference so I’m on a diagonal here.

Alright let’s do the other side and reach reach and you’ll definitely probably see that one side is going to be more comfortable than the other for some reason going that way for me feels more natural I’m not really moving my hips here at all and that’s important because we’re going to get there in a second so now let’s do half circle so.

Half circle circle so ribs forward circle good that’s it my hips are not moving at all good and just having my hands right really feel that work in my waist okay so now let’s do those ribs but now we’re going to add your hips too so you’re going to go reach so notice that my hips are kind of squeezing up and towards the rib cage I look really.

Corny I told you I was simply doing this but you know who cares keep going back to pulling your tunnels up and in good hearty feelings an acre let’s do this again to not go on a diagonal diagonal now here let your booty kind of pop up so it’s out and in out and in yes this is a really good dance move take it to the club oh yes.

Word up bring this on to actually don’t you look kind of crazy alright let’s do the other side so reach it let that booty move crunching the waste goods you’re getting that stretch contraction stretch contraction good excellent good okay so let’s do those half circles again but this time make it a little bit bigger you can let your hips move so you.

See the theme here good that’s it you’re working your whole core here I’ll give you a little tribute while working out what is hard in Italian okay that’s your core how romantic how’s my cute good keep guy you know that breed excellent okay so now you’re going to lean forward here like you’re doing a crazy crazy Rock of a baby keep your.

Belly pulled up and in here and really vigorously rock those arms you’re getting a good dynamic stretch in your back here but you should feel the muscles along kind of more immediately that’s closer to your center line working here good getting that definition excellent good so now straight up let the elbows go backwards.

I’m not moving my hips here at all good excellent now release the arms and twist twist okay it’s just yet good pull in your abs okay so now add some hips side to side as you’re doing this that’s it good I’m just rocking my hips side to side twisting my torso good so now one arm is up crunch forward up crutch really squeeze squeeze and.

Squeeze squeeze good pull in and squeeze you could use a weight in your hand here if you wanted to should really feel it right where this hand goes and nine now staying down here and just twist into it so like my elbows moving towards that hip this really targets in that side the way that love handle area good good alright to the other side so crutch.

And and crutch really squeeze get that intention squeeze you might feel like this isn’t doing anything if that’s what you feel then you’re not working hard enough you’ve got to control those muscles on your own really keep your intention of feeling that work.

Good two more now stay here and twist twist good really small intentional movies baby movements really do the trick good keep going one more set ie I’m burning I really feel that squeeze and seven nine and awesome work adjust circle the shoulders back here and good just relax.

Fantastique so go through that cycle two or three times it really tones up that works so what I would suggest for you do one of the workouts from my cardio section my fat-burning cardio playlist and then add this in this is really going to tone up your waist happy Valentine’s Day be sure to join the community over at Tracy campoli comm.

It’s totally free and you’ll receive a free workout my seven day challenge and so much more either click on the link on your screen or visit me at Tracy camp Polycom see you there you
Tracy Campoli

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